How Long Live Betta Fish Fish – Life Expectancy

Siamese fighting Betta Fish. aquarium fish conquered the hearts of aquarists with a bright body color and unpretentious content. For the first time settling this phenotype in an artificial pond, the owners think about how much Betta Fish fish live at home, because every aquarist wants his beloved pet to live as long as possible. How much a Betta Fish lives is influenced by the type of fish, and many factors that depend on the owner.

How many live decorative Siamese Betta Fish?

Siamese fighting Betta Fish. well-known aquarium inhabitants, who were loved by many people due to their temperamental character and bright, intense color. The average lifespan of Betta Fish in an aquarium is 2-4 years with proper maintenance and feeding of fish. It should be noted that some pets are able to live longer than this period, and also important is the fact that the Betta Fish life span depends on the conditions created by the owner. Having started these bright aquarium fish, you need to treat the content of phenotypes responsibly, because Betta Fish, like any other living creatures, requires attention and care of the owner.

What affects the lifespan?

Betta Fish fish. how many lives and what affects the duration of life:

  • Furnishing. pets must be settled in a prepared tank, otherwise the fish will live a few days. Live vegetation is planted in the tank to produce oxygen, and so that the fish left without food should have a snack on algae.
  • Food. this fish is omnivorous, and with pleasure eats up everything that the owner gives. However, feeding should be given attention: food should be regular, and the amount of food. moderate. Some owners console themselves, thinking: “if I don’t feed the fish, then nothing disturbing will happen,” and they make a mistake.
  • Neighborhood. in order for pets to live longer, it is worthwhile to select Betta Fish with the correct neighbors, guided by the compatibility of phenotypes.
  • Equipment. the tank for pets must be equipped with a filter for water purification, and a heater.
  • The volume of the reservoir. since the phenotype is energetic, the fish needs a place to swim. In a small and tight capacity, pets will be uncomfortable and uncomfortable.
  • The choice of fish. buying pets, you should focus on the appearance and behavior of the fish: Betta Fish must be healthy, energetic and beautiful.
  • Diseases. the phenotype is subject to characteristic diseases, which include ichthyophthyriosis, dropsy, fin rot, and oodinia.
  • Refusal to spawn. although Betta Fish is cold to the offspring, the inability to produce fry negatively affects the lifespan of the fish.
  • Water temperature. fish are cold-blooded creatures, and their body temperature depends on water, so the number of degrees of heat affects how many years the pet will please the owner. Betta Fish feels comfortable at a temperature of 26-29C.
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How to extend the life?

Increase the life of pets can, following the advice and recommendations of experienced aquarists:

  • Fish are settled only in a prepared aquarium with a capacity of at least 50 liters, with vegetation, settled water and established biological equilibrium. It should be remembered that in cramped tanks of irregular shape, pets will feel discomfort. Plants for the aquarium acquire healthy, without rot and harmful bacteria.
  • In the aquarium with Betta Fish, it is necessary to maintain the temperature in the range of 26-29C. Stiffness. 4-15 dH, acidity. 6-7.5 pH. To determine the parameters of the liquid, you can purchase tests, a thermometer and a heater for temperature control. Update the water spend weekly, replacing 20-25% of the volume.
  • Feed pets only fresh and proven food: live, frozen, dry food. Leftover food is regularly removed from the reservoir, and portions are moderate, so that the fish do not overeat.
  • For gracefully floating fish in the aquarium is constantly monitored, watching the behavior and condition of pets. Having noticed lethargy, refusal to eat, or atypical behavior, you should seek help from a specialist.

How Long Live Betta Fish Fish. Life Expectancy
  • For decorating the tank using high-quality decorative items. Stones, soil and snags, taken from the natural conditions of the wild, are carefully treated to get rid of harmful bacteria and dirt.
  • To increase the lifespan of fish, it is necessary to allow pets to multiply, otherwise the number of years will be significantly reduced. In females when the calf lingers, cysts develop, and the males lose vigor, becoming passive and lethargic.
  • Betta Fish is a labyrinth variety that, due to the presence of a labyrinth organ, can breathe oxygen by swimming to the surface of the water surface. In addition, pets are energetic, and try to leave the tank, so the aquarium is provided with a lid. However, the lid is not completely closed so that the fish can breathe in oxygen.
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Siamese Betta Fish. vigorous and colorful aquarium fish, which, with proper maintenance, will long please the owner. It should be remembered that the more effort and attention the aquarist gives to pets, the longer the life span of Betta Fish in a homely reservoir.

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