Fish Compatibility

Many aquarium fish are so beautiful in appearance that they can not be admired. It is difficult to restrain yourself from buying the next batch of wonderful beauties. But there are types of aquarium fish, simply incompatible with each other, and after their acquisition problems begin. Often, dishonest sellers encourage beginner aquarists to mindless purchases because they just need to make a profit from selling fish.

The maintenance of a home aquarium is not easy at all and will require a lot of specific knowledge from its owner. It is not necessary to acquire a lot of literature on this issue, it is enough to go to the library, or use the Internet. First you need to figure out how much fish in general can accommodate your aquarium, so that its inhabitants are as comfortable as possible.

The temperament and size of the fish is a very important characteristic, not all fish are predators, but in nature the larger ones are able to eat smaller ones. If you start even predatory breeds, you need to be sure that all the fish, even the smallest ones, have grown enough to avoid becoming victims of larger individuals.

For many years, aquarists were advised to carry out the compatibility of fish species in an aquarium by selecting different groups: calm, temperamental, aggressive. This technique often does not justify itself, now many people write that you can pick up fish in an aquarium with babies and they, getting used to each other, can get along with relative incompatibility.

Timid small species. blue neons, guppies, rasbora, fiery tetras, heteromorphs, honey gourami, cardinals, glass perches, corridors, glass shrimps are compatible with each other, and are incompatible with most fish.

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Small peaceful species. mollies, danios, swordtails, decorated tetras, terntions, bloody tetras, copper tetras, felomens, black neons. live in a team, it is better to have several fish from these species.

Active, but quite peaceful species. barbs, gourami, eels, macropods, loaches, green labo, shark balls. show moderate aggression towards each other, but they are compatible fish.

Fish Compatibility

Relatively peaceful species. small cichlids: pelmiochromis, apistograms, lamprologusy, are very brightly colored fish, they can be kept with live plants, they need an aquarium with a large bottom area. 50 liters for 2 fish.

Extremely aggressive species. Meek cychlasms, black-striped, diamond-bearing, black-striped albino, ophthalmic. Plexostomus, multi-spotted synodontis, adult labo and pangasius get along with them.

Predatory aggressive species. astronotus compatible with large individuals pacu, pangasius, large and medium-sized plekostomusami, fish grow very quickly, you need an aquarium of at least 500 liters.

Territorial aggressive species. African mibuna cichlids: iodotropheus, melanochromis, pseudotropheus and other small fishes of this species require special maintenance. A flock must represent at least 15 fish, otherwise strong individuals exert significant pressure on the weak. Despite their aggressiveness, these aggressors are under severe stress if there are no fish in the upper layers of the aquarium, therefore Australian iris iris can be added to them, and antsistrus, pterigoplicht brocade, bariancistrus are suitable for cleaning the aquarium.

Golden ornamental fish. orandes, veils, a telescope, they need a cold, roomy aquarium, 40 liters of water for each fish, they grow quickly.

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