How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

How many live aquarium fish?

Many novice aquarists, the question arises: how many live aquarium fish. It should be understood that the life expectancy of any living creature depends on its type, proper care, comfortable living environment.

In an aquarium, the life span of a fish is influenced by the degree of its population. If the fish will be many, respectively, and their life expectancy will be reduced. In addition, do not forget that only compatible fish species can live together for a long time. Remember that aquarium fish are cold-blooded: their body temperature is directly dependent on the temperature of the water in which they live. The warmer the water, the faster the life of the fish is due to the accelerated metabolic processes in their bodies.

The life expectancy of fish depends on their size: the life of small fish is short. from 1 year to 5 years, medium-sized fish can live up to 10-12 years, and large fish live 15 years or longer.

A rare change of water in the aquarium, as well as overfeeding leads to a decrease in the life expectancy of the fish. Moreover, overfeeding has a much worse effect on fish than underfeeding. The older they get, the more prone to stress and various diseases.

Life expectancy of some species of aquarium fish

Let’s find out how many species of aquarium dwellers live: Betta Fish and guppies, swordtails and angelfish, telescopes, parrots, danios and others.

Experts disagree on how many years goldfish live. Some believe that these fish live for 3-4 years, others. that their life expectancy reaches 10-15 years. The longest lived goldfish in the UK, which died at the age of 43 years.

Aquarium fish telescope, as well as other goldfish, can live in the aquarium for about 15-17 years.

The zebrafish belongs to the carp and lives from 5 to 7 years.

Scalar, a species of Cichl, can live up to 10 years. In Germany, the long-lived angelfish lived 18 years. The parrot fish also belongs to the cichlor species, which, under appropriate conditions, can also live up to 10 years.

Sword-bearers and guppies are live-bearing carp fish and their life can last no more than 5 years.

Constantly fighting fish Betta Fish live in captivity for a short time. 3-4 years.

Labyrinth fish gourami can live in the aquarium for 4-5 years, glass catfish. up to 8 years, and piranha, referring to the character of the haracin, lives in captivity up to 10 years.

Remember that the lifespan of your aquarium pets depends largely on your careful and caring attitude and proper care.

Which fish will live the longest in the aquarium?

Most people know that dogs live from 8 to 12 years old, cats live about 12-14 years. But how many live aquarium fish? When amateurs dare to get fish in their home, they rarely get interested in the issue of life expectancy, and then they wonder why the pet suddenly died. Although the life expectancy of wild fish is not fully investigated, what to speak about aquarium species. With proper care, many pets live from 2 to 20 years or more, depending on size, personal stamina and feeding. Even a fish with a short life expectancy will live longer than expected, if you create a "paradise" in the aquarium.

Freshwater species

Many freshwater fish species live from 1 to 6 years. The most popular small fish, characterized by a short lifespan: guppies, swordtails, mollies, iris, catfish corridor, some cichlids, rasbora, carnegiella, tiger barbs. There are also several species of fish that live more than 5-6 years with proper care and feeding. Among them: kissing gourami, zebrafish zebra, beta, fish Jack Dempsey.

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

If you are looking for fish with a lifespan of 10 years or more, then it is better to purchase blue neons, angelfish, Oscars or plecostomus. The famous long-lived aquarium is a goldfish. With proper feeding, clean and healthy aquatic environment, goldfish species live up to 15 years. The oldest aquarium goldfish has lived to 30 years, it is the only officially registered case.

Look at the 25 year old goldfish.

Species living in salt water

How many live aquarium fish who prefer salt water? Despite the narrow distribution in domestic nurseries and the complexity of the content, yet some lovers are trying to provide them with all possible living conditions. A balanced level of salt in the water, proper nutrition and an appropriate volume of the aquarium can prolong life. Most marine fish live in public aquariums, where they live in the best conditions. Many marine fish suffer from diseases at the beginning of life due to poor care.

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

Some species that live in brackish water live from 2 to 4 years. Among them: butterfly fish, mandarin duck, Moorish idol, bullheads, sea dogs, Napoleon, monodactylus (swallow fish), triggerfish, surgeon fish, degu. Most small tropical seahorses live in aquariums for 3-4 years. Larger seahorses can live longer, but are rarely available for a home aquarium.

