How And How Many Times To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Of all the types of pets, many people prefer aquarium fish. After all, they have enormous advantages compared with other animals. And if you properly care for them, then there will be no problems at all.

How many times to feed the fish in the aquarium

There are no allergies to fish, they are silent all the time. Contemplation floating handsome calms. In addition, the fish are relatively unpretentious. Still, some rules should be observed.

How And How Many Times To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

The main question. how many times can you feed the fish in the aquarium. Because overfeeding becomes a mistake for many. But do not pay attention to the fish that continue to beg for food. They will do it all the time, even after overeating. And the extra food that the fish can’t eat causes the water to rot. The cloudy, spoiled water, in turn, serves as a favorable environment for the reproduction of dangerous microorganisms. Therefore, the fish suffer from overeating, as well as under the influence of factors associated with water pollution.

How And How Many Times To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Fish do not know the measures in food. So, it is important for the pet owner to know how many times to feed the fish in the aquarium. Usually the number of feedings per day should not exceed two. It is important that all food be in small pieces. It should be borne in mind that the fry are growing rapidly and therefore require more food than adult fish. But do not increase the portions, it can cause spoiled food. It is better to feed the fry up to 5 times a day.

Do not forget to control the amount of fill feed. It is easier to throw a couple of times on a pinch than to catch the remaining food, until it deteriorates. And it is desirable to extract it from the water. Do not feed the fish with bread, it spoils too quickly in the water.

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How many times to feed goldfish in an aquarium

Goldfish are extremely popular for their beauty and diversity. After all, this name combines several species of fish, different in appearance. The answer to the question of how many times you need to feed the fish in the aquarium, in relation to goldfish, is almost the same as the information on the nutrition of other aquarium fish. It is also important not to overfeed pets, you need to fill in food no more than twice a day. Perhaps one is enough.

How And How Many Times To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Compliance with the diet, that is, feeding at the same time, will be useful not only for the fish themselves. This will help the aquarist not to forget to feed them, and most importantly. not to sprinkle the food once again, entangled in time. It’s better for a fish to be hungry than to get obesity problems that they are prone to.

Necessary for goldfish feed

Knowing how many times to feed the fish in an aquarium is not enough for proper care. It is necessary to consider that a balanced diet is important for fish, with the presence of various beneficial substances. Therefore, in the menu of goldfish are welcome:

  • boiled buckwheat;
  • soaked semolina;
  • earthworm;
  • oatmeal;
  • bloodworm;
  • algae leaves;
  • pipemaker;
  • daphnia;
  • squid;
  • vegetables, grated through a grater (zucchini, cucumbers, carrots).

Food of animal origin is preferable to give the growing fry. An adult fish is restricted in such food, it receives it in very small portions, only for a set of necessary protein. In general, adult fish must be fed plant foods.

The importance of the fasting day

Sometimes fish suffer from obesity so that they almost lose their ability to swim. A useful option for goldfish is a fasting day once a week. In order not to get confused and not violate the regime, it is enough to choose one specific day of the week, and on this day not feed the fish. Because of this, they will burn excess fat, as well as pick up all the previously unclaimed feed.

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How And How Many Times To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Fasting days arrange for other fish. But species that are not prone to obesity, you can not starve, it is enough to exclude live food and on this day confine a small amount of plant food. Faded leaves of seaweed, parsley or nettle work well.

How many times to feed the fish in the aquarium

Guppy. completely unpretentious fish. However, it depends on the feeding of their brightness and health. Alternating live and dry food is used in feeding. You can include in the diet of feed, cereals. But we should not forget that dry food, especially such as feed, pollute more water. Therefore it is necessary to clean the aquarium more often. But the fish, thanks to the diversity in the nutritional diet, will delight the aquarist with its bright colors and lively mood.

How And How Many Times To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

The main type of feed for all fish is still branded purchased feed. They are stored longer than others and therefore constitute the main stock of the aquarist. The high-quality feed of famous brands contains the necessary trace elements and vitamins. Thanks to these feeds the nutrition of the fish will be balanced. But do not forget about the vegetable, live and dry food. Because ideally for all the fish is the alternation of all four types of food.

Preferred feed for aquarium guppies

This type of fish requires a live feed. It is useful to prepare sea cocktails from:

After grinding, it is necessary to freeze the contents and produce guppies in small portions. For fry, live food such as ciliates and artemia is chosen. You can use finely chopped liver, egg yolk or beef. Live food is preferably given to all types of fish every other day. It is most useful to freeze it in order to destroy possible harmful bacteria.

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Guppy Keeping Conditions

Regarding how many times to feed the fish in the aquarium. Guppies prefer to eat, like others, 1-2 times a day. Their health and longevity will depend on the right amount and diet. And for reproduction it is necessary to choose the optimal water temperature. After all, if the aquarist’s plans do not include breeding fish, it is enough to lower the temperature of the water in the aquarium. To maintain cleanliness in the guppy tank, it is good to use Indian fern.

How And How Many Times To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

By the way, guppies are so unpretentious that they can live in a regular bank. But the water still needs to be clean, without food residue, which should be removed some time after feeding. Also on the size of the habitat of fish will depend on their size. Guppies living in a jar or too small aquarium will not be able to achieve large sizes.

Regardless of which food is chosen, dry, live or vegetable, the main thing is not to forget how many times it is necessary to feed the fish in the aquarium, and not to exceed the usual portions for their pets, which they usually completely eat without leaving too much. It is also important to take care of the water filtration system. Then healthy and cheerful pets will delight not only their master, but also attract admiring glances from guests.

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