Guppy Swims On The Surface – Do You Need To Worry

Guppy is so popular and familiar from childhood fish that sometimes, starting it in his aquarium, it seems to us that caring for it comes down to feeding and occasionally changing water. And when the fish starts to behave unusually, we do not notice the obvious reasons, but invent complex ones.

If you hear the sound of hooves, first think about the horse, and only then about the zebra.

About the symptoms

Guppy Swims On The Surface. Do You Need To Worry

If you are concerned about the question of why guppies float on the surface of the aquarium, first of all observe how exactly this happens. If the fish occasionally rise to the surface and are there, but they have a good appetite and quick behavior, then this should not bother you. Guppies live in the middle layers of water, sometimes slightly higher, sometimes slightly lower, and these are variants of the norm! But be careful, because the following aspects of behavior suggest that guppies need your help:

  • Fish eagerly swallows air from the surface;
  • The pet has an impaired appetite;
  • Guppy swims vertically;
  • The color faded;
  • Gopeshki do not fall below, all the time spending on the surface;

Causes and Remedies

The first thing you should pay attention to if you notice the disturbing symptoms in the behavior of your pets is aeration. There is a popular belief that guppies will survive in a 3-liter jar. Yes, in most cases, this is true. But do you really not notice the difference between "live" and "survive"? Gupeshkam needed aeration. If there is no filter or aerator in the tank, be sure to install it. If there is a filter, but the fish do not have enough air, install a more powerful filter or adjust the existing one.

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About the lack of oxygen, you will be prompted by aquatic plants. they fade and begin to "disappear."

The next reason for the strange behavior of gupeshek can be a poor habitat. Check the water parameters in the aquarium. If guppies swim near the surface, the aquarium may have started to swamp, sometimes the fish even jump out of the water. The reason for this may be overcrowding, rare water changes, insufficient or no filtration, and poor bottom cleaning.

Guppy Swims On The Surface. Do You Need To Worry

Recall that at least 3 liters of water in the aquarium are recommended for one guppy. These fish love soft water, hardness levels from 5 to 10 dH. The temperature in the aquarium tropical guests. 26. 28 degrees. It is especially important to adhere to the required level of acidity. the optimal indicator is 6.6-6.8 pH.

To ensure that the aquarium environment always remains fresh and habitable for fish weekly replacement of 1/3 volume of water is required and cleaning the bottom with a siphon.

If your aquarium is qualitatively aerated, and the water has the right performance, then there is the likelihood of guppies disease. Swimming at the surface of the water can be a symptom of infection with worms or bacteria. Therefore, if not all the flock is at the top, but only some individuals, then they should be transplanted and started treatment. If all guppies are sick. the treatment is carried out in the general aquarium. For treatment, you can use drugs antipar or cyfran, the dosage should be calculated in accordance with the instructions to the drugs.

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Remember that if guppies swim at the surface of the water. no need to panic, a few simple actions will help make the life of your aquarium pets better!

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