How Do Goldfish And Scalar Live Together

The issue of compatibility of various fish always creates controversy among aquarists. Angelfish and goldfish also cause controversy. So you can or can not keep these fish with each other?

How Do Goldfish And Scalar Live Together

Consider the arguments of the holders of these beautiful fish.

Arguments against

Angelfish and goldfish cannot get along together due to various factors.

The inhabitants have low compatibility scores for the following reasons:

  1. Goldfish prefer cool temperatures, they will be uncomfortable with heat-loving scalars. If you make a choice in favor of one fish, the second will suffer and may get sick. Scalars are very sensitive to temperature extremes, in an unsuitable water climate there is a high probability of losing an inhabitant.
  2. Angelfish are carnivorous predators, they can start the hunt for goldfish. As a result, the gold inhabitants will have plucked tails and fins.
  3. Goldfish litter the aquarium. This species decently eats, from them there is a lot of waste. In such conditions, the scalars feel discomfort. It can start a problem with the intestines, fins.
  4. Another difference between species is the relation to vegetation. Tailed fishes love to pluck plants, while scalars are important to have a green environment around.

Thus, individuals are considered difficult to combine and do not get along well in the same body of water. And what do the supporters of the joint content of scalar and veil-tailed say? Is their compatibility possible?


Angelfish and goldfish can live nearby. So say some holders of these species.
How do they argue their opinion about compatibility?

  1. Both representatives are cumbersome, slow and large. They are suitable for content by temperament.
  2. So that the little fish wouldn’t pluck the plants, without which the scalar suffer so much, they can be given an overgrown duckweed from another reservoir. Alternatively, arrange the aquarium with plants suitable for two fish.
  3. To ensure conflict-free existence, more space is needed. The tank should be voluminous, at least.100 liters. Two pairs of scalars feel good in a reservoir of 60 liters. If you add more fish to this volume, then the crampedness will provoke hostility.
  4. Do not plant species to each other, and let the fry at the same time. This is the basic compatibility rule for most species of fish. Older inhabitants often meet new enemies with hostility.
How Do Goldfish And Scalar Live Together

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What is the result?

Despite the arguments for the existence of two species nearby, keeping these fish in the same body of water is not recommended.

Both the tails and the scalars are too demanding on the conditions of detention.

Combining the same conditions for them is difficult.

And what about the temperature difference?

Many people talk about the choice of averages, but the angelfish and gold beauties prefer completely different temperature regimes.

Based on all the arguments, the content of scalar with goldfish is undesirable. their compatibility is low.

  • scalars are more thermophilic;
  • veil tails quickly pollute the water;
  • conflicts and fights in the aquarium.

If you decide to combine species, then you need to ensure good filtration, consider the temperature, provide the reservoir with suitable vegetation.

But it’s still not worth the risk, there are no guarantees that goldfish and scalars will get along nearby.

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