How Many Live Fish Betta Fish In The Aquarium

The lifespan of aquarium fish depends on its species. In particular, the question “how much does the Betta Fish live and under what conditions?” Is quite common. To ensure Betta Fish a long and happy life in an aquarium, you should follow simple rules and all your efforts will be justified, as the Betta Fish is very beautiful and will decorate any aquarium.

Growing Betta Fish at Home

What if you want to get an aquarium with such a fish at home? Many immediately interested in the question. How much does a Betta Fish live at home, usually two or three years. Any aquarist selling Betta Fish usually gives advice on how to grow a pet. They are designed to maximize the life of the creature. The main ones are:

How Many Live Fish Betta Fish In The Aquarium

  1. It is better to put the pet in a separate aquarium. If this is not possible, then the tank should contain a small amount of other fish. At the same time, it is worth carefully selecting the "neighbors". Betta Fish is quite aggressive, so it can not get along with everyone, and even more so with its own kind.
  2. Systematically clean the water. It is better to pour only purified water, since any impurities can clog the gills of Betta Fish and it will die.
  3. The temperature recommended for this type should be carefully maintained. Sudden drops or increases / decreases in temperature will be fatal.
  4. The water in the tank does not have to be enriched with oxygen, and a filter is also not required. This representative of cold-blooded is present not only the gill, but also labyrinth breathing, so she independently cope with obtaining oxygen.
  5. Decor and vegetation can also affect the lifespan of this representative, therefore, it is desirable to select elements of decoration with the help of a professional.
  6. Betta Fish aquarium feeding mode should be supported in the same time frame. You can use special feed for this type of aquarium fish. Overfeeding or underfeeding can also cause death.
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Betta Fish fish require special attention in adulthood, as even under normal conditions of detention they can get sick. The reason can be even elementary stress.

Adhering to the above rules for care and maintenance, the Betta Fish fish lives for several years, and more specifically, for more than 3 years. The main thing is to schedule all procedures and stick to it.

Conditions of detention

The life span of a Betta Fish is directly dependent on the quality of the content. It is important to consider all of them when buying equipment and arranging the aquarium itself. Best of all, if the individual will live separately. What it takes to take care of:

How Many Live Fish Betta Fish In The Aquarium

  • Capacity must be at least 4 liters. If the volume is small, the fish may beat against the walls or experience the stress of lack of space.
  • The temperature in the aquarium should be in the range from 18 to 26 ° C, so it is important to purchase a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water in the tank.
  • Food should be varied. It is better if it is a live feed, sometimes with the use of dry additives. You need to feed only 2 times a day, in small portions. Once a week. fasting day.

Betta Fish can be fed even by earthworms. they are not whimsical in this matter. Provided that the food will always be clean, fresh and quite small in size, because the mouth of Betta Fish is not big at all.

The dose of feed is determined at first experimentally by the following way: the amount of feed is filled up and the part that is not eaten within 15 minutes is already superfluous. Residues should immediately be removed from the water.

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This type of fish is predisposed to obesity, which can significantly reduce its life. For portions should be very carefully monitored.

As for the decoration of the container, here you should avoid decorative elements with sharp corners and details. Algae and all plants are also better to pick up soft, as the pet can get hurt about them.

Read more about how to properly care for the Betta Fish in a mini aquarium in a different review on our website.

Compatibility with other fish

It is often not possible to settle Betta Fish separately from others and then have to inspect a variety of residents. The fact is that this representative of the labyrinth fish does not get along with everyone. And often because of such collisions, the life of the “special” pet can be significantly reduced. There are several main reasons:

  • Some fish themselves attack the male Betta Fish because of its bright color. Females have less bright color and less long fins, therefore they are attacked less often.
  • Male roosters attack their own kind, guarding their territory. Therefore, in the aquarium should live only one representative of a kind.
  • This type of fish attacks other representatives of their own kind, especially if they have a bright color.

There is a whole list of fish with which Betta Fish do not get along:

  • akara;
  • julidohromis;
  • telapia;
  • kupanus;
  • black-striped cichloma;
  • astronotus;
  • ctenopoma;
  • macropod;
  • discus;
  • melanochromis;
  • tetraodone;
  • parrot;

The list of species with which this representative can live is also quite large. But with this question it is better to contact a specialist.

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With other types of aquarium inhabitants Betta Fish can get along, but still it can affect its life cycle, as well as the duration of its existence, which can be reduced to one year. The reason for this is that Betta Fish, living in an aquarium, lead a fairly mobile lifestyle, and this requires a lot of space.

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