Food For Aquarium Fish

Food For Aquarium Fish

For feeding aquarium fish using dry and live food. For good development, they need both. Food should be varied and complete.

Live feed for aquarium fish

Before spawning, feed the fish preferably only live food. Tubular, earthworms, enchitreus are the most popular types of ringed worms used for feeding fish. The pipe maker lives in polluted water. Usually it inhabits the upper layers of silt, burying into it with the front side of its body, leaving the back in the water. It is necessary to wash it thoroughly enough and feed the fish only after a week, when it is completely free from silt and dirt.

Food For Aquarium Fish

Washed tubule stored in cuvettes with water. Water should cover worms only a few millimeters. It is necessary to change it at least once a day. It is better to keep the straw pipe on the lower shelf of the refrigerator.

Food For Aquarium Fish

Earthworm used as food for large fish. Store them in wooden containers with wet moss, sand or earth. Feed fish in 2-3 days after harvesting. Before that, you need to rinse them well in water. When feeding small fish worms crushed.

Enchitreus inhabit the upper layers of the earth. These are white worms up to 2 cm long. Before feeding, fish are washed with water.

In feeding fish, diversity is important.

Daphnia (according to the content of mineral substances and vitamins) is recognized as the best live food. They inhabit the pits, ditches, puddles. These crayfish feed on infusoria, bacteria, algae.

Food For Aquarium Fish

Motyl. the most common live food for fish. It lives in polluted ponds with a muddy bottom. Moth is stored in the lower part of the refrigerator, in a flat cuvette in a layer of 1 cm or wrapped in a damp cloth. The moth is fed to the fish through floating feeders with a net. It is necessary to ensure that it does not dig into the ground, because after a while it dies there, decomposes and spoils the water.

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Can be used for feeding fish koretru. mosquito larvae. They are fed only by adults, since the larvae are quite large (10-12 mm).

Flour and Mushroom Worm also suitable for feeding fish.

Some aquarists are afraid to bring an infection to the aquarium with live food, so they prefer to give frozen food to fish. Store them in a freezer. Before feeding the fish food is thawed in a net under a stream of cool water.

Many large carnivorous aquarium fish fed beef heart, liver, meat, cut into very small pieces. They are also given pieces of lean, fresh sea fish, shrimps, squid, mussels. Constantly feeding fish such food is not worth it, obesity can begin. In general, the main measure and diversity in feeding aquarium fish.

Food For Aquarium Fish

Dry feed for aquarium fish

The most popular feed for aquarium fish. dry feed. They are available in the form of granules, tablets and flakes. Granules and tablets can be of different sizes for feeding fish of any size. Dry feeds are convenient because they can be stored for a long time, contain the optimal amount of substances useful for fish. That is, they provide balanced nutrition for aquarium fish.

Considering the fact that some fish are herbivorous, others feed on animal feed, and still others are omnivorous, dry food is produced for every taste. There are separate feeds for cichlids, catfish, discus, etc. At the same time, fish even within the same family can differ greatly from each other in the type of food, so there is no universal food (suitable for all fish). It is necessary to find out what this or that fish eats in nature and select food in accordance with these.

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Currently, the industry also produces specialized feed: reinforcing color, with a high content of protein, etc.

Dry moth and tubers also belong to dry food. When drying, moisture is removed, but the nutrients are completely preserved.

Use only dry fish food is not allowed. In the absence of live food in the diet, many fish lose their ability to multiply, their growth and development slows down, and their color deteriorates.

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