How Can You Feed Goldfish

How Can You Feed Goldfish
How Can You Feed Goldfish

How Can You Feed Goldfish
How Can You Feed Goldfish

Properly balanced feeding of goldfish is the primary condition for success in their breeding. The basic rules are: it is better to underfeed than to overfeed the fish It is necessary to feed a little and according to the regime. So, what can feed goldfish.

Goldfish eat any food. vegetable, dry, live. The important point is only the size of individual pieces of food, which must be smaller than the mouth of the fish. Moreover, in the diet of fry, most of them are occupied by live and dry food, whereas for adult fish it is preferable to give food of plant origin. This is due to their incredible voracity, and excessive feeding with live food can lead to obesity.

Types of feed for goldfish

The live feeds that goldfish simply adore include daphnia, tubule, bloodworm, cortex, earthworms, etc. It should be noted that there is a lot of trouble with such feeds, because they also need to create certain conditions for the maintenance of life. And earthworms should also be kept in clear water for some time before feeding to clear the intestines from the contents.

Sometimes you can treat the fish with shrimp, squid, fillet of lean fish or shredded meat from lean beef. But do not overdo it, because goldfish are not carnivorous, and their digestive system is not completely adapted to such food.

Perfectly eat goldfish and boiled in unsalted water, cereal. steamed semolina, wheat, buckwheat, millet. Before giving porridge to small fish, the grits are well washed in running water, as it should not be sticky in any way. Sometimes you can feed goldfish even with bread, but remember that it is not a substitute for feed of plant origin.

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Most of the diet of adult goldfish is vegetable food. Aquarium plants with soft leaves, such as hornpole, duckweed, riccia, wallisneria, wolfia, naiad, etc. Finely chopped and scalded with herbs: dill, parsley, dandelion leaves, young nettle, spinach, lettuce, plantain. Chopped vegetables: cucumbers, carrots, pumpkins, zucchini, cabbage leaves.

Dry feed should be given to goldfish several times a day in small portions. To avoid swelling of dry food in the fish’s esophagus (this can lead to unpleasant consequences, even sickness and death), it should be kept in water for 15-30 seconds before feeding.

Feeding goldfish

The optimal mode of feeding fish. twice a day, with the alternation of all types of feed. Goldfish should eat a dry feed completely in 2-5 minutes, and vegetable and live in 10-20 minutes. Half an hour after the completion of the "meal" you need to thoroughly clean the aquarium from the remnants of food.

To determine the one-time volume of servings, watch the pets. At first, the fish with excitement attack the food, and a little later they eat more calmly, which indicates the end of feeding.

If you properly adjust the mode of feeding adult goldfish, then they will not be afraid even a week-long hunger strike. Leaving your pets for a longer period, leave clear instructions on feeding to a trusted person. It would be better to distribute the feed in batches or make a list than to feed and when and in what amount of fish.

Pick feeds deliberately, do not overfeed goldfish, care for and regularly clean the aquarium. And then these beautiful creatures will long please you with their amazing beauty.

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