Guppy Fish Aquarium Maintenance And Care

Guppies are a popular fish for breeding in aquarium conditions. Today various breeds with beautiful fins, tails and a bright coloring of a body are on sale. They are suitable for both pros and beginners, as the fish is unpretentious for keeping in an aquarium. However, in order for pets to live as long as possible, and they live in captivity up to 5 years, you should provide quality care.

How to feed a guppy?

These aquarium fish are omnivorous, they are fed protein and plant foods. At home, they are given processed foods, such as branded pellets, flakes. It is also necessary to include in the diet of live and frozen food: daphnia, tubers, bloodworms, Artemia, mosquito larvae. The menu includes fresh vegetables: zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach.

They are fed twice a day, give a little. Malky need to grow, so they need to eat more often. Their stomach is still small, metabolic processes take place faster, so split meals are exactly what you need and are safe for health.

Guppies should eat food in 5 minutes, so let’s get a certain portion. Food should be removed from the aquarium in time so that they do not spoil the water. Through oxidation, harmful substances are released into the water.

Guppy Fish Aquarium Maintenance And Care
Guppy Fish Aquarium Maintenance And Care
Guppy Fish Aquarium Maintenance And Care
Guppy Fish Aquarium Maintenance And Care
Guppy Fish Aquarium Maintenance And Care
Guppy Fish Aquarium Maintenance And Care
Guppy Fish Aquarium Maintenance And Care
Guppy Fish Aquarium Maintenance And Care

Feed pets need six days a week, one set for unloading. Fasting will allow you to clear not only the stomachs, but the entire digestive system. Thanks to such food organization, it will be possible to prolong the life of the fish and maintain health.

Guppy fish care and maintenance

How to care for guppy fish? To ensure proper care and maintenance, pets need to purchase a rectangular aquarium. A rounded mini-aquarium or bank will be uncomfortable for living. In addition, it is unlikely that such a form can be well cleaned with a scraper. For installation of the heater, filter, compressor, lighting, as well as for decoration and plants, a rectangular shape of a tank is better suited. Breeding fish it is logical to arrange in the same tank or spawning.

Setting up the aquarium does not take long. The aquarium content is as follows:

  • Guppy, as an unpretentious fish, is able to tolerate a wide range of water acidity: from pH 5.8 to 8.5. But ideally, this indicator should meet the standards of
  • Hardness of water recommended at 15 dH.
  • For the temperature of the water to have a constant value, place the heater with the regulation of the heat of the water. Guppies prefer a temperature of 23-26 degrees. If you need fry to quickly grow or stimulate reproduction, the water temperature for guppies can be raised to 27-28 degrees.
  • Quality maintenance and care can not be done without aquarium lighting. It will indicate problems in the aquarium. Bright lighting will allow you to get vitamin D, and its deficiency can lead to a curvature of the spine. To contain, when too much light, also it is impossible, it can do much harm. For fry, the 12-hour light day is divided into 4 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness. For adults, the light is needed for 8. 10 hours. At night, the light is not needed. If the light source is difficult to control, get a timer for the lamps, which will facilitate the task and will turn the light on and off when you need it yourself.
  • Aquarium filter will keep the aquarium water clean. The filter filler darkens when it becomes clogged, so it serves as a signal to replace it. However, all filtration systems do not immediately change to prevent the disappearance of beneficial bacteria. From the life of fish in the water remains ammonia, which they decompose. Therefore, cut the sponge, replacing the second part of it with a new one. If you use activated carbon as a filler, change it more often in accordance with the instructions.
  • Once a week in the aquarium it is necessary to change 25% of the water.
  • In the aquarium must be purchased air pump. Its task is to saturate water with oxygen by pumping out air bubbles and creating a flow. Oxygen also secrete plants. You can land stiklistnye species, for example, aponogeton, anubias, arrowhead, elodey, cryptocoryne and others.
  • The scenery can serve not only as an ornament to the aquarium, but also as a shelter for fish.
  • It is better to fill the bottom of the tank with gravel or sand, live plants grow better in them and structures are easier to place. Do not forget to make shelters in the form of grottoes, pipes, caves, clay pots.
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Gender differences

It is very easy to distinguish the female from the male. The male is smaller and slimmer. The tail fin of the male is large, and the anal turned into a tube for the fertilization of females.

