How Many Times A Day To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Most often, sellers of aquarium fish buyers ask about how often and how to feed them properly. Interest is understandable, because proper nutrition is the basis of the health of waterfowl residents. So, we arm with the helpful information.

About the frequency of feeding

Over-feeding fish shortens their lifespan. Unfortunately, novice aquarists ignore this rule, thinking that pouring food more often makes fish very pleasant. It is during the meal that the host communicates with the swimming pets, watches them and. harms their health.

Excessive feeding, moreover, turns the water kingdom into a fetid swamp. And its inhabitants, having grown fat, can forget about active movement in general. Every time when the owner comes to the water house, the fish can swim up to its front wall, and it seems that they are hungry, asking for reinforcements. But in fact it is not. Just the more they eat, the more often they want to do it. There are species of fish that are genetically prone to gluttony, for example, cichlids. Only you will not explain to them that gluttony is harmful to health

So, it is recommended to feed adult swimming pets 1-2 times a day. If we are talking about fry, then it should be done 3-4 times a day so that the offspring develops healthy. As for the amount of one serving of food, it should be eaten in 2-3 minutes. It is desirable that at the bottom of the fish house feed did not fall at all.

If we talk about the nutrition of those inhabitants of the water kingdom who are accustomed to plant foods, that is, herbivores, they can eat algae around the clock. There is no need to worry about them.

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What to feed?

With the frequency of feeding, we figured out. And now we will learn more specifically about the types of food. It is usually divided into four groups. This is a vegetable food, live, branded and frozen. Experts advise all of them to combine, if you want to see their waterfowl wards active, vigorous and beautiful.

For most inhabitants of the aquarium, the diet should consist of branded food, as well as systematic feeding with live and vegetable food.

Live food is the best of what they recommend. His menu should be used regularly, alternating views. Fish love variety. The most common live food is the pipeker, bloodworm, artemia, coretra. Today there is a mix of live food for sale, which is very convenient for the owners. True, this valuable protein diet has one huge "minus". With it, fish can be infected with infectious diseases. To avoid this, it is recommended to freeze the live feed. This is a great way to disinfect. That is why many aquarists immediately buy ready-made frozen food. This saves the inhabitants of the house from contemplation of the worms in the refrigerator, designed for fish, which is extremely unpleasant for most people. Finished frozen feed is easy to dose, they are well stored.

Vegetable food loves most of the wards of the water kingdom. It is desirable for healthy development. You can buy it in the form of flakes and tablets. The second variant of such nutrition provides for the independent addition of pieces of natural vegetables to water. So, for example, antsistrusy with pleasure eat finely chopped zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage. Such taste preferences must be considered. Also, listen to the recommendations on plant nutrition for those fish that live in your tank.

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So, following the above tips, you do not overfeed your charges, you will constantly enjoy their active movement in the home water kingdom.

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