How Much Does A Betta Fish Live?

When acquiring a new pet, the aquarist raises the question of how much Betta Fish live at home.Betta Fish Siamese Betta splendens is notable for its attractive appearance and nasty temper, but, despite the aggressiveness and hardship, these fish are in demand among breeders.The life span of an individual of this species ranges from 2 to 4 years. However, this is possible if the fish is initially healthy and is provided with proper conditions of detention.

How Much Does A Betta Fish Live?

How to choose Betta Fish

To choose a healthy and viable Betta Fish, you must pay attention to the following factors when buying:

  1. The behavior of the fish in the aquarium. Betta Fish are mobile and active, but if the attention-drawing individual is sluggish and apathetic, you should not buy it.
  2. Appearance. A healthy fish has a bright color, and the scales and fins are in good condition, without white spots and patina.
  3. Age of the individual. Young animals are able to quickly adapt to the changed conditions of life than adult aquarium fish.
  4. Population aquarium. Better if Betta Fish are contained separately from other species. When living together should pay attention to the number of inhabitants. If the tank is too crowded, it could have a bad effect on Betta Fish’s health.

It is not necessary to buy several individuals of this species at the same time. It is better to purchase one pet, and after a two-week stay in the aquarium, make room for the neighbors.

How Much Does A Betta Fish Live?
How Much Does A Betta Fish Live?

What factors reduce the life expectancy of fish

When a Betta Fish appears in a home pond, the breeder is interested in how much she lives. It is important to understand that many factors have a negative effect on life expectancy. These include:

  • Small volume of aquarium. Since individuals of this species need to move, it is not necessary to enclose them in tight vessels that limit activity.
  • Lack of plants in an artificial reservoir. These fish, no less than other types of underwater inhabitants, need oxygen, the source of which is algae. In addition, the fish use "greens" as food, and if, for one reason or another, the owner left his pet without food for a long time, Betta Fish will not be able to satisfy his hunger.
  • Violation of temperature. When the Betta Fish fish settled in the aquarium, you need to consider that the lifespan depends on the conditions of the aquatic environment. The fact is that these individuals belong to tropical species and live for a prescribed number of years, 2-4 years, they can only in warm water, at a temperature of 26 to 29 degrees.
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How Much Does A Betta Fish Live?

  • Abundant or unstable food. Despite the fact that fish of this species are almost omnivorous, irregular eating and overfeeding can shorten the lifespan. Novice aquarists make a common mistake saying that “nothing terrible will happen if I don’t feed the fish once.” If the violation of the regime is a one-off character, it will not harm the underwater inhabitants, but when they starve all day long, and then consume food in large quantities, it can adversely affect health.
  • Rare cleaning aquarium. The tank should regularly change the water, remove the remnants of food and fragments of rotting plants. Otherwise, it is unknown how many years the pet will be able to live in such conditions.
  • Lack of conditions for spawning. Despite the fact that Betta Fish can not be called exemplary parents, the inability to multiply detrimental to health and reduces life expectancy.

How Much Does A Betta Fish Live?

  • Diseases. Common ailments that can shorten the life of Betta Fish include ichthyophyriosis, dropsy, fin rot and odinosis.
  • Cohabitation with some species of fish. The answer to the question of how much captive individuals such as the Betta Fish live should be taken into account by their neighbors. The number of species of underwater inhabitants that Betta Fish does not get along with is large, and for this reason, you should consult with a specialist before getting hooked up to the “aggressors” of any “cohabitants”.

These factors adversely affect the health of Betta Fish, and reduce life expectancy.

Watch the video about the content of the Betta Fish.

How to extend the life of Betta Fish?

You can extend the life span of Betta Fish and prevent early death if you follow these rules:

  • provide pets freedom of movement, settled in a roomy aquarium; maintain the water temperature of 26-29 degrees, if necessary using heating devices;
  • keep the tank lid ajar to allow air to enter;
  • timely change the water and clean the artificial reservoir;
  • populate the underwater world with vegetation and clean dead algae in time;
  • follow the recommendations for feeding;
  • create favorable conditions for spawning;
  • regularly pay attention to the pet;
  • Do not provoke betta fish to aggression.
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If you comply with the above recommendations on the content of Betta Fish, you can prolong life expectancy, prevent the development of possible diseases and the premature death of a pet.

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