How Many Times Do You Need To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

How many times to feed the fish in the aquarium?

Fish, like cats, dogs and other pets, need a varied and sufficient diet. When planting water inhabitants, it would not be superfluous to ask how many times you need to feed the fish in the aquarium, at what time it is best to do it and in what portions to fill the food.

How many times a day to feed the fish?

Feeding can be one-time, but it is more preferable to feed them twice. At the same time, morning feeding should be carried out at least 15 minutes after switching on the lighting, and the evening one. 2-3 hours before bedtime. For night dwellers (catfish, agamix, etc.) feeding is carried out at dusk, when the light is extinguished, and the rest of the inhabitants of the aquarium sleep.

The duration of each feeding should not exceed 3-5 minutes. This is more than enough for the fish to eat, but not to eat, and the food does not sink to the bottom. In general, the rule works with fish. underfeeding is better than overfeeding.

The daily feed rate is calculated approximately as 5% by weight of the fish. If, after saturation, the feed continues to float and settle to the bottom of the aquarium, it should be caught with a net to prevent its rotting.

Once a week for fish you can arrange a hungry day. Obesity of fish leads to their death much more often than malnutrition. Because you never need to give fish food above the norm. In addition, hunger has a positive effect on sexual activity and on the restorative ability of fish.

How many times a week to feed the fish in the aquarium?

As already mentioned, food for fish should be varied. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to know how many times to feed aquarium fish with live food. An approximate weekly diet of aquarium fish may look like this:

  • Monday. dry food;
  • Tuesday. dry food;
  • Wednesday. live food, bloodworm, artemia;
  • Thursday. dry food;
  • Friday. dry food;
  • Saturday. live food duckweed;
  • Sunday is a hungry day.

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How to feed the fish in the aquarium, what to feed and how much you need to feed at once

The health of aquarium fish, as well as the state of the aquarium, is directly related to how well and diversely you feed them.

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Difficult, at first glance, the question of feeding fish is easily divided into three more simple questions:

  • What to feed?
  • How many times to feed the fish?
  • How many to serve at a time?

I will give answers to all these questions about feeding fish.

The highlight of proper feeding is the diversity of the feed aquarium feed. Fish food is divided into the following types:

  • Dry food
  • Live food
  • Frozen live food
  • Vegetable food

Dry food is available in two variations:

  • Dry food from dried moth, daphnia or corrette
  • Food produced by the production method and enriched with vitamins and minerals

Regular dry food from dried moth or daphnia does not contain any useful vitamins or minerals. This is a common protein that is poorly digested by fish.

In addition, such a dry food is the strongest allergen for many people. I have experienced a sudden onset of allergies in the form of a severe runny nose and eye irritation. Believe, extremely unpleasant.

How Many Times Do You Need To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Aquarium feed from manufacturers Tetra or Sulfur are free from these deficiencies and artificially enriched with minerals and vitamins. This feed will be the best for feeding the fish of all dry feed in its nutritional properties.

Live food is a live bloodworm, daphnia or coretra. It is considered the most useful food for fish. However, the preservation of this feed causes difficulties, since it is required to separate the dead moth from the living one in order to avoid rotting of the entire feed.

The situation is saved by live frozen food, packaged in batch portions, which is convenient to use. In addition, frozen aquarium food is disinfected during production, which distinguishes it favorably from ordinary live food. Only the one who has already carried the infection to the aquarium with the feed understands the advantage of the decontaminated feed.

Feed the vegetable feed to the fish allows you to vary the diet of feeding fish fiber. Contrary to popular belief, fiber is necessary for many species of aquarium fish.

Plant food can be both a production of production, and the form of a piece of scalded peeled cucumber, which you personally prepare and throw into the aquarium.

What conclusion can be drawn from all this?

The best feed for aquarium fish and aquarium are frozen live food, dry enriched food and vegetable food. Feed the fish should be varied, alternating types of feed. This has a positive effect on the health and appearance of aquarium fish.

Aquarium fish food is discussed in more detail in the following articles: Fish food for aquarium fish and how should this food be !? and Aquarium fish food: how, when and how much.

How many times to feed the fish

Feed should be twice a day, morning and evening. Some aquarists prefer to give more feed in the morning than in the evening. One day a week it is recommended not to feed the fish at all, arranging a fasting day for them, which reduces the risk of obesity.