More hardy marine species can live in captivity for 10 years or more: they are lion fish, clown fish, eels and sea bass. There are many varieties of angelfish that live long in brackish water. Sea fish angels can live more than 20 years, and grow to impressive size.

Admire the sea species of aquarium fish.

Fish families, life expectancy in years of some representatives

Large aquarium fish live longer than small ones, some are able to outlast a person. Since fish are cold-blooded animals, the temperature of the body corresponds to the temperature of the water. As it rises, processes in the body are accelerated, as a result of which the body wears out and ages. It also shortens the life of pets improper feeding or overfeeding. Aquarium cichlids have a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, and in case of an irregular dose or the addition of live larvae, they can easily get sick. Clean water is also important. scaleless species are sensitive to impurities of chlorine, nitrite, nitrate and organic matter. Fishes of the genus Polypterus and Labyrinth need access to atmospheric oxygen.

Representatives of the Haracin family live an average of 5-10 years: tetras, congos, neons, minors, piranhas, metinnis, pacus.

The life span of the Karpovs is from 5 to 30 years: danios, morulius, rasbor, barbs, labo, cardinals (5-10); goldfish, shark balls (10-30).

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

Cichlids live from 5 to 18 years: discus, frontozy, African and South American cichlids, nichbochromis, astronotus, severum, labidochromis, apistogram.

The representatives of the family Karpazubye, viviparous fishes live for 3-15 years: swordtails, Petsilia, Molly, Guppy and others.

Members of the family of the Viunovye live 10-15 years: the ordinary loach, combat.

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

Fish species of the Som family live from 5 to 15: glass catfish, otozinclus, plexostomus, pimelodus, synodontis, mystus, banjo, sturizoma, tarakatum.

Other aquarium fish, representatives of different families: apheosimions (1 year); tetraodons, sprinkler fish, clin-belly, iris, leporinus (5); panaki (10).

How many live goldfish in an aquarium?

Many busy people who dream of a pet and who do not have the opportunity to have a cat or dog, acquire aquariums. However, not everyone knows how to properly care for its inhabitants. After reading today’s article, you will find out how much goldfish live.

Small historical retreat

It should be noted that these particular fish are considered the oldest representatives of the carp family, which they began to breed and maintain in aquariums. And the first to do this was the indigenous people of China. Those who are interested in how many years goldfish live will not hurt to learn that professional court breeders were engaged in their breeding. They were obtained by crossing several types of goldfish.

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

After the first bright individuals were launched into the imperial pond, work began on breeding new fish. This is how modern vualehvostki, wakin and che appeared. Life expectancy of individuals living in natural conditions was about a quarter of a century.

In the XVI century, these bright and rather large fish were brought to Japan, and after another hundred years the inhabitants of Europe learned about them. Interestingly, here the life expectancy of the introduced specimens has decreased to three months. This is explained by the fact that for some reason their owners thought that they did not need food at all.


Those who want to understand how much goldfish live will surely be interested in what they look like. The average length of adults is about thirty five centimeters. However, in the aquarium conditions are rare such impressive specimens. Usually in captivity, they grow up to fifteen centimeters.

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

A goldfish has a long, flattened laterally ellipsoidal body. She also has several reddish or yellowish fins, the longest of which is considered the dorsal. It starts from the middle of the red-golden body. The sides of the vast majority of this species are painted in golden color, and the belly. in a yellowish tint.

How many live goldfish in an aquarium?

In this case, much depends on the conditions in which they live. On average, this figure ranges from five to ten years. However, there are exceptions. For example, in one of the English cities there were a couple of individuals that lived to be thirty years old. And they lived in a forty-liter aquarium and ate specialized food. And in the county of North. Yorkshire was a golden fish that lived for forty-four years.

Content Features

Having figured out how much aquarium goldfish live, you need to learn how to properly care for them. First of all, it should be noted that fifty liters of water will be required for one individual. Those who are planning to have five or six fish should purchase a two hundred-liter aquarium for future pets in advance. In addition, it is important to control filtration, aeration and light levels.

The optimum water temperature varies from eighteen to twenty-three degrees. However, much depends on the time of year. In the winter months it can be a little colder than in the summer. It is important not to forget to replace a tenth of the contents of the aquarium daily. Because poor quality and polluted water can cause the development of many diseases.

