Does The Fish Need Light In The Aquarium?

Turn off the light in the aquarium? Light timer

Despite the fact that the fish living in an aquarium are designed to entertain and pacify with their external we see their owner, do not forget that they are living creatures living according to the laws of nature. Recall that the fish in nature live in water, rivers, ponds and other bodies of water. Of course, we all understand that at the bottom of a natural reservoir it simply cannot be as bright and bright as in a backlit aquarium.

By and large, the fish themselves do not need light at all. Light is only needed for two purposes:

Firstly, thanks to the backlight, you can see your pet;

Secondly, if there are live plants in the aquarium, they need light in order for the plants to have a photosynthetic process.

In nature, also around the clock the light does not penetrate into the water column and does not illuminate the bottom continuously. Therefore, having the backlight, you must purchase the light timer in the aquarium. After all, at night there is no need to leave the lamp on. In order not to forget to carry out the change of day and night and the timer is suitable.

The fish, by and large, do not care whether the light is in the aquarium or not, the most important thing for them is that there is a comfortable temperature near the water in which they live and there is always food for eating. The purity of the water directly for the fish is also one of the first places and occupies the main position rather than the presence or absence of artificial lighting.

In addition, the light can be turned off not only at night but also during the day. You just need to imagine how in nature lighting occurs. After all, the sun does not shine intermittently. Sometimes it is covered with clouds or the weather is rainy. So in general, the backlight can only be turned on for a few hours a day. Based on the above, it can be noted that the question of whether to turn off the light in an aquarium is very simple and clear.

Turning off the light is not only possible but necessary, you should not illuminate it continuously throughout the day and all night. In addition, respect for the consumption of electricity will have a nice effect on the change in electricity bills at the end of the month.

Even with the use of energy-saving lamps when they work around the clock, you can also get an impressive figure in a month. In order to prolong the life in the aquarium, it is necessary to adhere to the conditions of the fish as long as possible, bringing them as close as possible to natural conditions.

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What kind of light do plants need?

In order for the aquarium to develop properly, and the plants in it develop well, it is necessary that it is illuminated correctly. Light is needed not only for flora, but also for fauna (fish). Lighting allows them to develop properly. Light regulates vital activity, but correct lighting intensity does not always occur. Too much light can cause intense algae growth and algal blooms in the tank.

Does The Fish Need Light In The Aquarium?

The consequences of irregular lighting

For an aquarium where different types of plants live, a light period of 10-12 hours per day is suitable. The plants need a change of day and night, but in some tanks they artificially increase the light period, in an effort to accelerate the growth of the flora. The natural alternation of day and night helps regulate the life rhythms of living plants. With too long or short coverage, they begin to stress, the regime changes and diseases can develop.

The difficulty is that for some aquarium plants you need a lot of light for development, but this can harm the fish, since most aquarium fish species are used to living in shaded areas of the reservoir (in the wild). Too long and bright lighting affects the appearance of the inhabitants of the aquarium. Fish may fade, lose their brightness and hide from the light.

Does The Fish Need Light In The Aquarium?

Problems with improper illumination of the aquarium are found in non-standard containers, the height of which is more than 38 cm. In high reservoirs, plants growing on the ground have a lack of illumination. Sometimes they try to solve this difficulty due to the intensity and duration of the artificial illumination. The desire to improve conditions for undersized soil seedlings leads to errors. Too bright lighting adversely affects the fish and the microclimate of the reservoir. The inhabitants of this aquarium are inactive, because all the time they need to be protected from bright light. Fish tend to hide from the bright light, so aquascape seems unpopulated. In such conditions, diseases often appear, and water begins to bloom.

Watch the video story about lighting in the aquarium.

Illumination standards for aquariums

What light is needed for those aquariums in which aquatic plants do not live? In such tanks it is necessary to reduce the intensity of light. To do this, you can take a lamp of lower power. For containers 30 cm long, the lamp power should not exceed 10 watts. With such lighting, the movement of fish will be visible, and the inhabitants of the artificial home pond will feel comfortable. When choosing the intensity of illumination, you must consider the breed of fish If albino fish live in an aquarium, then even a level of light would be dangerous for them.

