How Long Can You Not Feed Aquarium Fish

How long can you not feed aquarium fish?

The maximum hunger strike period for aquarium fish without damage to their health is 1 week. And although many aquarists say that fish can live up to a month without food, it hurts their vital functions.

Many species of aquarium fish during the forced hunger strike begin to devour each other, or one species devours another. This is a long-proven fact.

Now there are all sorts of automatic feeders for fish and if you need to go on a business trip or for the weekend, it is better to use these feeders.

Feeding fish with automatic feeders leads to rapid contamination of the aquarium, but it is better to clean the aquarium upon arrival than to see an aquarium without fish.

How Long Can You Not Feed Aquarium Fish

This is the most common problem among aquarists. you need to go to the lower or business trip for a long time and there is no one to feed the fish, but this is not at all scary and there are several options. First of all, there have been special automatic feeders for a long time that will feed fish at a given time or days, but from my own experience I will say that this is not the best way because the water is very quickly contaminated and if you leave for a long time, more than a week, then I think you should choose another way namely hunger strike. several aspects need to be taken into account here and you have to prepare well for this and prepare the fish so that they endure it without much stress for themselves! first of all, it is necessary to siphon the soil and it is desirable to do this not at once but a few, while we will immediately replace some of the water, which is also important, do not forget to wash the filters, and all the decorations. and, of course, you need to prepare the fish themselves, which means that in a week you should reduce the amount of feed you ask, as well as exclude from the diet of food that spoils the water. Before leaving plants, plants should not be given organic dressing in order to keep the water as clean as possible. well, it is better to set the temperature of the water before departure to 1-2 degrees below normal, it will slightly slow down all the biological processes in the aquarium. However, if you already keep fish at the lower thresholds of permissible temperatures for them, then you should not lower the temperature further. Here, in principle, and the entire list of necessary actions upon departure and the impossibility of caring for an aquarium. The duration of such a trip is up to a month. In principle, most fish painlessly endure such a hunger strike without much damage. The only inconvenience is an increase in aggressiveness towards congeners and juveniles; in the absence of food, they can be considered as lunch, and after a long hunger strike, habits can be preserved. If the trip time is less, then the preparation of the aquarium can be done less carefully. Good luck to you trips. 😉

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up to two weeks, it is better to feed them, rather than overfeeding. If the algae are alive, then even more stretched.

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