Feeding recommendations

Understanding how much goldfish live, you need to understand the characteristics of their diet. Immediately, we note that they are quite voracious. Although these creatures are almost always asked to eat, it is often not recommended to feed them. According to most experts, frequent meals can lead to various diseases. Experienced aquarists advise feeding goldfish no more than twice a day. It is important to give food in small portions, which are eaten within seven minutes.

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How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

The basis of the diet of these beautiful, but very voracious creatures are plants, specialized dry and live food. Moreover, the latter are recommended to be purchased in frozen form in order to exclude infection of small fish by various diseases. As for dry food, it must first be soaked in a small bowl filled with water, which was taken in advance from the aquarium. Vegetable foods need to scald in advance with boiling water and grind. In addition to everything else, it is recommended to supplement their menu with unsalted crumbly porridges, which are cooked in water.

Breeding at home

Those who have already understood how many years goldfish live in an aquarium will be interested to know how they multiply. Especially for these purposes it is necessary to purchase a container closing from above, the length of which is at least eighty centimeters. It is important that the bottom of the so-called spawning ground be planted with bushy small-leaved plants. In addition, the aquarium should be filled with clean water, maximally saturated with oxygen.

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

Usually the beginning of marriage games falls on the early spring. It is desirable for this time to plant the fish and provide them with a full feeding. After a couple of weeks, you can select a female and two or three males. After fertilization, fish eggs should be removed from spawning. Two days later, fry appear on the light, which on the fifth day begin to swim confidently.

Prevention of various diseases

Those who already know how much goldfish live should understand that they, like all living creatures, are subject to ailments. Of course, conditionally pathogenic microflora is present in any aquarium. Therefore, so that your pets do not become victims of pathogens of dangerous diseases, you need to follow a few simple recommendations.

It is important not to overcrowd the aquarium and constantly maintain a healthy habitat in it. Do not neglect the regular replacement of water. It is strictly forbidden to hook up aggressive individuals that could injure them to goldfish. Also, do not forget about the correct diet and feeding regime.

Beautiful but capricious goldfish

To date, aquarium fish, or rather, their varieties are quite numerous and varied. But always the most important among them are considered, in fact, the legendary goldfish.

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

Interesting golden inhabitants of the underwater world are far from simple creatures. And in order to ensure proper care, to maximize their life expectancy and prevent diseases (do you wonder how many years such fish live?), Finally, in order to ensure their reproduction, many nuances should be taken into account.

External description

Typically, the length of goldfish comes to 30-35 cm. However, in aquarium conditions, the indicators are much more modest: you rarely find fish over 15 cm.

The body of these aquarium fish is slightly elongated in length, has the shape of an ellipse, flattened from the sides.

As for the fins, the dorsal is very long, starting in the middle of the body. The anal fin is relatively short (it is related to the tail). Usually these creatures have red, slightly reddish or completely yellowish fins. The belly, as a rule, has a yellowish tint, the sides are golden, and the back is red-golden.

However, there are various types of these aquarium dwellers that may have pale pink, red, black, white and even spotted color.

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How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

Content Features

Goldfish require carefully selected aquarium conditions. First of all, you need to understand that keeping one fish requires at least 50 liters of water. However, as the number of fish in an aquarium increases, an increase in their population density is allowed.

At the bottom of the aquarium should be a coarse-grained soil, because the fish love to rummage in it. Pebbles need to pick rounded, which do not have sharp edges. The content also implies plants, only it is better to let them not with small leaves, since the dirt lifted from the ground will settle on such leaves. Floating plants will also be useful. they can be used for feeding.

Now let’s talk about the parameters of water: its temperature varies from 16 to 24 degrees (lower temperature is needed in winter, as the summer period approaches, it is necessary to gradually increase the temperature of the water); rigidity. at the level of 8-18 degrees, the acidity is needed around 7.

In general, water should be given maximum attention (after all, its quality affects even the life expectancy of the fish themselves, i.e. it depends on how long the fish in question live). It must be rich in oxygen, must be clean. Every day should be replaced about a tenth of the water. Without a filter can not do. Inadequate water quality provokes disease.

Speaking of longevity. How long do these funny inhabitants of the water live? No one can name the exact period how long they live, but there is a case when a goldfish has lived to 34 years without a single disease. How long do they usually live? From 3 to 10 years. The length of life of these creatures depends on what their content.

