How Many Times Do You Need To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

When grooming aquarium pets, follow a few rules:

  • feeding according to need;
  • overfeeding prevention. The remaining food adversely affects the purity of the water, and overeating causes obesity in fish, live less than slightly "undernourished" relatives;
  • feed several times a day in modest portions, especially if you use live food;
  • purchase different feeds;
  • choose food depending on the size of those to whom it is intended;
  • periodically arrange a short "hunger strike".

Short-term restriction in food has a beneficial effect on the fish, restoring their sexual activity. Starving females and males more quickly remove slags from the body, get rid of fatty deposits, and the first calves, which are not swept up during spawning, are absorbed.

How to feed aquarium fish?

A proper diet should consist of:

  • branded, real feed. They contain essential for health vitamins and minerals. The choice is huge because it is hardly difficult to find a suitable package of feed for goldfish, sea fish and so on;
  • dry feed. Usually they are made from daphnia, cyclop or gammarus. Modern dry products consist of a dozen components, therefore, in terms of quality and value, they are as good as other species;
  • live food recommended for regular inclusion in the fish diet. It has been noticed that even such food can “get bored”, because from time to time it is necessary to buy different “worms”;
  • frozen food;
  • vegetable feed.

How Many Times Do You Need To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

In nature, many fish eat plants, and for some species such food is simply necessary.
Naturally, the predators do not like the grass, because when buying a new inhabitant, it is worth asking about its taste preferences. Vegetable food looks like pills or flakes, although there are fish that do not give up cabbage, cucumber or zucchini in a natural, but crushed form.

Experienced aquarists include in their ration their own food prepared, consisting of dry or frozen, but crushed:

You can make a dry tortilla by drying in a microwave oven cottage cheese or yogurt, semolina, or green peas.

A little more about feed

Fish of any kind can only be fed dry product. But it has been proved that live food, for example, daphnia, bloodworm, koretra, shrimp is more useful. They contain many vitamins, and they are absorbed easier and faster. Thanks to them, the color of fish becomes richer, and growth accelerates.

There is a significant drawback, forcing many aquarists to abandon live food: with it, viruses and microbes that cause disease enter the aquarium. This is explained by the fact that "worms" are caught in open reservoirs, where there are "their" fish representatives infected with parasites. Aquarium fish are experiencing hard illness caused by "guests" and die without proper treatment.

People who do not know how to save waterfowl pets from ailments can use the nauplii. Nauplii are called crustacean emerged from the eggs. They are suitable for small fish, for example, guppies or fry, but it is troublesome to “breed” specific food, creating favorable conditions for the conversion of eggs into future cancer.

To freeze the likelihood of being infected by parasites living in Artemia, a pipemaker or other live food, it will help to freeze it immediately after purchase. Only a day later, ectoparasites will die, and bacterial infections are rarely dangerous for healthy aquarium dwellers. For example, neon fish with pleasure savor frozen bloodworms, fully preserving the color, shape, and possibly taste.

Dry foods are stored much longer alive, but when buying should be interested in the release date.
After opening the contents of the package should be used as quickly as possible, although in a tightly closed glass jar it can stand for up to a year, fully retaining the properties. It is advisable to purchase small jars, regardless of whether they are filled with flakes or granules. The content will end in a couple of months, which will prevent a decline in the value of the feed.

How Many Times Do You Need To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

About feeding different types of fish

Owners of large aquariums, often wonder how many times a day should feed the fish and what feed is better to use. For example, the fish Betta Fish should be treated to protein food, because in nature it is a predator, although from time to time it does not hesitate to use Javanese moss.

The diet of Betta Fish includes:

  • small flakes;
  • pellets developed for this species. They should be the main part of the diet;
  • dry artemia and bloodworm;
  • live and frozen food in small quantities.

Similarly, they feed the goldfish elonofrus. From time to time this species is useful to pamper with shrimp, daphnia, squid, bloodworms.

Fish dollar, she Metinnis consumes plant food. Preference is given to lettuce lettuce, cucumbers, spirulina, spinach and zucchini. Raw vegetables quickly spoil the water, because they will have to get rid of their residues after each feeding. Protein feed is also useful and needed. It should be: bloodworm, coretra, artemia. Fish parrot aquarium happy to eat a dry product. Feeding the parrots does not cause trouble, and the need to store and freeze worms will disappear.

Asking how often and how many times a day one or another fish is eaten, one should resort to the help of special literature. The books describe in detail the care, maintenance, preparation of the diet, water temperature and even the compatibility of different types.

Shrimp as feed

The statement that the fish in the aquarium love shrimp is often surprising. Shrimp contains 50% protein and up to twenty percent fat. They are considered healthy, but high-calorie food, because the diet can be included infrequently. Two or once a week is enough.

