How Many Years Live Aquarium Fish Betta Fish

Beautiful, mobile, and very peculiar Betta Fish, which are also called fighting fish, are especially beautiful when they feel threatened, they see a rival, they take care of a female.

Betta (fighting fish, Siamese Betta Fish) attract many aquarists. But their aggressive nature, constant fights make many people think about how long these bullies can live.


Like many aquarium fish, Betta Fish can live up to 3 years. These fish are unpretentious, undemanding to the conditions of detention, even in a small aquarium they do not need additional aeration.

How Many Years Live Aquarium Fish Betta Fish

Labyrinth fish from the Macropod family can extract oxygen for breathing from atmospheric air. In order to Betta Fish lived 2. 3 years, you need to properly care for him.

Most often, Betta Fish dies in the first year of life due to improper care, illness or injury. Here are some of the most common mistakes that lead to the death of Siamese Betta Fish:

  • too low (or high) water temperature. At a very low temperature, the fish sinks to the bottom and falls asleep. Too warm (above 32 degrees) water will lead to imminent death;
  • rare water changes contribute to the spread of infectious diseases;
  • overfeeding or monotonous nutrition Betta Fish seriously shortens the lifespan: fish die from obesity, constipation, and intestinal obstruction.

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The more beautiful the fish and the more magnificent its fins, the more serious care it requires. It is better to keep the voiletails, crescent-tailed Betta Fish and other owners of exotic “plumage” in a separate aquarium, sitting down on non-aggressive females. In fights with Betta Fish, fins suffer more often. Wounds lead to infectious and bacterial diseases.

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trong> The second year of life for roosters is usually the most active. They gain strength, color, become irresistible. They are less susceptible to illness, they tolerate temperature fluctuations more easily, but suffer more from stress, do not like “moving” and new neighbors. It is at this age in battles with a rival Betta Fish are very seriously injured and may die defending their territory. they do not retreat to the last, the death of males of this age is a frequent occurrence.

Third year of life Betta Fish is characterized by a decrease in aggressiveness, a desire for peace, the fins are still beautiful, but after fights, especially with young rivals, they recover longer.


In order for your Betta Fish to live long, you need to follow the rules for keeping Betta Fish in aquariums.

How Many Years Live Aquarium Fish Betta Fish

Clean the aquarium, in which one Betta Fish or a boy and several girls live, you need at least 2 times a week, replacing some of the water with fresh water.

The temperature of the water in the aquarium should not exceed 28 degrees.

Feed dry, specially developed for Betta Fish feed, live food (bloodworm, tubule, artemia), granulated or flaky food in the amount that they eat in 10 minutes.

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Can’t overfeed Betta Fish, they often simply do not know the measures, if they are given worms or larvae. Very often the fish die from obesity. Feed once a day.

Betta Fish is extremely difficult. They are jealous of their territory, not allowing anyone to violate borders. If you have several girls, there can be fights between them.

Do not put two boys even in a large aquarium: fights in which roosters injure an opponent, tear fins and even kill are inevitable. Sometimes they divide the aquarium with a glass partition, dividing the fighters, but it is better to keep them in different containers.

There should not be any in the aquarium items with sharp edges. Artificial algae, ceramics, shells can hurt Betta Fish.

If you purchased Betta Fish for a large common aquarium, try not to have fish with long fins near, which Betta Fish perceive as rivals.

If the fish went to bed a few hours lying at the bottom and still. this is an alarm. Betta Fish may lie 2. 3 hours, resting, but not longer. If there are no other concerns (there is no rash, the scales are tight to the body, the fins are not glued and not covered with bloom), change the water, raise the temperature to 30 degrees, but not higher!

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>With an outbreak of infection in an aquarium, Intense Betta Fish injuries received in a fight, add antibacterial agents to the water:

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