How Do Fish Mate At Home

How Do Fish Mate At Home

Probably, it is difficult to disagree with the fact that the microclimate that reigns inside the aquarium largely depends on the reproduction of fish. That is why this process should be approached with all responsibility and seriousness. And first of all it is necessary to understand the sexual structure of the fish, and what types they are.

Sex structure

In order to understand how the pairing takes place in fish, we’ll dwell in detail on certain nuances that are directly related to their reproductive system. So, it is worth noting that almost 80% of all fish are dioecious. But there are also such species, where you can see the transformation of a female into a male.

As for the male genital organs, they are represented by a paired number of testes, from which ducts begin, culminating in a hole that performs sexual functions. When breeding time comes, a large number of sperm cells accumulate in the ducts. At the same time, in the female’s genitals, represented by the paired number of ovaries and ending with the external duct, the eggs begin to ripen. As a rule, their number is directly influenced by both the type of fish, its size and even the years that have passed.

Important! The older the fish, the greater the number of eggs it can bear.

Types of fish

As mentioned above, mating in fish is a rather important process. But it should be emphasized that its success depends a lot on what fish inhabit the aquarium. So, emit viviparous and stray. Consider each view separately.

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As a rule, this type of fish is very simple both in keeping and feeding, which explains their excellent adaptability to any aquatic environment. The very process of fertilization of the eggs occurs in their in utero, from which the name of the species actually came, which allows you to give birth to live fry who can eat on their own.

If we talk about creating comfortable conditions for spawning, then there should be noted the presence of a large space, the exclusion of the neighborhood of other inhabitants of the aquarium and maintaining the water temperature within 20-24 degrees. In addition, special attention should be paid to some of the nuances associated with the birth of fry. So they include:

  1. The minimum time period for caviar development is 30-50 days.
  2. The appearance of a dark spot, which is also called the spot of pregnancy, near the female’s anal fin
  3. Changing the shape of the female’s abdomen to a rectangular 3 days before the appearance of newborns.
  4. Newborn fish consumption of small cyclops, daphnia and juvenile Artemia

Also, for successful breeding of this type of fish, and excluding possible complications during the birth procedure, it is recommended to run the fish in a separate vessel a couple of days before an important event. These types of fish include: guppies, swordtails, formosis. In more detail with how reproduction occurs in this species of fish can be found in the video below.

How Do Fish Mate At Home


As for this species, the process of carrying eggs occurs in them in different ways, which, undoubtedly, must be taken into account when breeding them. That is why it is so important to know what these fish can do with eggs. So, they can:

  1. To postpone them both among algae and stones, absolutely not caring about the future of the newborn
  2. Keep them in your mouth, thereby minimizing possible dangerous situations and increasing the chance of successful reproduction.
  3. Attach the eggs to your skin.
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It is also worth remembering that before spawning this species of fish is recommended to be moved to a special container. spawning, in which not only the water temperature is increased, but also the light day. In most cases, the duration of breeding these fish can leave as 12 hours, and up to 50 days. It is during this period that the larvae of the laid eggs roach out.

Then, after a few days, the larvae transform into fry, which can independently feed on living dust, infusoria and rotifers. Carry fishes: gourami, catfish, barbs, an angelfish.

And in more detail how reproduction of such fish occurs, as well as the transformation of larvae into fry, can be seen in the video below.

How to stimulate reproduction?

In order to slightly increase the activity of fish for breeding, it is recommended to create the most approximate conditions of their native environment. So, for this you need:

  1. Abundantly feed aquatic adherents with live food 14 days before spawning
  2. Regularly update and enrich the water in the aquarium with oxygen
  3. To increase the temperature indicator of water in the tank by 1-2 degrees.

In addition, we should not forget about the additional comfortable care for females and newborn fry. And in order to learn how to do this, we recommend watching this video:

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