Golden Fish – Unpretentious And Bright Pet

Golden Fish. Unpretentious And Bright Pet

Goldfish appeared in China and quickly spread around the world due to its unusual appearance and simplicity of content. Many aquarists began their hobby with these fish. Another plus is that there are a lot of species and all of them are widely available.


Aquarium Goldfish is an artificially bred freshwater species belonging to the genus of crucians and the class of ray-finned. It has a laterally compressed or short rounded body. All species have pharyngeal teeth, large gill roofs, hard notches forming fins. Scales can be both large and small. it all depends on the species.

Coloring is very different. starting with gold and ending with black with different patches. The only common feature. the shade of the belly is always a little lighter. This is easy to convince by viewing photos of goldfish. The size and shape of the fins also vary greatly. long, short, bifurcated, veil-like, etc. In some species, the eyes are bulging.

The length of the fish does not exceed 16 cm. But in large tanks they can reach 40 cm, not taking into account the tail. The term of life depends on the form. Short, rounded fish live no longer than 15 years, and long and flat. up to 40.


Goldfish species are very diverse. for a long time, breeding managed to bring about 300 different variations, surprising variety of colors and shapes. We list the most popular ones:

  • Common Goldfish. suitable for indoor aquariums and open tanks. The look most of all reminds a classical silver crucian. Reach 40 cm, the color of the scales is red-orange.
    Golden Fish. Unpretentious And Bright Pet
  • Butterfly dzikin. the name was due to a forked fin, resembling the wings of butterflies. In length reach 20 cm, divorced only at home.
    Golden Fish. Unpretentious And Bright Pet
  • Lionhead. has an egg-shaped body, up to 16 cm in size. The head is covered with small growths, which gave the name to the species.
    Golden Fish. Unpretentious And Bright Pet
  • Ranchu. has a flattened body and short fins, dorsal missing, color can be very diverse.
    Golden Fish. Unpretentious And Bright Pet
  • Ryukin is a slow-moving fish with a curved spine, which makes its back very high. Loves warmth, reaches a length of 22 cm.
    Golden Fish. Unpretentious And Bright Pet
  • Veiltail. slow and quiet, with slightly enlarged eyes and a long beautiful tail.
    Golden Fish. Unpretentious And Bright Pet
  • Telescope. has very large eyes, the shape of which can vary depending on the variety.
    Golden Fish. Unpretentious And Bright Pet
  • Bubble-eye. the species got its name because of large bags located around the eyes and filled with liquid. The size of these formations can be very large. up to 25% of the entire pet size.
    Golden Fish. Unpretentious And Bright Pet
  • The comet is a very active fish with an oblong body shape. They have a long tail of various shades.
    Golden Fish. Unpretentious And Bright Pet
  • Pearl. the name received due to the unusual shape of scales that resemble halves of pearls.
    Golden Fish. Unpretentious And Bright Pet
  • Oranda. different bizarre outgrowths on the gill covers and head. Very large individual. reaches 26 cm and more.
    Golden Fish. Unpretentious And Bright Pet

Content requirements

Goldfish content extremely unpretentious. The only problem with which there can be problems is to provide enough space for it. For one individual need an aquarium from 50 liters.

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General requirements for water:

  • Temperature is from 20 to 25 degrees.
  • PH. from 6.9 to 7.2.
  • Stiffness should not be below 8.

On the ground should pay special attention, as the fish love to dig in it. To exclude the possibility of ingesting grains, they must be either very large or too small.

Be sure to plant the plants. fish eat greens. Many aquarists believe that this way pets get the necessary vitamins and plant plants specifically. It is recommended to plant them in pots so that the fish do not damage the roots during digging. Suitable types of greenery: duckweed, rogolopolnik, anubias, bacopa, javanese moss, lemongrass.

It is necessary to equip the aquarium filter and compressor. Aeration should be around the clock.

Decorations and decorations reduce to a minimum. Small fishes have no habit of hiding, and large objects will stop them from swimming and may even injure.

Feeding and care

You can give spinach, lettuce, boiled cereals (buckwheat, millet, oatmeal) and vegetables, as well as fruits to green fish. You can specifically grow for these purposes duckweed. Eat fresh and frozen bloodworms, artemia, and daphnia. Sometimes it is recommended to give pieces of liver and meat.

Dry food before use must be soaked for half a minute in water taken from an aquarium, and frozen food must be defrosted. Once a week it is useful to arrange a fasting day.

Care also includes replacing one third of the water once a week and cleaning the aquarium. From the bottom you need to clean up the remnants of food and other garbage.

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Who will get along?

Goldfish in an aquarium can only live with their own kind. But there are some exceptions. There are a lot of varieties of them, and it is better to select neighbors in size, since behavior depends on it. Large individuals are highly active, while small ones are very passive. In one aquarium, they will begin to feud. This can result in damage to the fins, scales and simple malnutrition.

The only exception to this rule is soma. Here they get along perfectly with any kind of goldfish. It is only necessary to be careful with sharing the same species as Botsia Modest and Bai, since they tend to be aggressive and can bite.


Sexual maturity occurs in these fish a year. But it is better to start breeding them after 2-3 years. only by this age do they end up growing and forming. Spawning occurs in their spring. During this period, small white outgrowths form on the gill covers and the pectoral fins, and the notches appear on the front fins. Females swell a little and become asymmetrical.

Golden Fish. Unpretentious And Bright Pet

Mature males begin to chase females until they end up in thickets of plants or in shallow water. It is recommended that one male and a pair of females spawn in the spawning ground There should be enough vegetation and oxygen in the tank, and the bottom must be solid. Spawning lasts 6 hours, then the fish return to the main aquarium.

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