A round aquarium can be a significant part of the interior room. Quite a lot of aquarists admitted that they acquired a round flask so that a luxurious goldfish floated in it. The idea did not appear because of the love of nature, but from the search for a spectacular interior solution.

The location of a round aquarium in a room involves the choice of an open space: on a table, on a separate stand, or mounted on a wall. A semicircular aquarium can also be fixed on the wall. The shape of the tank gives the underwater world an interesting look. From different angles of view, aquatic inhabitants and vegetation will look different.

How to make it?


Registration requires a special approach. Aquarium is not only an interior object. Its main function is to create conditions for the life of aquatic creatures. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase special equipment. Without it, the fish will not survive.

It is necessary to place a compressor, heater, filter in the flask, to provide lighting. Conventional devices will not work, they will be too allocated in the water space. The shape and dimensions allow them to be placed neatly so as to spoil the appearance least of all.

Pebbles are scattered at the bottom and plants are rooted in them. Equipment hides the maximum plant shoots. It is advisable to choose such aquatic plants so that they do not hide the main inhabitants with their bizarre appearance. And pay special attention to the shape and size of the stones. Remember, in a round flask all the details look more convex. Therefore, any defect is immediately noticeable.

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The specific shape and small volume do not allow creating thematic landscapes with large-scale decoration in the form of fragments of a ship or ruins of a castle. However, during the design you can use other design techniques. For example, among the stones you can place a miniature model of a chest from a pirate ship. Or lay out a few fragments of ethnic pottery.

The main principle on which the decor of the aquarium space of this form is based is minimalism. Otherwise, for all the elements you will not be able to see the underwater inhabitants.

The lid for a round aquarium performs several functions: it prevents fish from jumping out, getting into unusual objects, protects animals from children and cats, and also serves as a place for fixing the lights. Therefore, it is better to purchase a tank immediately with a lid than to search for the desired model.


In a round container, light is refracted peculiar. According to the widespread opinion among aquarists, not all fish are able to survive in such conditions. Firstly, living beings may experience stress due to distortions of the surrounding reality, and secondly, it shortens the lifespan for nerve fish. Although the main limiter is the amount of space. Fish fit only small size. Be sure to put here a little catfish, so that it clears the glass from green scurf. Neon, Betta Fish, lyalius will feel great in the water. Small-sized goldfish grow badly and often get sick. The number of small fish should be maintained at the same level. Before launching neons here, it is necessary to make calculations: the quantity is determined by the volume of the tank. Overpopulation will immediately affect the health of the fish and the general appearance of the artificial reservoir. The power of equipment for the aquarium is selected in accordance with the requests of a particular group of fish.

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It is better if the fish are bright, visible. For example, some species of guppy.

Cleaning the round tank has its own specifics. Since its volume is low, about 20% of water should be replaced every week. The water is poured or filtered.

Particular attention. cleaning glasses. Experienced aquarists are advised to plant inside the animal that eats algae: catfish, snails. Glass bending does not allow the use of ordinary brushes. Therefore, craftsmen have adapted to clean up the raid with a piece of women’s nylon pantyhose.

To remove fish excrement, it is necessary to use a siphon, about once every two months. In a round aquarium, the bottom shape eliminates the creation of “dead zones”, so the garbage is removed especially well. Part of it accumulates in the biofilter, and the rest
removed by siphon.

All devices (filter, compressor, heater) and plants are washed as they accumulate various contaminants. The main thing is to do all the work on time. Then a spherical aquarium will delight those around you with its appearance.

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