The females are larger, their belly is large and noticeable, the color is paler. Even young offspring can be easily identified, usually the fry of the males will be the first to stain.


Reproduction and care of guppy fry is quite simple. Reached reproductive age, the fish enter reproduction without assistance, being in the general aquarium. Before giving birth, the female guppy belongs to viviparous, her abdomen swells severely, becoming almost square. The gestation period of the female lasts almost a month, so it is impossible not to see it. Also, the pregnancy of the female can be found on the spot at the anus. The darker it is, the closer the birth.

A few days before giving birth, you need to prepare a separate tank to contain the young stock, since breeding the fry is fraught with eating by their parents. It should make a separator using the grid. When the female has given birth, this process lasts for 24 hours, sometimes more, it can be transplanted almost immediately into the general aquarium. But it is better to do this: to sow a pregnant female a week before giving birth in a special tank with holes for fry. Otherwise, from stress during a sudden change in the situation, she may have a miscarriage. Keeping a young mommy with her cubs in a new home is better as well as in a general aquarium to avoid stress.

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You can not equip a separate aquarium, but simply create a natural barrier from adult individuals from plants. To save the fry bushes need to land tightly.

When the guppy fry reach 2.5 cm in length, they are transplanted into a common aquarium for adult fish. Artemia larvae are suitable as starter feed, as well as branded food for small guppy fish. Immunity and the digestive system in fry cannot be compared with adults, therefore they are fed more frequently, namely 3 or 4 times a day. To the remnants of food do not clog up the aquarium, you can run the snails, ampulyaria or coil will do. The fry are not interested in them, but they will love the food left over from the fish.

Compatibility with other species

Guppy fish is very peaceful and easily gets on with other species. But it can be offended, especially if you expect aggression from large and predatory fish, which perceive it as food. Among these fish:

  • mecherot
  • giant gourami
  • Panziaus,
  • shark ball

It is also not necessary to settle as neighbors fish that spoil the males guppies fins:

  • Barbus Denison,
  • barbat sumatran
  • fire barb,
  • some types of gourami (kissing, terration).

Best of all are the same peaceful and small fish as:

  • congo
  • cardinals,
  • by neon
  • cherry barbs,
  • speckled catfish,
  • Tarakatum.

Content issues

When caring for guppy fish there may be problems.

Why do guppies stick to tail?

The reason for gluing the tail of a guppy is unclear. But you should pay attention to the following nuances of the content. The reasons may be:

  • Improper feeding. Monotonous diet with a predominance of dry food or very abundant.
  • Unsuitable parameters of water with a large amount of ammonia.
  • Disease.
  • Try to do the very minimum, which is to change the water, the type of feed, as well as cleaning the soil.
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Why are tails torn?

The most common cause is old water. Destroy the fins and poison the fish themselves accumulated in the long-changing water ammonia and nitrates. Therefore, you need to regularly change the water to fresh. Also the cause there may be a dramatic change of water, injury, unbalanced diet and lack of vitamins.

If a guppy’s tail is missing, it means that someone is cutting it off. Look at the behavior of the rest of the fish. It can also happen due to an infectious disease. Therefore, it is worth exploring even more closely its neighbors.

Why do fish swim on the surface?

Fish breathe oxygen, so in the aquarium it is not enough. For what reason? Can, too hot, Perhaps cleaning the aquarium or replacing water has been done for a long time, it is possible that the aquarium is cramped. To eradicate the cause, turn on aeration or place a filter closer to the surface to enhance gas exchange and replace some of the water with fresh one.

In this way, Guppy fish is rather unassuming in keeping and care., which makes it popular among novice amateurs. However, in order to prevent problems and diseases in the aquarium, one should not relax. Fulfillment of simple requirements for the care of this beautiful fish will allow you to turn the process of growing pets into a real hobby and enjoy your favorite business.

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