How Many Times A Day And How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

When acquiring aquarium fish as pets, it is necessary to study the many nuances and rules for their maintenance and care. A lot of questions arise before the future owner of the underwater kingdom: how to choose a suitable aquarium, whether you need to defend the water and how long it takes to settle, how to choose the soil and so on. But the most common question is how to feed the fish in an aquarium and how many times a day it should be done.

How Many Times A Day And How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

A very important question to decide when buying fish, how to feed them

Types of fish nutrition

In order for the pets to please their owners with beauty and health, it is necessary to properly feed the fish in the aquarium. All existing types of feed can be divided into the following groups:

  • frozen;
  • branded (dry food);
  • alive;
  • vegetable.
How Many Times A Day And How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Many novice aquarists mistakenly believe that it is often better to feed the fish in the aquarium with only dry food. But this is not true. Home inhabitants, as, however, and the person, should eat various food.

One should take into account the variety of underwater inhabitants, as some fish prefer plant food, while others choose only live food. For ordinary species, it is better to focus on a combination of existing options for nutrient mixes.

Rules for the use of dry food

Modern branded feed contain all the necessary substances for the inhabitants of the aquarium. Feeding rules should be considered:

  1. If you feed your pets exclusively with dry food, then, when they are very hungry, they pounce on food, swiftly swallowing it. This leads to food rotting in their stomachs. In addition, most of this feed remains in the water, which further has a negative impact on the composition of the liquid.
  2. The remains of dry food heavily pollute the underwater kingdom, which leads to intensive growth of pathological microorganisms. This can be fatal for pets.
  3. Different types of dry food must be alternated with each other, as there are many varieties of such food for fish.
  4. It is not recommended to feed dried daphnia, as it does not contain practically any nutrients, but it contributes to diseases of the stomach in fish.
How Many Times A Day And How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Feeding only one type of food is fraught with bad consequences for fish and aquarium water.

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Top dressing live food

Live food can be called one of the best options, which is recommended to give the fish regularly. There should also be a variety. The live food mainly includes the bloodworm, koretra and tubule. But This type of food has serious disadvantages:

  1. If the food was of poor quality, then it is fraught with poisoning of pets.
  2. Live food can cause some diseases.
  3. It should not be given as food too often by bloodworms, as it is poorly digested.

For disinfection, feed must be frozen. This is the most affordable way to rid the food of harmful microorganisms. You can spread food in the trough, but you cannot leave it there for a long time, so that the inhabitants of the artificial house are not poisoned.

How Many Times A Day And How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

The best fish food is live

During the spawning period, live food is extremely necessary. Fish that have grown up on such a diet have good immunity and are distinguished by good health.

Vegetable menu

When buying aquarium fish from the seller, be sure to ask about their food preferences. Fish that do not accept vegetable food. a relatively rare phenomenon, and include greens in the diet is desirable. The exception is predators.

How Many Times A Day And How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Most fish need vegetable feed.

On sale you can buy branded vegetable food, which can be in the form of tablets or flakes. Or you can feed the fish yourself by adding zucchini, cabbage, and cucumbers to the aquarium. Cereals are also used as a plant food. Before using them, it is recommended to soak with boiling water for a while, then, after cooling, start feeding.

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Frozen products

Not every hostess will like swarming worms in the refrigerator chamber. It causes some disgust and other discomfort. In order not to put up with this unpleasant moment, there is an alternative to storing live food for fish. freezing.

This type of food storage has some advantages:

  • easy and long storage;
  • the same composition of nutrients is preserved as in live food;
  • You can pre-comply with the required dosage during freezing.
How Many Times A Day And How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Frozen food can be purchased at the correct dosage.

Frozen foods are practically the same as live food, so you can safely use this type of storage.

The frequency and number of feedings pets

Most of the owners of the underwater kingdom, without knowing the nutritional standards of fish, they are often overfed. This negatively affects the pets and may even lead to their death, so it is important to know how many times to feed aquarium fish per day and how much food to give.

The dose is determined on the basis of observations of the inhabitants of the aquarium. It is believed that in one meal, the fish can be given as much food as they can eat within five minutes. If, however, excess food got into the vessel, then it is recommended to remove it urgently in order to avoid rotting.

How Many Times A Day And How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

The individual dose is determined empirically.

Many aquarists feed their pets 2 times a day, while others feed them at the same time once a day. These options are quite acceptable. Fry should be fed more often, on average 3-4 times a day. It is forbidden to give a large amount of food at one meal. It must be remembered that it is highly undesirable to overfeed the inhabitants of the aquarium, sometimes it is better to underfeed them.

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