Diy Crafts For The Aquarium

Diy Crafts For The Aquarium

Diy Crafts For The Aquarium

Diy Crafts For The Aquarium

So, your aquarium looks too simple. And you want to decorate it. Making your own aquarium will make your aquarium more unusual. But, carefully, this occupation delays. In this article you will learn where to start, and get useful tips on how to make jewelry yourself.

Diy Crafts For The Aquarium

We make an aquarium with our own hands

You will need:

Colored pebbles or stones. Pieces of marble and colored glass are also great.

Plastic plants, safe for use in aquariums

Ornaments that are safe to use in aquariums, such as badges, ships, wood, etc.

Background for aquarium

If there is already a fish in the tank, move it to another container with water. Pour all the water from the aquarium., leaving about half of the other tank, then pour it back into the aquarium (along with fresh purified or settled water). If you plan to change the gravel, then remove the old one.

Now, having cleaned the aquarium, or if you have a new aquarium, wash it with warm water. Do not use soap. Deposits of salt and algae can be removed with vinegar. Then rinse the aquarium until the smell of vinegar disappears.

Installation of an aquarium

Diy Crafts For The Aquarium

Rinse new gravel, stones, pieces of marble and glass to remove dust and dirt. Also wash all decorations and plants. Do not use soap and other chemicals, just plain warm water and maybe some vinegar (to wash old items). For living plants, you can use a 5% bleach solution, and then place it in water with a dechlorinator.

Clean components (gravel, stones, etc.) gently place on the bottom of the aquarium. Spread the layer so that the layer is thicker at the back of the aquarium. If you want, you can make the bottom uneven. Put a plate on the bottom and pour the prepared water into it until you reach half the aquarium. The plate is needed so that when pouring the water does not erode the layer of gravel.

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Add plants and decorations, making sure that the fish have enough free space for swimming. Use your imagination. The larger the aquarium, the more room for decoration.

Diy Crafts For The Aquarium

Make sure the plants are firmly fixed.

Diy Crafts For The Aquarium

You will need:

Collect stuff. Walk along the beach or along the street and look for interesting pieces of wood, stones. Make sure they fit your tank.

Place stones and pieces of wood in a saucepan, add water and boil for a few minutes to destroy all bacteria that can harm your fish.

Rinse stones and wood with cold water. Rinse also the plants.

Place stones, pieces of wood and plants in the tank.

Diy Crafts For The Aquarium

This can be done in an empty or already filled with water aquarium.

Diy Crafts For The Aquarium

Add a background to the aquarium and glue it around the edges of the adhesive tape. The aquarium background will visually give depth to your aquarium, create a beautiful landscape and hide the wall.

The background can be as simple as a child’s drawing, or as complex as a work of art. It is up to you.

You will need:

Blank contact copy paper

White drawing paper or newsprint

Markers, crayons, crayons, paints, etc.

Masking tape

Double-sided adhesive tape

Measure the back of the aquarium with a tape measure. Cut a piece of paper of the required size.

Draw a background. Using paints, markers, crayons or colored pencils, draw a seascape. You can find pictures on the Internet, print and cut them, or cut pictures from a magazine and make a composition of them.

Diy Crafts For The Aquarium

Choose colors that match the color scheme of the decorative elements in the aquarium and the color of the fish.

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Glue the background to the back of the aquarium with masking tape. If you don’t like what the background looks like, remove it and make changes.

Protect the background from the effects of water, covering it with clean paper for contact copying. Spread a piece of contact copy paper on the table, put the background dimensions and add another 7.5 cm to each side to make it easier to attach the paper to the background. If the background is too large, fasten several pieces of contact paper with adhesive tape. The background must be covered on both sides.

Separate the back of the contact copy paper. Put it sticky side on the background. Press the hand first in the center, and then hold in a circular motion in different directions to prevent the appearance of bubbles.

Flip the background to the other side. and, repeating the previous steps, attach contact copy paper

Scissor excess paper for contact copying. Now that the protective background layer is ready, stick it to the back of the aquarium with double-sided tape.

Add water to the aquarium, Install filters, pumps and heater (if necessary), plug in and turn on all devices. If everything works fine, run the fish. If the aquarium is new, wait at least 24 hours before running the fish.

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