Now consider compatibility. Here it is necessary to take into account the variety of goldfish, because not all species have complete compatibility with other fish. In addition, even the compatibility of fish with each other is not always observed. Check compatibility with one or another fish is still not worth it. In any case, peaceful and calm neighbors, not too large, will ensure almost absolute compatibility.

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How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

How to feed?

To feed the fish in question is very difficult, especially for beginning aquarists. Why? Goldfish are very voracious creatures that almost constantly ask for food. You can say this: how many live, eat so much. However, feeding them too often is strictly forbidden because they develop diseases.

The recommended feeding regimen is once or twice a day (otherwise diseases are observed). Portions should be made small: let the fish eat everything for about seven minutes. But what can you feed?

The answer to this question is very simple: you can feed almost everyone, because goldfish are omnivorous creatures. Because of this, the diversity of their food suggests the presence of:

  • live food;
  • specialized dry food;
  • plant foods (i.e. need plants).

It is advisable to buy live food frozen (this will exclude the likelihood that the fish will have the disease), then to thaw it and feed them to the fish. Dry it is recommended to pre-soak in a small saucer with aquarium water. Plants before you start to feed the fish should be scalded (this will also prevent disease) and grind. It is noteworthy that adults can eat the plants even if they are not crushed.

What plants can be? It should be particularly highlighted salad. The leaves of this plant are very fond of fish. Plants can be perfectly supplemented with fruit.

In general, it should be noted that the issue of nutrition of goldfish should be approached very responsibly. It is very important to feed these aquarium inhabitants properly and in a timely manner. If all requirements are met, fully-developing adult fish will easily endure a two-week hunger strike (in case of leaving for a vacation or a business trip).

In addition, there is the possibility of leaving the fish for a longer period if there is such a need. Then they can be left in the aquarium a little more of the horn.

We also point out that a number of experts recommend supplementing the ration of goldfish with cereal porridge. Such porridges should be cooked in water without salt. It is desirable that they were crumbly.

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How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

Breeding issues

Having thoroughly studied the basic rules that ensure the proper maintenance of goldfish, one should also consider the issue of reproduction.

So, if you wish to reproduce these aquarium dwellers should stock up on a spawning aquarium. Such an aquarium should be about 80-100 cm in length (different types of fish require to some extent different care when breeding). Spawning need to close on top. It is important that it be planted with small-leaf bushes.

Water must be fresh, saturated with oxygen. Its performance is generally similar to those established in an ordinary aquarium.

In early spring, the fish begin mating games. It is recommended to plant them for 2-3 weeks, providing a good feeding. Then, two or three males and a female should be selected for spawning.

In goldfish, spawning usually occurs in the morning and lasts until the middle of the day. How is everything going? The female swims among the plants (or directly above them), where she spawns. This calf is then fertilized by the male.

After that, the fish should be removed from the spawn (remember about compatibility: not only different species can not live together, but also individuals of different ages), and the eggs should be provided with the right care. This implies, above all, the protection of the eggs from sudden fluctuations in temperature, on which the life expectancy of future fish depends. How long do the eggs live? After two days the fry already appear, and on the 5th day they swim boldly.

These are the key features relating to goldfish. Recall: you need to take into account also that these aquarium inhabitants are very diverse, their different types have different compatibility with other fish, but in any case they are voracious. In addition, often goldfish affect certain diseases. By virtue of all the above, it is rather difficult to ensure the content of these creatures. But competent care greatly facilitates the situation. In addition, we noted that the correct conditions of detention affect the lifespan of the fish. And how much do these fish live with you?

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How many years will the scalar live?

Scalaria is a popular aquarium fish, a representative of the Cichlidae family (Cichlids). The natural habitat is the freshwater bodies of South America (the Amazon and its tributaries). There, the water is saturated with a large amount of dissolved oxygen, which allows it to adapt to different conditions of life. She has a hardy body, body shape and diet allowed to adapt to captivity, transferring some changes in water parameters. Aquarists containing these fish often have the question: “How many scalar live?”.

Like a fish belonging to the Tsikhlid family, its lifespan at home can be more than ten years. Under proper conditions of maintenance: proper feeding, clean water, a spacious aquarium, attentive care, the life span of this beautiful pet can be significantly extended. Instances of long-livers among scalar also met.

