How To Catch A Fish In An Aquarium

How To Catch A Fish In An Aquarium

Every aquarist is sometimes faced with the problem of catching fish in a common aquarium. Sometimes it is not at all easy to do, especially when there are a lot of plants and a variety of decorative objects in the aquarium that prevent fishing.

After numerous attempts to catch the fish, you begin to understand that the fish are doing everything possible to avoid falling into the net. Begin to hide, so that you do not see them and not caught. After a little time, experiencing another failure in fishing, you may run out of patience, and after another unsuccessful fishing, the fish have every chance of being left without beautiful shells or with a tainted landscape of an aquarium.

What to do in this case, without prejudice to the fish and the aquarium? Are there any normal, reliable ways to catch fish without wasting time and nerves? Of course there is, and even a few, they will definitely help you catch your pets, without harming them, or yourself, or the aquarium.

one. Catch at night after turn off the lights. The room should also not light up, give the fish a little time to calm down. This method of fishing has 3 options for fishing:

  • Turn on the light. In this case, you will have time until the fish master themselves and see that they are being hunted. But you still need to do everything quickly. If the fish that you need in the net began to swim quickly, then it would be best to turn off the light again and catch it a little later.
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It is important to remember: there are fish that react too vigorously to a harsh light and will swim very quickly throughout the aquarium, as well as make attempts to jump out of the aquarium. If in your aquarium such are present, then this option of fishing should be excluded.

  • Catch fish, slightly illuminating the aquarium with a weak flashlight or other luminous device. In this case, you will have much more time than the first, but there is one drawback. poor visibility of the fish and the composition of the aquarium, you can not see where the fish that you need. In this case, just as in the first, in the case of fish activity, just turn off the light, and when they calm down a bit, you can safely continue the process of catching
  • Most of the fish do not react to the light of red or blue color, so if there is a lamp with a similar light, you can highlight it in the dark and easily catch the fish you need.

All these tricks are useless when catching fish that are active nocturnal.

2. Transparent capacity.

You can fish in a transparent container, for example: a bag, a bottle or something similar to the transparent walls. The fish will not be able to see the transparent walls and may swim to you into a trap without knowing it, but it is better not to wait, but to drive it yourself. There is one caveat: you need to make holes in the bag or container that you have chosen for fishing, this will greatly facilitate its closing and pulling out of the water.

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3. The large size net.

You can take a large net that can cover half of the aquarium or most of it, allowing you to easily catch the fish you need. It is easy to catch such a net, you only need to push a fish into it with a hand or another net.

4. Shelter.

Use the property of fish to hide when they are in danger. For each fish a certain shelter is suitable. It can be pebbles, tubes or various ceramic products. It is better to use several different shelters.
There is one basic requirement: in a place that is suitable for a fish to hide, the entrance and exit must be easily closed. With this method of fishing, you need to wait until the fish swims into the necessary shelter, or you need to send it there using a net or other object. This method is very effective at catching catfish and cichlids.

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