How Many Live Aquarium Goldfish At Home

Often, acquiring inhabitants for an aquarium, we are interested in this question: "What is their lifespan?". There is no unequivocal answer to the question, since it depends not only on the type of waterfowl pets, but also on their habitat conditions, proper care for them, susceptibility to diseases and other factors. Today we will consider how many aquarium goldfish live at home, as they are the most popular.

Especially the goldfish is in demand among novice aquarists. These inhabitants of household items look beautiful, but most importantly, they do not require special care skills, as they are very unpretentious. Even the most experienced specialist will not give you an unequivocal answer regarding their life expectancy. There are fish that live up to four years, some reach the age of ten, also known as old-timers, who lived to a very old age. What does it depend on? Now we will try to understand everything in more detail.

Goldfish: who are they and where did they come from?

First, we would like to note that these fish are the oldest representatives of the carp family, which they began to maintain and breed in aquariums. It happened for the first time in China. The goldfish were bred by court breeders, crossing several varieties of goldfish. It turned out bright representatives of the species, which launched into the imperial pond. Then new species began to appear: jikin, dragon eye, wakin, che, voilehvostka. Since the fish lived in their natural habitat, their lifespan was about 25 years, they were large and weighed about 5 kilograms.

How Many Live Aquarium Goldfish At Home

Then the inhabitants of the reservoir came to Japan, it happened in the XVI century. A century later, goldfish conquered Europe. But in America, they came to the century before. An interesting fact: in Europe, the fish lived no more than three months, because for some reason it was first believed here that it absolutely did not need food.

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Now thoroughly studied all the features of gold aquarium fish, including their character, features of the body. Created several complexes for their proper maintenance in the home aquarium, which can significantly extend their lifespan.

Anyway, at home fish rarely live more than 10 years. Although, this is a very good indicator of their stay in small closed reservoirs.

How to extend the life of aquarium goldfish at home?

All recommendations are based on the study of many years of experience in keeping these fish at home. The main thing is to create the most optimal living conditions for them in the aquarium.

Since the goldfish is cold-blooded, for it is the most comfortable room water temperature. But it transfers any overheating very badly.

It should be noted that the fish are quite voracious, so it is important not to overfeed them. The best option is to feed in small portions, but often. So you will avoid overeating, which reduces the life expectancy of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Consider and such. the goldfish likes to splash in water, it needs space. Therefore, the aquarium should not be overpopulated. Approximately 40 liters of water will be needed for one fish, so the size of an aquarium is so important.

If you purchase copies delivered to us from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, do not count on their long life expectancy. They just come to us already with a whole “bunch” of diseases. Ask the seller, where they got the fish.

Take care of compatibility, not all the inhabitants of the aquarium coexist with a goldfish.

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Consider, the size of life also depends on the size. Big fish live from 20 years and longer, of medium size. about 12 years, small. from 1.5 to 5 years. The older they get, the greater the likelihood that they can get sick.

Adhere to the correct conditions of detention and immediately remove the sick inhabitants of the aquarium separately from the healthy.

How many live aquarium goldfish at home?

From the foregoing, we can conclude that the more comfortable the conditions you create, the longer your inhabitants will live. And this is neither more nor less. from 5 to 10 years!

How Many Live Aquarium Goldfish At Home

There are real champions among aquarium goldfish. So, in the county of North. Yorkshire in a small fish tank lived to be 44 years old and even became a real member of the family, the loss of which the Hand family experienced was very painful.

Also in England, a couple of goldfish lived to the age of 30. And it is in a 40 liter aquarium! The fish were fed with simple specialized feed.

So with confidence it can be argued that a goldfish at home can live 10 years and more than 40. This is just a matter of chance.

Remember, the life expectancy of your pets, including golden aquarium fish, is influenced by the attention to them! And then the golden beauties will delight you for a significantly longer period of time.

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