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How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

How much time can live in captivity?

The Amazon River has a slightly acidic pH and a mild level of hardness. Perhaps the most unusual hydrobionts live there, distinguished by their unique appearance and special structure of the organism. In the warm tropical waters of the scalar can live 20-25 years. However, in an aquarium where space is limited and the diet is not so diverse, their lifespan is halved. The built environment, which is completely dependent on the person, does not always provide the fish with a balanced environment.

With proper care, regular cleaning of the reservoir, aeration, scalar live 10 years or more. If she is provided with constant care, without ignoring all the content requirements, she will live an order of magnitude longer, even 20 years. It seems that 10 years is not a long time for joy, I would like more. But this figure is considered to be solid for not very big aquarium fish.

Watch a video on how best to care for scalars.

What to do to extend the life of the fish

The life expectancy of an angelfish in an aquarium can be 15-25 years, if you follow a number of requirements. First, be sure to launch these fish into a spacious tank of at least 100 liters per pair (female and male). Secondly, install the compressor and the aerator, the fish saturated with oxygen will only be delighted. The compressor must be turned on for 20-30 minutes twice a day.

As for the general cleaning in the aquarium, it does not need to be carried out too often. If you remove the remnants of food and rotted plants in time, the water can be changed less often, some people manage to keep the water in crystal purity for more than six months. Otherwise, water replacement should occur at least 3 times a month. Be sure to clean the soil, wash the walls of the tank and the filter from the accumulated dirt, green algae. Watch the water temperature. the new water should correspond to all the parameters of the “old” one.

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

Do not forget that the angelfish will live more years if the feed in the aquarium is not worse than they are fed in the wild. In the wild, they are omnivorous: they feed on insect larvae and insects, zooplankton, and plants. Therefore, they can be fed all appropriately feed: artificial for cichlids, dry, frozen and live. You can not give bloodworms and tubers, because they do not live in weakly acidic water. You can see how the fish form brownish blisters at the anus. these are the negative effects of feeding the bloodworm and the strawman.

What decorative angelfish eat: micro-worm, artemia, earthworms, snails, koretra, daphnia, cyclop, lettuce and spinach. It is not recommended to give meat to warm-blooded animals that are saturated with fats. Feed pelleted with spirulina can be additional feeding. You need to feed such portions so that the fish ate the food in 2-5 minutes. Overfeeding is also harmful and shortens the life of fish, food debris can oxidize water, spoiling its quality.

See how to care for scalars to prolong their lives.

Scalar diseases

Because of the violation of metabolic processes, improper conditions of detention, untimely hygiene, fish can get sick, having lived in an aquarium for few years. With poor aeration, the fish have difficulty breathing, hold on to the surface of the water, gasping for air. The eyes become pale, the gills from the inside become covered with necrotic plaques. In this case, you can gradually increase the aeration by adjusting the temperature of the water and the supply of oxygen.

If it seemed to you that the angelfish in the aquarium is sluggish, swims slowly, the anus is inflamed on the body, this is a disturbing signal. Hexamitosis is a parasitic disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Late intervention with the use of drugs can lead to infection of other fish or death. It is possible to treat with erythrocycline baths with trichopol (50 grams and 10 grams, respectively, in proportions to one liter of water).

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

A scalar can form a fin rot, which is a consequence of infection with a rod-shaped bacterium. This is the result of heavily polluted water if it is rarely changed. On the body of a scalar appear white turbidity, also the eye corneas turn pale. Later the rays of the fins begin to exfoliate and fall off, ulcers form. The consequences of such a disease can be lethal. a fish will live for few years if it is infected from time to time. Treatment of fin rot: take malachite green, hydrochloride and bacillin-5 (in proportions of 0.1 mg, 100 mg, 4000 units per liter of water, respectively). The solution is added to a water tank. Be sure to process the decorations of the aquarium, plant plants bacillin.

Ringworm. a disease of fungal origin, which reduces the number of years of fish life. Late treatment will be fatal. Symptoms: white bloom on the body. Later, the fungus can spread to the internal organs. For treatment it is necessary to use streptotsid, bacillin-5, copper sulfate, potassium permanganate (in the proportions of 1 gram, 4000 units, 0.5 gram, 0.05 gram, respectively). Timely prevention of diseases, quarantine and quality treatment prolong the life of pets.

