How Many Times To Feed The Fish

How Many Times To Feed The Fish

Aquarium fish, though being small, but very voracious. In the natural environment, they find their own food. Another thing. an aquarium. Many of you are interested in the question: how many times to feed the fish a day? About this and talk.

There is no universal rule for this. Although some adhere to the following opinion: give the fish as much food as they can eat it in 5-15 minutes. But you will not be able to apply it to all types of fish. After all, aquarium fish are divided into predatory, herbivorous and omnivorous. Here, for example, adult predators today can tightly “have a bite” to feed fish and for two days in a row do not need feed. And young predators you will need to constantly feed the pieces of meat, the live worms. Well, constantly. not constantly, but once a day is necessary.

Herbivorous fish, due to the peculiarities of the structure of the intestine and the small capacity of the stomach, can not be satiated at one time. Adult herbivores need to be fed with specialized food 1-3 times a day, young animals more often, and fry up to 4-5 times. You can throw chopped cabbage or lettuce leaves into the water. If in an artificial reservoir a lot of greenery, then one feeding per day is enough for the herbivorous. If the flora is poor, then without two feedings per day is necessary.

I want to remind you the basic principle of feeding fish: better underfeed than overfeed. Any healthy fish can do without feed for up to several weeks. This I mean that a small amount of food will cause her less harm, and not to the fact that fish need to starve. The uneaten feed sinks to the bottom of the aquarium and clogs it. If there are no benthic inhabitants in an aquarium who like to rummage in the ground in search of a tasty food, then rotting food remains can cause various infectious diseases. Your pets will die, and you still won’t understand what’s wrong.

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An indicator of proper feeding can be fish activity. Go to the aquarium. What do you see there? If its inhabitants frolic, look healthy, there are no suspicious spots and growths on them, it may mean that you feed your pets correctly. And vice versa. The poor health of the fish can serve as a signal for urgent action. cleaning the aquarium and replacing water in it. Diet in this case also does not hurt. No, not you Fish, of course.

Asking about how many times to feed the fish, you can also come up with the following advice: to give a certain amount of food, depending on the weight of the fish. I personally never had to do that. This is too troublesome, and perhaps not entirely correct. As well as the fact that the feed needs exactly as much as the size of the pupil of a fish. In the latter case, you risk starving sooner or later a hefty frontose.

In general, follow the above recommendations, but remember that you can sometimes deviate from the rules, if circumstances so require. As they say, do not cut all the fish with the same comb Each type of fish needs its own individual approach.

How Many Times To Feed The Fish

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