How Do Guppies Get Sick And Why Do They Die

Guppies are the most popular fish that are kept in an aquarium. Breeding these fish usually does not cause difficulties even for beginners. But the newcomer will not always be able to understand in time that the fish is sick and dies. The reasons why guppies die can be very diverse: improper care or feeding, the presence of parasites, poor water quality.

Description and origin

Guppies living in an aquarium are descendants of wild representatives of this breed, imported from freshwater bodies of water, located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, Venezuela and Brazil. Small fish prefer crystal clear water and can never live in salty sea water.

Guppies were specially imported and acclimatized to the tropics, where many mosquitoes live, as insects are included in their diet.

The aquarium species is a peaceful vertebrate animals that perfectly coexist with other non-aggressive species of fish. They feel good not even in large aquariums.

Males from females can be easily distinguished by external signs: body shape, color and size. The male has a length of about 4 cm. Breeding species have long, beautiful fins of various colors. The body is slim and slightly elongated. The female is much larger, its length reaches 6 cm, it has a rounded shape and a nondescript body color with a clearly defined net of scales.

Frequent reasons why fish may die

What to do if the guppies die. check the quality of the water in the aquarium. After all, the main reason is the poor conditions of the fish, namely, dirty water that does not meet the standards.

Parameters recommended for content:

  • Temperature. 22-26 ° C, but for non-breeding species this range can be extended. 19-29 ° C;
  • pH. from 6.5 to 7.5, this indicator can be measured using a drip test;
  • Oxidizability. 2-6 mg O₂ / l, according to these parameters it is possible to judge the amount of organic substances, for example. excrement or feed, which is not eaten;
  • Carbonate hardness. 8.0-15.0 mg-eq / l;
  • The concentration of nitrite. this indicator should not exceed 80-100 mg / l.
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Also for newly running aquariums it is worth controlling the concentration of ammonia. Since the fish in the course of their life emit ammonia, its high content can lead to undesirable consequences.

Of course, guppies can die for natural reasons. from old age, but quality and timely care can significantly prolong their lives. By the way, the life expectancy of these fish is relatively short and is 3-4 years.

To keep the water clean it is necessary to change weekly 20% of the total water to fresh, and then the fish do not have to breathe the waste of their life.

Other causes of death

Among other reasons leading to the fact that guppies die one by one, there may be heavily contaminated filter media. On the sponge filter bacteria multiply necessary for the biological balance of substances in water, the violation of which leads to disease or death. Therefore, replacing or cleaning the filter will help keep the fish healthy.

Often the cause of the disease becomes too frequent feeding.. excess feed begins to decompose and release harmful substances. The water becomes turbid, its performance deteriorates, the microflora is disturbed. all this leads to the fact that the fish die.

Also, fish can die due to incompatibility with other inhabitants of the aquarium. Guppies are a peaceful fish that does not cause any concern to the neighbors, but for predatory breeds or fish that are much larger than guppies in size, they can become food, or will always remain hungry.

Why do fish fall on their side

The strange behavior of fish is almost always associated with various pathologies. Therefore, the fact that the guppy is floating sideways should be alerted, as this is a sign of a very dangerous disease. glucose. Another characteristic symptom is a strong peep-eyed, which can only be on one side.

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The cause of the disease are intracellular parasites. sporozoks, which multiply very quickly and begin to infect all internal organs: the intestines, liver, gills and eyes. This is due to the accumulation of parasites in the muscles and connective tissues.

As soon as it was noticed that the fish lay on its side, reluctantly swims, it is necessary to urgently establish the reason for this behavior. Since gluegeosis is not a curable disease, all the fish will die when they become infected. If the diagnosis has been confirmed, then the entire contents of the aquarium should be destroyed, and the aquarium should be thoroughly disinfected.

To avoid contamination of all the inhabitants of the aquarium, it is always worthwhile to keep the fish in quarantine and only after making sure that the new pet is healthy, it can be transplanted into the general aquarium.

Guppy swims belly up

There are a lot of reasons why a fish can belly-dance a lot, here are some of them:

  • Viral or bacterial infections;
  • Infestation by parasites;
  • Cancer or fungal diseases;
  • General weakness;
  • Starvation;
  • Disease of fins or swim bladder;
  • Increased gas formation in the digestive tract.

But the main reason is to consider the inflammation of the bladder.. This is a contagious disease that is caused by an infection. The disease was first diagnosed in the 50s. Infection occurs due to poor-quality food and improper conditions of the aquarium.

Forms of the disease:

  • Acute. proceeds in a severe form, lasts 6-7 days. Guppy ceases to eat, falls on its side or upside down, begins to swim up belly. Internal organs begin to inflame, spinal curvature occurs. The bubble is covered with purulent ulcers, which gradually penetrate into the inside. Fish lose weight and die.
  • Chronic. not so acute, lasting about a month. Guppy eats, but very little. Inflammation of the organs and bladder turns into a purulent form. The bubble gradually changes its shape and due to the lack of oxygen, the fish swims close to the surface and belly up.
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If you start to treat the fish, as soon as the first symptoms appear, the prognosis can be favorable. For the period of treatment guppies should be left without food, this will help stop the process of inflammation.

Breeding problems

How Do Guppies Get Sick And Why Do They Die

Guppies breed well in home aquariums. They reach sexual maturity by 4 months. It is not necessary to create special conditions, the couple will give offspring even in the usual three-liter jar. But there are some points to consider:

  • When tempera in aquarium drops to 18 ° C, fish may stop breeding, as cold water reduces their reproductive functions;
  • How long a female’s pregnancy will last also depends on the temperature and is approximately 30-35 days;
  • You can learn that mating started because the male started chasing the female. If there are many males, they can drive the female to full exhaustion.. Guppies die in this case.

In the period of gestation, it is impossible to drastically change the conditions in which the pregnant female is contained. It becomes especially sensitive before childbirth. Changes in the quality of water or its temperature can cause the death of the fish.

In order for guppies to live for a long time and not get sick, you must follow the general rules:

  • You can hold together fish with the same temperament and behavior;
  • Always keep the water clean and maintain the correct temperature and other parameters in it;
  • Do not overfeed;
  • Make sure the fish were not crowded.

Guppies are very beautiful and unpretentious fish, which, if properly cared for, will keep you happy for a long time.

How Do Guppies Get Sick And Why Do They Die

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