Fish. Betta Fish: the capricious and beautiful inhabitant of your aquarium

Aquarium fish-Betta Fish (otherwise it is called Siamese Betta Fish or fighting fish). a representative of the most beautiful aquarium inhabitants. Male and female are easy to distinguish: as a rule, males are painted more intensely and brightly. Aquarists do not cease to admire the fish, their appearance, cool temper, care for the offspring. How long does a Betta Fish fish live? Their life expectancy is from 1 to 3 years. Of course, an important role is played by feeding, housing conditions, compatibility with other fish. This is proposed to talk. We will also affect the breeding Betta Fish.

How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

Conditions of detention

So, in more detail how to create the most favorable conditions for keeping Betta Fish to live, or how to take care of them:

  • the water temperature should be maintained at a level of 24-28 degrees, however if it drops to 18 degrees, the fish will still be able to survive and even develop;
  • the acidity of the water should not be more than 7.5;
  • water hardness should not exceed 15 degrees.

If we talk about the enrichment of water with oxygen, then the fish has gill breathing and a special respiratory organ, which is called a labyrinth. Thanks to the labyrinth, Betta Fish aquariums can swallow water with atmospheric air on the surface. For this reason, they are not too sensitive to fluctuations in oxygen concentration or lack thereof.

If we talk about other conditions of life, then the size of the aquarium is determined as follows: one Betta Fish should have at least 4 liters of water. How much is necessary in your case, it is not difficult to determine by this rule.

In general, special care for Betta Fish is not required, but for full development it is worth adhering to these simple recommendations.

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What can not perform actions:

  • direct sunlight should not fall on the aquarium;
  • Do not allow excessively sudden changes in temperature and drafts when cleaning water;
  • do not use natural shells, corals, shells as decorations, do not decorate the aquarium with other objects made of natural materials;
  • do not put objects with sharp edges or, for example, with protrusions in the aquarium;
  • cover the aquarium with the lid, as the fish themselves, and even the younger Siamese fry of Betta Fish can jump out of the tank;
  • Do not fill the aquarium with bottled water, it is not recommended to be used for maintenance.

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How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium


How to feed, what feed to choose? Frozen fish food and live food will do as well. In general, to pick up food for the wayward Betta Fish is not difficult. But experts recommend to feed them in a variety of ways: it is not necessary that dry feeding be the basis.

How much feed should I give? Not too much. It is recommended to conduct a simple experiment: if the remaining feed has settled to the bottom, then you have not chosen the optimal amount, you need to reduce the amount of feed, and remove the remains with a net. Feed must be eaten within 5-10 minutes. It is imperative that you feed Betta Fish in a balanced way, not overfeeding.

How often to feed? It is enough to do it once or twice a day.

Aquarists suggest using earthworms as food if there is no live.

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Single fish

Probably, many have heard that Betta Fish live beautifully alone. The reason is that the fish has a peculiar behavior: it is often aggressively tuned to any neighborhood, and even to relatives. Some sources indicate that males and females live normally only in an aquarium with a volume of 40 liters or more; with other fish live peacefully, if they are contained in a container of more than 15 liters.

In many ways, behavior is a decisive factor, and fans give Betta Fish the desired loneliness. In this case, his behavior does not harm anyone. It is even possible for Betta Fish to be kept alone in a small aquarium. How much should the volume of the aquarium? For one Betta Fish, we recall, the suitable capacity of 4-5 liters.

If Betta Fish is contained in a mini-aquarium, it is even easier to care for it:

  • the air supply is not needed, the fish will breathe atmospheric air as much as it needs, taking it from the surface;
  • light is not needed either; Betta Fish live well without it;
  • Do not be afraid of the appearance of foam, because it is a sure sign that Betta Fish has settled down and even began to build a nest;
  • Want to see the fry, without changing the aquarium, pick up a larger container for breeding.

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How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

Reproduction, breeding

Breeding Betta Fish. a difficult task, but quite doable. You need to know a few rules to see the Betta Fish fry.

Betta Fish aquariums reach sexual maturity at the age of 3-4 months. During this period, reproduction becomes possible. In order to get healthy offspring, both the female and the male should not have diseases. Therefore, if the condition of the fish is in doubt, do not select it for placement in a separate aquarium.

