How Many Fish Can Be Kept In An Aquarium

Regarding the number of fish in an aquarium, it is difficult to say anything definite. You can still recommend planting fish in a windless aquarium with a volume of 40-50 liters in such an amount that each fish up to 5 cm long had at least 2 liters of water, 8–10 cm long — 3-4 l, and over 12 cm –8 10 l. As you can see, the main factor here is both the volume of the aquarium itself, as well as a certain type of fish and its size.

The main limiting factor for small fish is usually oxygen. In order for the fish not to experience oxygen starvation, in wind-fed aquariums up to 20 liters per fish up to 5 cm long, 1.5 to 3 liters of water should be consumed. For small viviparous enough 1. 2 liters. With an increase in the volume of the aquarium, the planting density can be greater, for example, 25. 30 fish can be planted in a 40-liter aquarium, about 80 in a hundred-liter aquarium, 150 fish in a 150-liter aquarium. With a length of fish of about 8. 10 cm, the density of landing decreases by 2 times. If in the aquarium with the help of a compressor air is pumped around the clock or at least for 8-10 hours at night, the landing rate can be increased by 2-2.5 times.

However, exceptions for these exemplary rules are extremely numerous. In wide, wide aquariums, a larger number of fish can be contained than in high screens, even with an equal volume, since air enrichment occurs largely from the surface of the water. There are very large differences in the volume of water required for each specimen of fish of the same size, but belonging to different species. Thus, the volume standards for labyrinth fish can be reduced by 2–3 times, and increased for 2–3 times for goldfish breeds. For the cichlids of the Great African Lakes, accustomed to a good oxygen regime, one individual, depending on its size, needs from 5 to 20 liters of water. Many fish living in stagnant water are inactive, require less volume than those living in flowing waters and are characterized by mobility.

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Modern aquatics helps to significantly seal the landing, but we must remember that the quantitative congestion does not meet the aesthetic standards and the natural needs of animals.

Logic dictates that the number of fish and plants should be limited to the amount of water in the tank. Water is crucial! The number of inhabitants of the aquarium is calculated depending on the number of liters, and not on the capacity of the tank. At the same time, the volume of bottom soil and stones should be subtracted.

The outdated theory that a single fish up to 5 cm in size requires up to 2 liters of water is not just ridiculous, it borders on the torment of living creatures. Try shifting this example to our human notions: it would mean that we should spend our whole life in a close closet!

Most often, errors of this kind are made immediately, when buying fish. Lovers do not take into account (by the way, this also applies to plants) that they deal with young, immature specimens; such fish with good care after some time many times greater than its original value.

So, before buying fish and plants, ask what the final size of your pets can be. It will be good for everyone: for fish, plants, and ultimately for you personally.

The following proposal seems to me more successful than the above “rule”: you need to take 2 liters of water per centimeter of fish into account, and take into account the height of the body to a maximum of 2 centimeters (that is: only 2 cm2).

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Example: The capacity of an aquarium (100x30x40 cm) is 120 liters, and you need to subtract at least 20 liters as the volume of sand / gravel and stones, so that 100 liters remain. Large fish approximately 6 cm long will be settled in the aquarium, but the body height not exceeding the mentioned 2 cm (6 x 2 = 12 or 6 x 1.5 = 9, respectively). For each of these fish, according to the calculation, from 9 to 12 liters of water is required, that is, 8-10 fish can be populated in the aquarium. In addition, their future growth and expected behavior in a given space should be taken into account.

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How Many Fish Can Be Kept In An Aquarium

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