How To Care For A Cockerel Fish In A Small Aquarium

Far from all aquarium enthusiasts have the necessary place and time to take care of a large and beautiful aquarium. What to do if the desire to have a home water reservoir is preserved, no matter what? There is a way out: you can equip a very small vessel. What kind of pet can I put there? For example, the fish Betta Fish, maintenance and care in a mini aquarium for them is not difficult. These fish will delight you with their beauty and incredibly interesting behavior.

General information

Betta fish, or Betta Fish (Betta splendens), got the name for its extraordinary appearance and rather quick-tempered character. Being in the same tank, the males are able to seriously cripple each other or even kill.

Betta Fish is characterized by a lively and energetic temperament, obvious aggression in dealing with congeners, surprising fatherly instincts, unpretentiousness in food and content. The sexual dimorphism of the fighters is more than pronounced. the females are much less bright, they have no magnificent fins and tails. The average life expectancy is approximately two and a half years, although there are also long-livers (over three years). In captivity reach a size of up to 7 cm.

Preparation of a mini aquarium and its settlement

Since the fish lead a sedentary lifestyle, until it comes to protecting their territory, they are remarkably tolerant of loneliness and can live in a small vessel. For one individual, literally 4.5 liters is enough.

When preparing the home, it should be remembered that the mini aquarium with Betta Fish should not be tightly covered with a lid: these fish belong to the labyrinth and use atmospheric air for breathing.

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How To Care For A Cockerel Fish In A Small Aquarium

Due to the anatomical features of the structure of the respiratory system, additional filtration and aeration of water is not necessary. That is why the mini aquarium for Betta Fish does not require equipment with any equipment. The maximum that can be useful. the heater.

At the bottom you need to put a small amount of soil. The use of medium-sized, artificial plants is quite acceptable.

Live algae should be placed in such a reservoir with extreme caution, because if there is a sufficiently high temperature and a small amount of water, sunlight or bright light from another source, the contents of the aquarium will quickly deteriorate.

Maintenance and care

The mini aquarium for Betta Fish is not difficult to keep in order. There are 2 methods for changing water.

  1. Replace up to 1/3 of the water several times a week. If necessary, cleaned walls and decorations.
  2. Clean the aquarium weekly and make a complete fluid change. The fish is removed from the permanent dwelling. The soil, vessel, decorations and equipment, if any, are thoroughly rinsed, after which everything is put back. The tank is filled with pre-settled and prepared water, to which you can add specialized tools. At this point, the procedure ends and with the help of a net the resident returns to his former place. This method is used only if there is a lot of ammonia remaining in the water when an incomplete replacement occurs. Complete water changes can harm a pet.

How To Care For A Cockerel Fish In A Small Aquarium

Whichever way you choose from the above, remember that bottled water is not suitable for keeping fish.

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The optimum temperature for Betta Fish is a span of 23 to 29 degrees. In food, these aquatic inhabitants are unpretentious and with the same pleasure they consume both live, dry or frozen food.

Avoid contact with direct sunlight, temperature changes, drafts; Do not place natural corals and shells in the aquarium, decorations with sharp corners. To prevent a resident from jumping out, water should not be poured into the tank to the very edges, but the aquarium itself should be covered with a net (remember that, as stated above, the aquarium cannot be completely closed!).

If a fighter builds a nest of foam. this is a good sign, it means he got used and settled down in a new aquarium.

Betta Fish in a small aquarium does not get along with all kinds of fish. For co-content, the volume must be at least 40 liters.. There is no compatibility with cichlids, piranhas, astronotus. Quietly coexist with peaceful and calm inhabitants: swordtails, speckled catfish, gourami, mollies and the like. Rare skirmishes and damaged fins are possible with guppies, danios, scalars, labo and neons.

One of the most popular, beautiful and interesting aquarium fish. Betta Fish. does not present any difficulties in maintenance, quietly tolerates loneliness and a small amount of water, and therefore does not require special knowledge, experience and is great for beginners.

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