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For comfortable illumination in an aquarium with a green flora that does not cause stress in fish, a lamp with a length equal to the length of the aquarium is suitable. This is the best option for selecting lighting for shallow tanks. For deep tanks, it is better to select a certain compromise that would create comfortable conditions for both flora and fauna. There are several solutions to this problem.

If there is not enough light in the tank for aquatic verdure, then fish species should be chosen from shallow reservoirs that are accustomed to bright light. In this case, the fish will not be dangerous bright light, and it will be useful for plants. You can choose the types of underwater flora that do not need too bright light. Such varieties are well combined with the content of deep-sea fish. They allow you to create conditions for life, close to natural.

Does The Fish Need Light In The Aquarium?

Does The Fish Need Light In The Aquarium?

You can pick up seedlings with leaves that can float on the surface of the aquarium and consume the right amount of light. The leaves will create a shade in which the fish will feel comfortable under intense light. In this case, the arrangement of the aquarium should begin with the cultivation of underwater plants. As soon as comfortable conditions for fish are created in an artificial reservoir, it will be possible to launch them. Then, in bright light, fish will be able to hide in the grown leaves of algae floating on the surface of the reservoir. Usually the plants grow to the desired size in two months. For better growth of plants, while there are no fish in the tank, you need to add fertilizer to the soil or water.

When arranging an aquarium, you can pick up high and low species of plants, evenly distributing them in the pond. For starters, choose unpretentious representatives of the aquatic flora: anubiasa, cryptocoryne, elodea, javanese moss, vallysneria, aponogetony, riccia, bacopa, limnofily. You can make such an arrangement only in large aquariums. For small volume tanks this option is not suitable.

Watch the video about unpretentious aquarium plants.

When setting the illumination, you can adjust the direction to which the light will go. The lamp is best sent to the places of intensive plant growth. So you can equip the backlight in large containers. Water areas free from aquatic flora should be decorated with snags or stained oak, which will create shaded “islands” that are close to the natural habitats of fish.

Light Mode

For comfortable conditions of plants, you should create a twilight mode, which happens in the wild. This is the time when the sun sets slowly, peculiar to different climatic regions. Even tropical species of flora need twilight. Too abrupt transition from light to dark causes stress in seedlings. In wildlife, the processes of lighting and darkness smoothly transform into each other. This must be taken into account when creating the illumination of domestic aquariums.

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If the light is turned off and turned on abruptly, then the plants will drastically change the mode, they will not have time to adapt to new conditions and will change their appearance. Many species, even photophilous, need shading for a comfortable life. They are often in bright light trying to roll the leaves, and fall into the shadow of the aquarium. It should be remembered that harsh darkness is also dangerous. If night shade-loving species can survive the day in the shaded corners of the reservoir, then light-loving ones simply cannot develop in dark water. Therefore, it is necessary to consider a smooth transition from light to dark.

To create twilight conditions in the tank, turn on the room lighting before turning on the lamp. 15 minutes is enough for the plants to be able to go from day to night to living. For rooms with good natural lighting in the summer, this is not necessary. When observing the aquarium at this time, you can see how some species of plants are activated in a state of twilight. When the light appears, the bakopas begin to turn the leaves and blossom.

Does The Fish Need Light In The Aquarium?

The best kind of lighting for aquarium is natural. If the container is standing next to the window, then the plants in such an aquarium look very beautiful due to the fact that they have enough natural light. But natural light of a temperate climate zone is not suitable for all types of flora. Tropical plants will definitely need a regulated additional lighting. side or corner. The number of light days for light-loving species. 11-12 hours.

It must also be remembered that the sun does not always shine equally brightly. There are cloudy days, and the light then falls. When the light of the sun is too bright, it is also not very good. The water is heated in the sun, and the plants feel uncomfortable. In the strong light of the sun, the water in the aquarium may bloom, the plants will begin to grow strongly, taking away free space from the fish. In the evening the sunshine will also be missed for lighting the aquarium.

Regulate the natural light you need with the help of artificial lamps. It must be remembered that the main part of the light in an artificial reservoir must fall through the top. With proper alternation of natural and artificial lighting of the reservoir, it is possible to create comfortable conditions for both fish and aquatic plants.

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