How Fish Breed In An Aquarium – A Fascinating Underwater World In Our House

The aquarium is often the main decoration of any home. Fish, as its main inhabitants, can turn any indoor pond into a colorful underwater world, bringing joy and comfort to its owners.

Many aquarists breeding aquarium fish are considered one of the most exciting activities. It seems that it can be simpler: they bought an aquarium, launched several different individuals into it. and you can safely expect new "guests". But in this matter there are many nuances.

The variety of aquarium fish and their breeding

How Fish Breed In An Aquarium. A Fascinating Underwater World In Our House

An important role is played by the choice of decorative elements that make the shelter cozy, and the aquarium is beautiful and attractive. In the process of breeding various species in artificially created conditions, you can follow their interesting life. For example, how fish breed or how they feed, how they behave in different situations.

Types of aquarium fish are very diverse. Residents of freshwater aquariums are primarily divided into cold and warm water.

It is difficult to keep cold-water species in aquariums, as they constantly suffer from lack of oxygen. In warm water it dissolves much less than in cold, and in our rooms it usually has a rather high temperature.

Most aquariums contain mostly warm-water exotic individuals living in nature in fresh, sometimes brackish waters of the tropics and subtropics. These representatives are distinguished by small size, bright color and the ability to live at a constant temperature not lower than 20 degrees.

Not all types of fish can exist in the same water layers. For example, catfish live on the bottom, and in medium waters, viviparous Gupik. There are also those who inhabit only the upper layers. Such settlement in tiers depends on their demands for oxygen, which is greater at the surface of the reservoir.

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In recent years, marine aquariums have also become popular, where coral reefs and some other inhabitants of warm seas live.

Breeding fish

For aquarium lovers, the question of how to
breed fish?

Basically, all the way the same. laying eggs. Some species toss

There are fish that make a nest for spawning in the sand, under stones, under plants or in their roots. Interesting representatives of some genera, which, jumping out of the water, put the eggs on the plants outside. The labyrinth species build nests from air bubbles on the water surface, and some species use small pieces of plants for this.

Most tropical aquarium inhabitants are prone to breeding throughout the year, as their habitats contribute to this. And many northern individuals and separate groups of goldfish spawn only in autumn, summer and spring.

In fact, there are no particular differences in how fish breed in a natural and artificially created environment. It is only necessary to note that the creation in the aquarium of a favorable environment for spawning can be an incentive for reproduction. They can serve as a decorative pot, a large stone, or some plant.

How Fish Breed In An Aquarium. A Fascinating Underwater World In Our House

Fans of aquarism do not always have sufficient knowledge and skills in this area. In fact, all breeding secrets are publicly available and many of them are contained in the specialized literature, which describes in detail how fish breed, their many species, ways of care, food, and much more.

Create a decorative aquarium, which can be a highlight in the decoration of an apartment or office, to give the room beauty and originality. everybody can do. The main thing is to have a great desire for this!

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