The popularity of round aquariums in the form of a ball or glass is explained by the fact that they easily fit into almost any interior design, and also are fairly easy to install in any part of the room or office.


However, it is worth considering that the equipment designed to care for fish, it is quite difficult to decorate. If the volume of the aquarium is not large, it may also be difficult to choose ornamental plants, fish and decorations for the aquarium.

It should be remembered that the effect of the lens, which occurs in round aquariums, fish experience constant stress, which is not the best way to affect their health, and, consequently, their life expectancy. The common opinion that a goldfish needs to be kept in a small round-shaped aquarium is a delusion, since such fish like to be in a fairly large amount of water.


So, in order to maintain the necessary balance in a round aquarium, and for its correct content, certain experience and knowledge are necessary. For those who are new to aquarism, it is recommended to choose another form of aquarium. The best option is an aquarium in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped. Caring for such an aquarium will not cause serious difficulties, and the fish will feel quite comfortable in it.

If for any reason you cannot get a rectangular aquarium, pay attention to other, maybe even not quite ordinary forms. Fortunately, with the current diversity, you can pick up a fairly simple to maintain and fully corresponding to the interior of the aquarium. If you still decide to purchase a round-shaped aquarium, follow some recommendations.

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Before buying an aquarium, carefully consider: what fish in it will be, as well as its design. It is important, in spite of all the original originality of the aquarium, to properly combine equipment to maintain the vital functions of fish with the decorative elements of the aquarium. As already mentioned, not all fish can live normally in a round-shaped aquarium. For such aquariums, it is recommended to choose the following types of fish: neons, guppies, Betta Fish, catfish corridor, lyalius. To maintain proper biological balance in an aquarium, make sure that it is not overpopulated. Calculate the number of fish, based on the characteristics of fish species and the displacement of the aquarium. Also, it is not necessary to contain in it schooling fish in a small amount.

From the equipment and the displacement of a round aquarium depends on its design and design. Properly place and decorate the lighting system, filter, compressor, heater, and the ground should be about 4-5 centimeters. When you design a round aquarium, you can use the most successful ideas for decor, you can see photos of how large round aquariums are decorated and try to design your own.


Buy a round aquarium


The cost of round aquariums depends on many factors. This is the volume and quality of the aquarium, as well as from the equipment with which it is equipped. To date, there are many options for aquariums, which are equipped with all the necessary devices, designed for the shape of the aquarium. This is quite convenient, and therefore significant problems in the design of such an aquarium will not arise.

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You should always remember that the aquarium is used not only as one of the decorative elements in interior design, but also that living beings live in it that need to be taken care of, providing them with proper care. Therefore, if a round aquarium and its inhabitants do not bring you proper pleasure, over time it will not look the best way.

In this case, it is better to immediately choose an aquarium with a simple habitual form that does not require considerable time and great efforts in maintenance and maintenance. Surely, such an aquarium can bring you more positive emotions than a round one, which requires constant attention to maintain biological balance.

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