What shrimp to feed the fish? Of course, fresh and high-quality, not salty and not cooked by the manufacturer. You should choose only Atlantic shrimp, which lack the taste of chlorine, because only they grow without the use of antibiotics.

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You can give shrimp to fish in raw and boiled form. In the first variant, the frozen meat is grated on a grater, or it is crushed heavily with a knife, in the second it is boiled without salt and very finely chopped. If the fish get such food for the first time, conduct an experiment: offer a little frozen, and after. boiled meat. Eating speed will show which option is more to your taste. The larger the fish, the larger the shrimp is cut.

What to do while on vacation?

People often refuse aquariums, not knowing what to do with them while on vacation.
The reason is simple: a failure in feeding mode, even if left for a couple of days, seems like a catastrophe, and a long trip is considered an obligatory harbinger of the death of pets.

In fact, the fish feel better than other animals in the absence of the owner. Adolescents and adults are able to endure hunger for up to three weeks, and large breeds endure even longer. The main thing is to be at home to observe the feeding regime, cleanliness of the habitat and monitor the health of the wards.

In particularly difficult situations, vegetarian fish will satisfy hunger with algae.

How Many Times Do You Need To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Poor fry and young fish suffer from a forced hunger strike. A deficiency of nutrients adversely affects them in the future. Therefore, planning a trip, do not buy the young. You can not pour food "in reserve" and consider slowly soluble options solution to the problem. Let better fish starve than suffer from excessive care of the owner.

How to feed

The main mistake of novice aquarists is overfeeding. Excess food in an aquarium leads to a number of consequences:

  1. water deterioration;
  2. obesity;
  3. death from overeating or poisoning.

The norm is considered if the food is eaten before reaching the bottom. Remove excess food with a net or siphon immediately after feeding. The size of the grains should match the appearance and age of the fish. Large adult inhabitants eat large pieces. Juveniles. living dust or food particles, not exceeding the size of the eye fry.

During the spawning period, give less food. Two weeks before the breeding of future parents feed protein foods.

How much to give

The calculation of the feed is based on the weight of the pet: not more than 5% of the total weight. The universal rule: food should be eaten in 3-5 minutes without a residue.

How many times

Adult healthy fish in the aquarium should be fed 1-2 times per day. Morning feeding is carried out 15 minutes after turning on the light, the evening. 3 hours before bedtime.

Growing fish is often fed: up to one month of age, 6 times a day, and then transferred to four meals a day. A month later, the frequency is reduced. Somik with other benthic fish are fed in the dark when the aquarium population is sleeping.

In conditions of an artificially created habitat, fish are less mobile, since they are not forced to get food for survival. Therefore, properly feed aquarium fish six times a week.

Hunger strike

A mini hunger strike once a week allows you to:

  1. prevent obesity;
  2. cleanse the body;
  3. increase sexual activity;
  4. activate recovery processes.

More often hunger strikes predators because of the structural features of the food system. For the following fish, instead of a hunger strike, it is better to choose a fasting day on food with spirulina:

How to

Before feeding, the aquarist must wash his hands thoroughly. The remains of soap or cream are disastrous. You can not give spices and spicy vegetable food, sour vegetables. When selecting a diet, fish features are taken into account:

Herbivorous animals with a long digestive system often need to be fed in small portions.

The correct diet contains:

The lack of fiber is compensated by eating aquarium plants.

The basis of the diet carnivores. live food. Predators eat rarely, but in large quantities.

  • Proteins required from 45%.
  • Fat. 3–6%.
  • Fiber is also important. Under natural conditions, they consume plant food in the amount of 2–4%.

Most aquarium fish are omnivorous, in their diet should be:

Meal options

Feeding the fish produced according to the method of feeding. A big role is played by the location of the mouth:

  1. Upper. For pets whose mouth is located on top, suitable for floating on the surface of food in the form of chips or flakes.
  2. Average. The inhabitants of the middle layers of water eat the food that is located directly in front of them.
  3. Bottom. Catfish who collect food from the bottom need heavy sinking feed.

What should receive

For good growth, normal development and strong immunity of a pet, the following nutrients and trace elements are necessary:

  1. choline;
  2. vitamins of group B and D3, A, E, C;
  3. folic acid;
  4. riboflavin;
  5. biotin;
  6. thiamine;
  7. cyanocobalamin.