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Tip: Breeding will be successful, and the offspring will be more viable if before spawning to actively include moth females in the diet. How does this affect betta fish breeding? The fact is that the crank contains nutrients, thanks to which the eggs soften. And soft eggs will more easily go out of the abdomen. But do not overdo it, if you give moth large portions, then the water becomes cloudy at times faster.

For spawning aquarium Betta Fish need to be transplanted into another aquarium, and its capacity should be not less than 7 liters.

Advice: It is important that the female has the opportunity to hide from the male in the new aquarium: for this, plants (Javanese moss, Anubiasas) are placed in the tank, grottoes are made. This is done to ensure that the male, who at this time becomes overly aggressive, does not attack the female continuer of the genus. To prevent possible clashes, you can first introduce the male and female. How to do it? Place the fish in transparent containers that should be located opposite each other. Fishes will see each other, and hostility will evaporate. Breeding will be better.

The males of Betta Fish are not only aggressive, but also active: breeding, as a rule, takes control. They collect small algae in order to build a nest, collect eggs during the spawn, hide them in the nest. Moreover, after the breeding is over, the spawn has passed, the male even drives off the female and protects the eggs, carefully and attentively. The male protects each fry, if the little Betta Fish swims away from the nest, the father will certainly return the fry back.

It is precisely because of such activity of the male-Betta Fish immediately after spawning, when the breeding is over, that the female should be removed. If you do not, then the war can not be avoided. But the Betta Fish male can not always protect the fry. How much should you keep it with the fry? After that, when all the kids-Betta Fish hatch, the male is sent to the general aquarium.

Tip: If everything is done according to the rules, and breeding does not occur, then spawning can be stimulated: change the water, it is not essential to increase the water temperature by 3 degrees.

In general, follow the rules, and breeding will be possible even at home!

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How Many Live Fish In The Aquarium

Compatibility Betta Fish with other fish

It is important to know with whom the fish gets on, and with whom the Betta Fish aquarium live badly. As noted, the behavior of the fish is peculiar, they live well and alone, and therefore are particularly demanding on their neighbors.

Aquarium Betta Fish do not get along with the following fish (compatible non-existent): makropody, discus, tsihlazomy chernopolosaya, Akari julidochromis, tetraodon, tilapia, kupanus, Astronotus, various types melanohromis, ktenopoma, pseudotropheus, parrot, julidochromis, piranha, lineatus and other fish.

But able to live in one aquarium and even friends with these fish: Algae, neon Donaciinae, platies, befortiya, Ancistrus, akantoftalmus, mollies black swordsman, gourami nagging, ornatus, ototsinklyus, pulhripinnis, Minor (all kinds), rasbora, rubrostigma, ternets, congos, botsia, brocade catfish, tarakatum, oturisom, platydoras, loricaria, siamese gastromizon, speckled catfish, other fish.

There are also some species of fish, with which Betta Fish often get along, but there may be fights or ragged fins. And these are guppies, neon, danios, macrognatus, labo, cardinal, lyalius, all types of scalar, ctenobrikon, spotted gouramis, barbs, gourami marble, pearl gouram and other fish. Betta Fish’s compatibility with them is not rated very high. And in general, it is better not to put Betta Fish with them in the same aquarium.

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To the fish did not hurt

Caring for Betta Fish involves and prevention of disease, as well as injury. Betta Fish is a fighting fish, and therefore often remains without fins. But this is not a sign of a disease, but of a recent skirmish. There is no need to isolate the fish or try to treat it: it is enough to feed it correctly so that the regeneration process proceeds quickly.

If there are signs indicating a disease, then the fish should be planted out of the general aquarium. And in a quarantine aquarium you need to start its treatment.

Quite often, the fish may feel bad because of dirty or not fresh water, and therefore do not forget to change it.

Now you know what is Betta Fish’s lifespan, what to feed it, how much food to give, what kind of care it needs, whether they get along with other species in the aquarium and other useful information. One thing remains. to put everything into practice. The behavior of the fish can not be called perfect, but the more interesting to watch it. In general, good luck!

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How long does a Betta Fish live?

Betta Fish. the most beautiful of all aquarium fish. It is the nature of this fish that influenced its name. During the battles, apparently wanting to frighten his rival, Betta Fish changes color to a brighter one. Similarly, the spawning effect on the coloring of the fish.

