How To Care For The Fish In The Aquarium At Home

Care of the aquarium and its inhabitants begins with the first days of installation. In the glass tank is enclosed a whole biological system. In addition to the fish and the green world, there are invisible microorganisms. It all works as a unit.

In the process of care, besides feeding the fish, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the water, periodically clean the aquarium, check the condition of the equipment connected to it.

To choose the right aquarium for beginners, you need to follow the recommendations:

  1. 1. Reservoir. It is chosen spacious. In a small volume, decomposing waste products quickly pollute and poison water. If the space is large, the liquid is mixed and remains clean for a long time.
  2. 2. The inhabitants. Before purchasing an aquarium, you need to immediately determine the type of fish. If individuals are planned to be 5 cm in size, the amount of water in the tank should be at least 10 liters.
  3. 3. Aquascape. The capacity is provided by the presence of plants, snags and small caves. If you plan to look like fish with bulging eyes, then for them the number of decorations is reduced due to the threat of injury.
  4. 4. Form. To facilitate cleaning the shape of the aquarium is chosen rectangular.
  5. 5. Interior. The whole interior in the form of stones, snags or plants is harmoniously selected. They should not be dangerous. Stone products and soil are pre-washed with boiling water or calcined in a furnace at a temperature of 200-300 degrees. All plants are washed under running water.
  6. 6. Soil and fixtures. In the process of forming the aquarium, the ground is laid on the bottom. It contains plants and snags. Installed lighting devices, filter, water thermometer and compressor. On the back wall is mounted decorative film.
  7. 7. Place. The aquarium should be located at home so that it is not accessible to children.
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Power lighting is selected moderate. Water should not be heated by them, otherwise the fish will feel bad.

How To Care For The Fish In The Aquarium At Home

Aquarium inhabitants are selected in accordance with the instructions:

  1. 1. For beginners, this should be unpretentious individuals that do not require serious care. Information about their habits and tastes is sought in advance.
  2. 2. Find out information about the parameters of water and the amount of feed needed.
  3. 3. Conducted the correct selection of the population of the aquarium. It is no secret that it is impossible to settle predatory and herbivorous species of fish together. There should not be a large run-up in size. This will lead to the eating of some others.
  4. 4. Inhabitant species settle, which are non-aggressive in nature. They feel good in the company of their own kind.
  5. 5. During the purchase of fish draws attention to the scales. It should not be faded and disheveled. You should not take the one that is looking for a refuge at the bottom. Copies must be young and active.
How To Care For The Fish In The Aquarium At Home

Guppy fishes belong to the family of the Putsiliyevs. Males reach a length of 2-4 cm, and females up to 6. Behind a short tail, and on the stomach a dark spot. For such specimens, an aquarium of up to 50 liters is required. Used tap water, settled for 24 hours. Its optimum temperature is 24-26 degrees. Increasing degrees leads to the fact that the fish becomes shallow and does not live for a long time.

Guppies are very active, so the container closes from above so that they do not jump out. At the bottom of the river is laid sand, plants sit down and lay small stones. It is advisable to put the installation for filtering water that saturate it with oxygen.

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Feeding guppies is carried out 1 time per day. It is better to divide small doses into small pinches and give gradually. The half-eaten feed settles to the bottom and pollutes the water. So that the fish do not have disorders of the digestive system, dry food alternates with live.

Spawning in females begins after 4 months. For this period, it is settled in a separate bank. After the appearance of offspring returns back to the aquarium. To prevent cannibalism, children live in a bank before puberty.

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