The main types of feed

  1. Dry. Dried larvae of krill, daphnia, cyclops. Sold in the form of tablets, granules and flakes. Used if there is no time for the preparation of plant or live food. In humans, dried food can cause allergies.
  2. Alive. Infusoria, bloodworm, small fishes, brine shrimp, tubemaker and coretra. Such food is stored in the refrigerator, as it quickly deteriorates. Very nutritious. Rinse thoroughly before feeding.
  3. Protein. Egg, invertebrate meat, liver and squids are crushed, used in the form of small chips. Minced warm-blooded animals rarely served. It is poorly absorbed by fish, developing pathogenic intestinal microflora. Frozen. Live food in frozen form. Served thawed.
  4. Vegetable. It happens natural (cucumbers, cabbage, peas, carrots, zucchini, nettle, dandelions), as well as branded. Natural food is boiled, peeled and cut into pieces. Purchased granules with spirulina also needed fish.
  5. Corporate. Balanced feed. For feeding omnivorous fish is the main food. To diversify the diet, you can feed herbal and living supplements. There are universal and feed for a specific type of aquarium inhabitants.
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Feed your fish by combining several types of food. Omnivorous and herbivorous species should receive plant fiber daily.

The best

It is preferable to give frozen food. The ability to infect an aquarium is minimized. The freezing is easily dosed, does not spoil, keeps flavoring and useful properties. Mixtures of several types of worms are on sale, due to which the feed becomes more nutritious.

During vacation

If you leave the aquarium unattended for a couple of weeks, then use special food and automatic feeders with dispenser. Briquette and capsule feed slowly dissolve in water, providing food for a long time. If feeding fish during an absence is trusted by friends, tell them about how to care for aquarium inhabitants. You can pack food in equal parts to eliminate the risk of overfeeding and give necessary advice.

With proper feeding, the fish are protected from disease. Healthy fishes live longer, differ in a bright color and mobility.

How many times a day do you need to feed the fish in an aquarium?

It is amazing how many people in the world strictly follow a diet and regularly support their health with vitamins, and at the same time give their fish only ready-made food, and of one kind.

Such feeds can be compiled on the basis of scientific recommendations and include a huge amount of nutrients, but they are only simple substitutes (and often inferior) of what fish find and natural conditions. Do not think that we are against the finished feed, quite the opposite. However, one thing should be very clear: ready-made food is usually sufficient for normal existence, while live food in frozen or freeze-dried form is absolutely necessary for bringing fish to spawn.

For each type of fish need a certain feed. Let’s talk about the basic rules of feeding.

The size of the feed should match the size of the fish. If they do not cope with food or chew it, spit it out, it means that it is unsuitable. The size of feed for fry should be approximately equal to the size of their eyes. Bloodworm, tubule and enhitreya can be given cut into small pieces. Some aquarists do not feed a pipemaker with valuable fish for fear of poisoning.

Feed quality is of the utmost importance. Therefore, dry food should be really dry, and not sticking together, living organisms. to be active. Frozen feed should be fed immediately after thawing.

How Many Times Do You Need To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

The amount of food needed by the fish is determined by amateurs on the basis of their own observations. Live food is best given in small portions. Feed should be given in small portions several times a day. One-time feeding of a triple in volume portion does not equal three more modest feedings. Initially, the fish pounce on him, then their activity drops markedly and, therefore, you can stop feeding. If the dry food placed in the feed ring is not eaten within 5 minutes, the remnants should be removed with a net and reduced further. You should always remember that it is better not to feed than to overfeed the fish, otherwise they will be worse painted, become lethargic, stop spawning, their lifespan will noticeably decrease. Fish should be given a variety of food, constantly alternating it.

Adult fish should be fed 1-2 times a day, at the earliest one hour after turning on the light and at the latest one hour before turning it off. You must ensure that everything is eaten completely within 15-20 minutes. The daily ration should be 5% by weight of the fish. The feeding place should be permanent. Remnants of uneaten food should be removed, this is especially important when using stale feed, as they can cause such unpleasant phenomena as turbidity of water, soil rot, appearance of foul-smelling algae. Therefore, they need to be immediately assembled with a hose. Once a week you need to arrange a hungry day. Fry should be fed as often as possible.

Here are six of the most important rules to follow when feeding aquarium fish:

1. When feeding, be guided by the requirements of the fish, and not by your own desires.

2. It is desirable to feed (better, of course, live) a variety of feed, making the most of the possibilities of each season. Live food in its raw form is more beneficial than boiled. Even the best feed is no good if it does not alternate with other feed.

3. Do not feed too plentifully! Remains of feed spoil the water. In aquariums, fish are more likely to die from obesity than from malnutrition. Determine how much live fish feed is able to quickly eat, and never give them more than the norm. Fish that eat right can endure a week-long hunger strike without harm.

4. If possible, feed several times a day.

5. The size of the feed should correspond to the size of the fish. Large fish will starve if they are fed small food; For small fish, large feed is too tough, they cannot swallow it.

6. Watch the fish during feeding, at this point it is easiest to distinguish sick fish from healthy ones.

The size of the feed should match the size of the fish.

