How Long Do Guppies Live And How To Prolong Their Lives

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Guppies are miniature classics of home aquariums and an incredibly beautiful sight. Deciding to settle a bright pet in your aquarium, the owner should find out how many guppies live and how to provide them with the best conditions for living. Like other domestic fish, these freshwater babies need basic care, which even a novice aquarist can handle.

How Long Do Guppies Live And How To Prolong Their Lives

Like other domestic fish, guppies need basic care that is suitable for beginners.

Bright Aquarium Dweller

Guppy. amazing fish. Bright, nimble and active, it will decorate any water corner. In most aquariums, this amazing crumb becomes the first lodger. Thanks to unpretentious temper and peaceful temperament of agile kids, even experienced owners prefer to buy.

With their chic appearance, guppies have long since fallen in love with aquarists. Especially distinguished wonderful tail, the beauty of which formed the basis for the name of some subspecies:

  • voiletail;
  • Red Dragon;
  • black Prince.

Not only the species, but also the representatives of one “clan” differ among themselves. Even in one subspecies there are no identical males.

How Long Do Guppies Live And How To Prolong Their Lives

Another feature that attracts lovers of the water world is the live birth. The view does not delay caviar. Females give birth to live babies.

By the way, guppies are the first fish to be in space. It is also known that this species helps to check the quality of water supplied to the city water supply.

In the wild, guppies live in the fresh water of small rivers in South America. In the conditions of aquarium life, bright crumbs need maximum imitation of the conditions in which the species originated. Of course, this does not mean that a real river should be built in the house. It is enough to take into account the parameters of the water and provide the guppy a decent diet. Arranging a living corner also affects how many guppies live in an aquarium.

Guppy water quality

Before buying and arranging an aquarium in which guppies are to live, a beginner should remember that the lifespan of this species depends on the conditions of detention. The key factor will be the water temperature.

When creating conditions for fish, it is important to consider which environmental indicators affect the life expectancy of the species.

Important points when arranging a living corner:

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  • temperature conditions;
  • hardness of water;
  • the volume of the aquarium;
  • purity.
How Long Do Guppies Live And How To Prolong Their Lives

The life span of a guppy depends on the conditions of detention.

The cool environment contributes to the elongation of the body of the fish. It depends on the microclimate how many guppies live in an aquarium. In cold rooms, a pet can live up to 5 years. Warm water reduces the life of the species to 1.5 years.

The ideal temperature for the view is 24 ° C. Unpretentious kids can withstand a range from 15 to 36 ° C, but to test the endurance of the fish in such extremes is not worth it. The optimum water hardness for the species is in the range of 4–10 ° dH.

There is an opinion that guppies do not need specially defended water. However, in order for the pets to live as long as possible, the liquid should be defended for at least several days. Replacing it happens every week. In a large aquarium, as a rule, one third of the water is replaced. In small containers, cleaning has to be done more often.

How Long Do Guppies Live And How To Prolong Their Lives

Water for guppies should be defended at least a few days.

Prolonged water pollution leads to the development of pathogenic fungi. It is possible and infection of the inhabitants of a room pond. To avoid this, the weekly water change every few months should be combined with the washing of the soil. Will help in maintaining cleanliness and filter.

To prolong the life of a guppy, you can add a small amount of iodine or sea salt to the water. For an aquarium of 20–30 liters, take three teaspoons of salt and two drops of a 5% iodine solution.

The schedule for changing the water in the aquarium should be selected individually, based on the number of its residents. Guppies are active fish and pollute the water very quickly. To help inexperienced owners come special plants that play the role of natural filters. For example, Indian fern.

To the amount of water, these fish are undemanding. For one male it is necessary to allocate 1 liter. Females need more space. 1.5-2 liters. When calculating the volume of the aquarium does not take into account the place occupied by algae and decorative elements.

The size of an adult individual depends on free space. A pair of guppies can even live in a three-liter jar. However, in such conditions, the fish are unlikely to grow large.

