How To Catch A Fish In An Aquarium

Many aquarists have encountered the problem of catching fish with a net in the general aquarium. It would seem that there may be problems here. However, if your aquarium is made in the form of a biotope with a blockage of stones or is densely planted with plants, catching fish with a net in this case presents a certain problem. Often, such attempts to catch the necessary fish in an aquarium lead to the stress of hydrobionts or the need to destroy the existing landscape, which is also undesirable.

How to catch a fish in an aquarium without much difficulty

How To Catch A Fish In An Aquarium

Lack of light in the aquarium

At night, most fish are asleep or inactive, which greatly simplifies their capture, so you need to turn off the light in the aquarium and cover it with a black light-proof cloth. After a few hours you can turn on the light and quickly catch the fish you need. Just remember that you need to act quickly, as the fish can once again become quite active and catch them will be problematic.

There are three ways to fish in an aquarium at night.

How To Catch A Fish In An Aquarium

Turn off the light and wait for some time, after which you need to catch the fish you need with a net. Just remember that certain types of fish with a sharp turn on the light can stress, rush around the aquarium and jump out of the water. You can also use a small flashlight that will allow you, without turning on the light in the aquarium, to highlight the water. This will allow you to catch the right fish without stress for the rest of the aquarium. Remember that the fish do not react to blue and red colors, so you can use a flashlight with such light and in the dark to easily catch the fish you need.

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Using a transparent tank for fishing

How To Catch A Fish In An Aquarium

Instead of the classic fabric nets, you can use a transparent glass container, which will allow you to easily catch the fish you need. As such a transparent container, you can use glass jars or plastic bags. In the latter it is recommended to make small holes, which will simplify their use.

Use a large net

Artificial shelters as an alternative to the net

You can put artificial shelters in the aquarium (various shells, tubes, pots and small grottoes). Such a shelter should be suitable for the fish, and you could easily open and close the entrance to it. You just have to wait until the fish you need is swimming in the shelter, after which you can easily transfer it to the tank you need or a new aquarium. This method is great for fish of the cichlid family and catfish.

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