No less impressive is the variety of Betta Fish fins. The classification of fish occurs both in their shape and in body color, which in fact distinguishes them from wild relatives.

Betta Fish Fish. species

If you look at the color of the fish, there are one-color white and black specimens, blue and purple, yellow and red. The two-colored Betta Fish, whose tail is different in color from the whole body, looks more colorful.

Multi-colored fish are impressive. The transition of colors from light to dark tones and vice versa may be in different parts of the body. Separately kept dragon fish Betta Fish. Much larger than the others, they have a metal body in the form of chain mail. Looking at the fins of Betta Fish in its expanded form, the breeders divided the fish into species: crescent, roshaft, round-tailed fish, Betta Fish, voiley, delta-tailed, flag-tailed, crow-tailed, double-tailed, poster, giant and other species, among whom there are no campaigns, giant, red-tailed, poster-giant, two-tailed, poster, giant, and other species, among whom there are no campaigns, a giant, a jailer, a giant, two-tailed, poster, gigantic and other species, among which are non-promotional, giant, two-tailed, poster, giant, and other species, among which are non-promotional, giant, other, non-promotional, giant, and two other species, among whom there are no incentives, giant, two-tailed, poster, giant, and other other types, among whom there are no incentives, a giant, a horse, a double-eel

How long does a Betta Fish live?

How much live aquarium fish Betta Fish, depends largely on the owner of the aquarium. Labyrinth fish are very sensitive to conditions. Prior to the nature of 3-4 years of life, in an aquarium, even under normal conditions, Betta Fish usually does not live. And in desperate condition you have to watch your favorite Betta Fish die.

Rare water changes, overfeeding and overpopulation of the reservoir greatly reduce the lifespan of the fish. In addition to these factors, a large role is played by dense vegetation with indispensable access to the surface for a breath of fresh air and the maintenance of water temperature in the range from 26 ° C to 28̊ ° C.

More than one male together with females is not recommended. But, if the volume allows, the number of boys is increased to two. Although, Betta Fish with luxurious fins, still feel better in small aquariums. Since it is proved that the water column greatly affects their development.

How many live aquarium fish Betta Fish, oddly enough, depends on the factors influencing its behavior. Aggressive character constantly requires a fight. From this situation they leave with the help of a mirror or a glass partition between males.

The rapid development of fish laid in its genes. Unlike other living beings, it is the mature age that gives their appearance the greatest beauty and charm.

How many years live barbs, life expectancy

Barbusy. one of the most common type of aquarium fish in our country. There are several dozen different breeds of barbs that have long been recognized by many fish breeders. What caused the popularity of barbs?

Firstly, their simplicity. They eat without excessive whims, sometimes even eating aquarium plants. Secondly, they are not critical of the composition of the water. Thirdly, they are inexpensive and can be affordable for anyone. Fourth, they are very cute looking. These properties of these fish are the main reasons for the selection of barbs. How long do the barbs live? Do the terms of their lives in captivity and in nature differ? These questions concern many breeders. Indeed, suddenly there is a risk that these fish in captivity live very little?

Barbus: life, on average, five years. But in the third year it is better to change the composition and add new individuals to the aquarium. After all, the "oldies" are becoming very lazy, and life in the aquarium begins to slow down. Therefore, it makes sense to fix this problem with the help of newbies.

The ideal age for breeding and spawning varies. Usually, puberty is six to seven months. But for different breeds, this characteristic varies in different ways. In the right conditions, with good live food, fiery tadpoles and Cyclops daphnia, a stable aquarium, without diseases, the fish live for four to five years. Spawning occurs in fish not often and uncontrollably, on average, about 1-2 times a year.

Different breeds of barbs have a different lifespan. Cherry barbs live for about three years. How many years live the barbs Schubert, scarlet, fiery? They live for six years, and after four years it is difficult to spawn. Sumatran barbus, pentazone and black. about five years.

Their fecundity decreases by three years, it becomes increasingly difficult to cause spawning. In addition, breeders should take note of the tendency of these breeds to become obese, especially in old age. With age, the scales of these fish becomes more and more bright. Filamentosus is a real long-liver; it can live for at least seven years in good conditions. After four years, they become completely black and begin to eat a lot.

Thus, on average, these fish live five years. Every year will need to pay more attention to the health of the fish.

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