Guppy Mating – Just About The Difficult

It would seem that we know everything about guppies But if we dig deeper, a lot of questions appear. Including how guppies mate in an aquarium. And how is the fertilization of the eggs of these live beasts?

Viviparous fish. reproduce into the world fully formed fry that are ready for independent living.

The process of mating guppies will be for anyone, even a beginner aquarist, more interesting than a complex process. Unpretentious fry can successfully mate both in the general aquarium and in spawning. But the survival of future offspring depends on the choice of capacity, because guppies are shameless cannibals.


For breeding guppies, the most simple conditions are necessary:

  • When breeding in a general aquarium, its volume must be at least 20 liters. Of course, the guips will be fruitful and in a smaller volume, but this will negatively affect the health of the offspring.
  • Huge range of rigidity from 10 to 25°dH.
  • Temperature 20-24 ° C.
  • For fertilization of one female it is better to have two males. Although often one copes with his task.

If you need to speed up the mating process, replace the part of the water in the aquarium and increase the water temperature by 3 degrees (but not more than 27).

Males and females

The issue of sexual dimorphism in relation to gopeshek is simple to the obscene, few people confuse a large, faded female with a brightly colored male with chic fins and tail, which is almost two times smaller than the female. The sex of a guppy can be determined at the age of 14 days. Fish reach sexual maturity by 3 months.

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Uncontrolled interbreeding of close relatives leads to the degeneration of the breed and many diseases in fry.

Mating process

The pairing of guppies looks entertaining. You can guess its beginning by the behavior of the fish. Male actively rubs against female from different sides, from below and from above. At this time, he is trying to inject spermatophores (sperm containers) into the female’s anus. For this is gonopody, a modified anal fin.. In young males, this fin does not differ from the female, but in the process of puberty it coagulates into a tube that can assume any position.

Mating with the male, unused seed pouches can be stored in the female organism for up to 3 months. During this period, she can reproduce offspring without the help of a male. This is how guppies are fertilized.

Guppy Mating. Just About The Difficult


A female guppy can bear offspring from 21 to 40 days, but most often this period is 28 days. On successful fertilization can be judged by the rounded belly of the mother, and closer to the genera near the anal fin appears a dark spot. At one time, an adult female can bear and give birth to up to 200 fry (usually 40-50).

For all the remaining questions about the reproduction of guppies in the aquarium, you will find answers in another review on our website.

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