Fish Lie On The Bottom

Fish Lie On The Bottom

A small corner of wildlife in the house is the dream of almost every person. But if you cannot afford a pet, then the most reasonable way out is an aquarium. How cool to have a piece of the sea in your own home. Most psychologists believe that the aquarium has a positive effect on the human psyche. Even if you watch aquarium fish quite a bit, a person is depressed or stressed, peace and harmony reign in the inner world.

People who are familiar with aquarium fish and have been breeding them for many years are well aware that for some species of fish it is quite normal to be at the bottom of the aquarium. Somics or loaches, for example, rest like that, they can even lie on their side, and cichlids, which are active during the daytime, mostly go to bed at the bottom of the aquarium after dark. For these types of fish, this is completely normal if it is not accompanied by a breathing disorder: rapid breathing or shortness of breath.
Another reason why you should not worry about why the fish lies at the bottom of the aquarium, if you just transplanted into a new aquarium. Most likely, your pet has an ordinary acclimatization after suffering stress. The first few days (one or two) are natural behavior for any species of aquarium dwellers.

If you live with other types of fish and did not replant them anywhere, and you noticed that the fish is at the bottom of the aquarium, then, undoubtedly, something is wrong with it and this is a serious cause for concern. The first thing to do is to determine the reason why the fish did not work. It is not easy to do this correctly, as there may be several reasons.

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If all or most of the fish are sick, then the problem is obviously in the environment. This may be a shock that was caused by a sudden change in water parameters. It is overheating, cooling or hypoxia. If only one fish is sick, and that has been living in an aquarium for quite a while, but recently became the object of an attack by another fish, participated in a fight or, on the contrary, underwent “courtship”, or someone took it in hand, then the problem lies in swim bladder injury, stress or exhaustion.

So, your fish swims along the bottom for one of the following reasons:

Shock. osmotic, temperature, nitrate or pH shock.
Acidosis or alkalosis. diseases of aquarium fish.
Swim bladder dysfunction caused by trauma or bacterial infection. It can also develop as a result of certain diseases: general obesity, liver obesity, dropsy, Malawi swelling. Or it is a genetic problem.
Exhaustion, which is caused by a quarrel with another fish, "grooming", spawning, overeating or hypoxia.
Hypothermia, which significantly reduces the rate of metabolic processes.
Severe stress.
Death is coming (for whatever reason).
Fry, who used their yolk sac, lying on the bottom and moving abruptly, talk about a specific pathology. They are also called "jerky".

We hope that our advice will help you, and your fish will always be healthy!

Fish Lie On The Bottom

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