How Many Live Aquarium Fish

Life expectancy depends on the type of fish and the appropriate care for them.

There is an exemplary pattern associated with the size of the fish as a species:

  • small fish live not long, from one to five years;
  • medium sized fish (5-10 cm) to 10-12 years;
  • large fish from 15 years and more.

For example, astronotus, tsikhlazomy, piranha can live 25-30 years. Experts do not have a unanimous opinion about how much goldfish live. Some determine the duration of their life 3-4 years, and some believe that 10-15. There is a case when a goldfish lived for 34 years (it happened in one of Moscow zoos). Very large fish, catfish, sturgeon, carp can survive a person.

The life expectancy of fish is dramatically reduced if the aquarium is overpopulated. When buying fish, it is always necessary to take into account the volume of the aquarium in which they will live; it is also desirable that there be as many live plants as possible, this will have a positive effect on your fish. Remember to keep the pH and dH within acceptable limits. Fish are cold-blooded, therefore their body temperature is equal to the ambient temperature, i.e. water. Consequently, the higher the temperature of the water, the faster the metabolic processes in the body of the fish and the fish live their lives faster.

Life expectancy of aquarium fish reduces overfeeding. By old age, fish are gaining maximum color and become more sensitive to stress, susceptible to diseases, and therefore require more careful handling.

Unfavorable conditions of detention, a rare change of water, inappropriate neighbors. all this has a great impact on the life of your fish. Therefore, the requirements of the content of specific fish species should be treated as closely as possible.

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Approximate fish life span:


Tetras (all varieties). 5-6 years
Congo. 5 years
Neon. 4 years
Minor 6 years Metinnis. 10 years
Piranha. 10 years
Paku. 10 years


Danio. 5-7 years
Goldfish.10–30 years old
Black Morulius. 4-10 years
Rasbora. 5-10 years
Barbus (depending on species). 5-10 years
Labeo. 4-10 years
Shark Ball. 10 years
Cardinal. 4 years


Shark Ball. 10 years
Scalar. 10 years
Discus. 10-18 years
Mesonouta cychloma. 10 years
Cernofree Cichloma 10-18 years
Cichlomema meeka. 10-15 years (and other cichlomas)
Frontosis. 8-15 years
Nimbochromis Livingstoni (other nimbochromis). 10 years
Astronotus. 10-18 years
Severum. 10-18 years
Psevdotrofeus, labidochromis. 10 (and other Malawian cichlids)
Apistogramma 3-5 years

Viviparous tooth-toothed

Molliesia. 4 years
Swordsman. 3-5 years
Guppy 3-5 years
Pecilia. 3-5 years
Botsia. 10-15 years
Viun ordinary. 10 years


Gourami. 4-5 years
Lyalius. 5-6 years


Glass catfish. 8 years
Ototsinklus. 5 years
Angel Pimelodus. 8 years
Plekostomus. 7-15 years
Mistus. 5 years
Sinodontis. 5 years
Som Banjo. 7-15 years
Koridoras. 5-7 years
Tarakatum. 10 years
Sturizoma. 10> years


Tetraodone. 5 years
Sprayfish. 5 years
Wedge Bruine. 5 years
Apheosimion. 1-2 years
Leporinus striped- 5 years
Iris. 3-5 years
Panak. 10 years

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