How To Catch Fish In An Aquarium

I can say with confidence that every aquarist encountered a problem at least once. Trying to catch fish in my tank. I remember myself when I was spending hours doing it. As a result, the net was exhausted, tired and frightened aquarium fish, but "On the other side of the net" I stood tired and exhausted. I think. Everyone will agree with me. That this experience can not be called successful.

Catching up on aquariums, sooner or later you will have to face the problem of catching fish from an aquarium: when buying, selling, when moving sick fish to quarantine, setting parents and spawn in fry or just when you decide to move it to another aquarium, etc. d.

The first thing you should remember is that you shouldn’t abruptly wield a net around the entire aquarium, so you can not only damage its interior. But scare all the fish, sometimes even harm it. But in the end, you can not catch anyone, or you can catch the wrong fish you wanted.

How To Catch Fish In An Aquarium

It is best to first flush the aquarium. So the fish will have less space. and your ability to catch it will increase. Further you can get acquainted with several ways with the help of which you can catch your pets in the quickest and most relaxed way.

We catch fish with a net.
Most aquarists, if they need to catch their fish from an aquarium, use a net. There are a lot of them, different in size and color. Nets of white color are less effective than nets with a grid of black or green colors, as the color of the latter helps to deceive the fish a little. The fact that the fish run away from a white net is also possible, for example, using it to drive the fish into another net. Only it is not necessary to make sharp movements at the same time. Be patient and sooner or later the fish will swim into it. And remember, if the fins of the fish are stuck in the net. do not panic. The best way to help the fish get out is to place it in the aquarium with the net while holding the net with one hand and let the fish get out itself. If the fish themselves can not get out, it is best to take scissors and carefully cut the net in the net.

How To Catch Fish In An Aquarium

We catch fish with the help of hands.
This method is best used when trying to catch large fish. Hand fishing should be very careful. Since some species of fish. for example, botsie or bag-sack, have spikes with which they can prick you. Fishing with your hands should be like this: with one hand, try to take the fish at the base of the tail, while the other. support the fish from below. All these movements must be done extremely carefully and calmly. Remember! Do not catch with your hands a fish that is poisonous or that can strike you with an electrical discharge.

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How to catch fish with a bottle.
This is one of the most convenient ways if you need to catch small bottom fish or shrimp / snails. It will be just fine if the color of the bottle is light green so you can see what’s going on inside the bottle. And the fish did not react to unusual colors in the aquarium. Before you lower the bottle into the aquarium, you need to rinse it well in warm water. And in no case should not wash the bottle with detergents! If you have a choice between a plastic and a glass bottle, choose the last one. it fits perfectly. Place a feed pill inside the bottle and slowly lower it into the aquarium, gradually filling it with water. Then slowly place the bottle on the bottom so that its neck lies directly on the ground surface. All you have to do next is to turn off the light in the aquarium and wait until the desired fish or shrimp falls into your trap. The light in the room is best left on. If you have live plants growing in an aquarium, then it is better to fish in such a way in the evening so as not to reduce the light day for them. When the fish you need has swum into the bottle, slowly, so as not to frighten it, take the bottle with your hand and close the neck with your finger. This method requires a lot of patience and can take several days, but you will certainly save your fish from stress. The water level in this case should not be reduced, so you do not have to bother with draining / pouring water.
The way with the bottle is very similar to the topic How to catch shrimp, which has already been described on the aquarium portal AQUAFANAT.

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