Live food is best given in small portions several times a day.

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Hunger can have a beneficial effect on the sexual activity of fish and even help restore the ability to reproduce. Fasting normalizes the biochemical processes in the body, helps to eliminate poisons and slags, utilize fatty and weakened, painfully modified tissues, and resorption of female genital products remaining in the body (unwashed caviar), without which a new portion of caviar cannot be formed.

What determines the feeding of fish

I can say that we in our experience gained enough knowledge on how to properly feed aquarium fish, how often to do it, what kind of food and at what time. All this information is obtained as a result, in part, by trial and error.

How Many Times Do You Need To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Factors affecting the feeding regimen

How Many Times Do You Need To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

  • Your opportunities
    Opportunities in this case are both financial and temporary. For example, not everyone has the opportunity to constantly supply the red-tailed catfish with live fish on a regular basis or with fresh fish meat. At least, because it’s all worth the money.

How often do you need to feed aquarium fish

Som-suckers, such as pterigoplichts and antsistrusy we feed several times a week (2-3). tablets for catfish and vegetables. This number of feeds is primarily due to the fact that catfish still clean the growth on the glass and thereby receive vegetable food. Plus, if you feed them often and every day, then they simply can become lazy :).

How Many Times Do You Need To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

The main thing. do not forget to properly feed your fish on a regular basis. Be sure to vary the food of their pets.

Alternate dry food with ice cream and vice versa, as from monotonous food can cause problems with the digestion of fish, which can lead to sad consequences.

The answers to this question are quite simple, but at the same time they have an individual character. that is, they depend on the specific type of aquarium fish, on the volume of the aquarium, and other nuances!

Answering the question. HOW TO FEED FISH? You can generally say that you need to feed the pets so that after 1-2 minutes, the abandoned feed will be eaten. In covering this issue, it should be noted that it is better to feed the fish rather than overfeed. Do not feed the fish much and often. Make sure that this situation does not work out when. you fed the fish, then the spouse, and then also the children!

Moreover, starvation of small fish is a diet that benefits the fish! Arrange for the fish once a month fasting days. do not feed the fish for 2 days. Following these recommendations, you will get rid of the risk of pet diseases of gastrointestinal diseases and only improve their health!

The second point that should be covered on the issue. HOW TO FEED FISH! Food for fish should be balanced and varied, in addition, it must meet the individual needs of a specific type of fish swimming in your “aquarium”. Often, many make a big mistake and feed the fish with one type of feed (for example, dry)! Such a policy of keeping fish and such feeding leads in time to the question. HOW TO HOW TO TREAT A FISH? Food should be: quality, diverse. At the same time, no one says that the fish need to be fed delicacies. But to combine, for example, dry and frozen food. it is possible, it is not so expensive!

In addition, different fish prefer different food, some, for example, well, really need vegetable food! Taking into account such features, select the appropriate feed, balance it.

WHEN TO FEED FISH? This question is also individual for a particular type of fish. For example, the majority of aquarium catfish are nocturnal, and therefore it is desirable to feed them in a dark time drain.

But since most fish are diurnal, it is better to feed them during the daytime. in the morning or at lunch.


I feed mine once a day, in the morning. However, many recommend feeding aquarium fish 2 twice a day. Actually I do not see anything wrong with that. The main thing is to follow the rule, the food should be eaten in 2-3 minutes.


A lot of important issue of feed for aquarium fish is the question of its quality. Sure? You can “get aquarium food” in the old fashioned way. to hunt ponds or tormented with bloodworms. You can buy feed in bird markets! However, no one will give you guarantees! Moreover, such feed is dangerous to the health of your pets.


In our arsenal there are the following types of fish feed:

– dry: dried gammarus, artemia, old, etc.

– sublimated feed consisting of a mixture of ingredients.

– frozen food: bloodworm, artemia, streptocephalus, daphnia, etc.

– live food: bloodworm, artemia, grindal, etc.

– a group of products that can be called "food from our table": seafood (fish fillet, shrimp, lean beef. bull’s heart salad, spinach, zucchini, zucchini, cucumber, etc.).

Agree, a great arsenal! It is only important to use it correctly. All you need is to buy food and make a diet schedule for the week, according to the individual preferences of aquatic animals.

How Many Times Do You Need To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

How to feed the herbivorous fish: antsistrus, L-catfish, labidochromis, pseudotropheusa, goldfish? Their diet should be

70% plant food,

30% protein. Take for them sublimated feed with herbal ingredients, for example:

How Many Times Do You Need To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Loricaria soma perfectly eat slices of cucumber, zucchini, salads. Goldfish adore duckweed. But at the same time, do not be afraid to use protein foods. freezing and high-quality live food.

How to feed the fish video review

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