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Living environment

In addition to water quality, the situation in the aquarium also affects the life of the guppy. The better the habitat, the longer the fish will delight the owner.

It is worth paying attention to such factors:

  • lighting;
  • vegetation;
  • soil quality;
  • aeration;
  • neighbors in housing.
How Long Do Guppies Live And How To Prolong Their Lives

The situation in the aquarium also affects the lifespan of guppy fish.

Light day should last from 10 to 12 hours. It is desirable that during this time direct sunlight penetrated into the aquarium for at least half an hour. This will significantly affect the lifespan of a guppy in an aquarium.

It is possible to determine whether the fish of light is enough, by the same Indian fern. If it grows well and has a bright color, the atmosphere in the fish house is normal. Brown leaf, on the contrary, should signal a shortage of light.

Overabundance of lighting can be noticed by the state of the water. If its surface begins to “bloom,” and the fern is covered with algae growths, the aquarium should be shaded.

How Long Do Guppies Live And How To Prolong Their Lives

A light day in an aquarium with guppies should last from 10 to 12 hours

There are no special requirements for vegetation. It is enough to equip the aquarium with algae shoots, in which the fry can hide. For example, suitable Ceratopteris tralictroides, which serves as an excellent filter of water.

The density of soil for guppies should be average. Density and solubility are checked during cleaning.

Some aquarist novices are confident that Guppies do not need aeration. This is partly true. However, the lifespan of fish depends on the amount of oxygen in the water. Therefore, for a long life guppies need a stream of bubbles.

Without high-quality aeration, the bright appearance of the view dramatically loses its appeal. The hull color fades, and the fish themselves become passive. In addition, the susceptibility to diseases increases.

To saturate the water with oxygen, it is enough to purchase a compressor or filter. Both devices perfectly cope with the task and give the inhabitants of a small reservoir enough air.

The well-being of fish depends not only on the quality of their habitat, but also on the neighborhood. Guppy. peace-loving fish. Females are somewhat passive, but males prefer sudden movements and extreme activity. Given the structure of the body of the guppy, and especially the tail, you should not be too frisky roommates to these babies. They can catch on their lush veil and simply tear it off. It is worth avoiding and aggressive congeners, bringing anxiety to any aquarium.

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Diet unpretentious fish

Much to the happiness of novice aquarists, guppies are omnivorous. This means that the bright baby will not refuse any proposed feed. But the longevity of the fish depends on food, so the food issues must be approached responsibly. Omnivorous. it is only a variety of choices in the preparation of the fish menu.

How Long Do Guppies Live And How To Prolong Their Lives

Guppies are omnivorous and unpretentious in the diet.

The ration of the tail pet can be divided into three groups:

  • live food;
  • combined nutrition;
  • ordinary homemade food.

The category of live food includes all kinds of nutritious stuff: ciliates, daphnia, brine shrimp and microworm. Cheese mite and other larvae will also be suitable. All kinds of live food bright fish eat willingly. From them, they gain weight and grow actively.

How Long Do Guppies Live And How To Prolong Their Lives

In good conditions, guppy fish not only live long, but also give birth to

To the surprise of many, guppies do not refuse from homemade food. Residents of the aquarium can be offered meat, bread crumbs, hard cheese and even liver. The remnants of such food after the meal must be removed.

Particular attention should be paid to the feeding of fry. If kids have appeared in the aquarium, you can feed them with omelettes, yolks and a microworm. From the food of crumbs in the first four days, it depends on what size the fish will reach in the future. Knowing how many guppy aquarium fish live, nutrition issues need to be paid attention from the very birth of the young.

Good conditions in the aquarium. a pledge of a long and comfortable life of its inhabitants. In a well-organized dwelling, the fish will not only please the eye, but also give healthy offspring. And the simplicity of the form allows the novice owner to learn the tricks of care for a living area.

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