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If the fish are deposited for breeding, then exclude the fasting day. Feeding the fish at the time of breeding has its own characteristics in each species, so in this article I do not consider this moment.

How much to feed the fish

It is believed that all feed should be eaten in a few minutes. The feed must not reach the bottom of the aquarium and accumulate in the ground. Somikov, since it is a bottom fish and food may not reach it, many aquarists feed separately, feeding food in the form of tablets or chips.

Vegetable homemade food is served with a piece of scalded vegetable. After the fish lose interest in him, the vegetable is removed from the aquarium to prevent rotting.

The general rule of feeding is that it is better to feed the fish rather than feed them. Perhaps this is all the wisdom of the correct feeding of fish in an aquarium.

How many times a day to feed the fish?

Fish. the most unpretentious pets. They do not shout, demanding food, do not climb where they don’t ask and turn over pots of flowers, do not tear furniture, they don’t need to be walked.

All they need is to monitor the cleanliness of the aquarium, the operation of the filter and the compressor, periodically clean the bottom and feed. By the way, how many times a day to feed the fish? After all, for their long and happy life you need to properly adjust the food.

How many times to feed the fish in the aquarium?

In order not to turn your aquarium into a swamp and not to overfeed its inhabitants, you need to feed them not often and abundantly. The rule is quite simple: at a time you need to pour as much food as fish to eat, until the food has fallen to the bottom. There they will not touch it.

And if everything is more or less clear with the amount of feed, the question of how many times a day it is poured is still unanswered. Depending on what you have for fish, the number will vary between 1 and 2-3 times.

There is a difference between how many times a day feed a guppy fish and, for example, a goldfish. So, guppies require more frequent feed intake: it is desirable to do this three times a day in small portions. It is possible more often, but do not pour a lot at once, otherwise it will all sway at the bottom of the aquarium.

How many times to feed a goldfish. you ask. It is enough for her two times. in the morning and in the evening. At the same time it is necessary to alternate between dry food and live.

If you have a Betta Fish fish, then you will be interested in how many times to feed it: these fish are fed once a day, preferably with a bloodworm, 1.2 worms at a time. And for the prevention of a couple of times a week to provide medical feed.

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It is very important not to overfeed the fish, because it negatively affects not only the pets themselves, but also the condition of the aquarium. In the remains of food rotting at the bottom, harmful substances are formed, such as ammonia and nitrates, which poison the water and the fish swimming in it.

Before you add new inhabitants to the aquarium, you should be aware of the compatibility of different types of fish. We will describe the compatibility of the angelfish with other fish in the article.

An indispensable equipment for an aquarium is a filter that provides its inhabitants with sufficient water quality. How to make an external filter for the aquarium with your own hands, we will show in the master class.

Considering the decor of the aquarium, you should think not only about its appearance, but also the comfort of its inhabitants. How and what, you can decorate the aquarium, we will tell in the article.

In order for the fish in the home aquarium to be healthy and beautiful, you need to properly care for them. In particular, to create conditions for them as close as possible to their natural habitat. Water plants help to do this. for example, Thai fern.

How to properly and how often you need to feed aquarium fish

One of the most frequent questions for beginners in an aquarium is how often to feed aquarium fish and what. The problem is that there are a huge number of types and types of aquarium fish, and they all require a special relationship to feeding.

Some fish need only dry food, some, on the contrary, in an animal, etc. And in order to learn how to properly feed the fish, you need to master certain information, without which the beginning aquarist cannot do!

What determines the feeding of fish

I can say that we in our experience gained enough knowledge on how to properly feed aquarium fish, how often to do it, what kind of food and at what time. All this information is obtained as a result, in part, by trial and error.

Factors affecting the feeding regimen

Som-suckers, such as pterigoplichts and antsistrusy we feed several times a week (2-3). tablets for catfish and vegetables. This number of feeds is primarily due to the fact that catfish still clean the growth on the glass and thereby receive vegetable food. Plus, if you feed them often and every day, then they simply can become lazy :).

The main thing. do not forget to properly feed your fish on a regular basis. Be sure to vary the food of their pets.

Alternate dry food with ice cream and vice versa, as from monotonous food can cause problems with the digestion of fish, which can lead to sad consequences.

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