Die Fish In An Aquarium – What To Do

The question of the death of fish is often troubling and frightening novice aquarists. It is very difficult for them to understand what is wrong with pets, and it is even harder to figure out how to cure the diseased inhabitants of the reservoir.

It is important to remember that an artificial home pond should be a small holistic ecosystem. The less life in it will differ from life in a natural habitat, the less often your pets will be ill.

In order not to regret the loss later, it is better for owners to find out in advance why fish in an aquarium die, knowing the reasons, one can always take preventive measures and prevent death. Experts call a few highlights, leading to the death of the inhabitants of the home pond.

Checking water quality

Poor water is one of the most common causes of death for your pets. Many novice breeders simply can not keep up with the observance of a large number of conditions necessary for comfortable living of fish. Most often, the inhabitants of the reservoir are killed due to poisoning by nitrogen compounds. These toxic substances can appear either as a result of the decomposition of the waste products of fish, or because of poor-quality water purification. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the water in the tank, paying special attention to the amount of nitrates and ammonium.

Die Fish In An Aquarium. What To Do

To maintain water in a suitable condition, it is necessary to regularly perform its filtration and replacement. This will help avoid the general pollution of a small ecosystem.

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By the way, ordinary tap water is also not particularly useful for most species. Firstly, it is very different from the one to which the inhabitants of the aquarium have become accustomed, and secondly, due to an oversight of public services, the level of chlorine can suddenly rise sharply. Therefore, experts recommend the use of bottled water.

Another possible, though rarely occurring defect, from which fish in an aquarium die is an insufficient amount of oxygen. Without it, your pets may simply suffocate. To avoid such a sad outcome, you need to use an aquarium compressor.

Fish die in the aquarium: we consider the inhabitants

Another reason for the death of fish. a banal overpopulation. Inexperienced breeders can forget and do not specify how much space each of the purchased individuals needs. Beginners make the mistake of launching too many fish into a relatively small tank. Thus, a 20-liter aquarium will suffice the top ten guppies, and most exotic fish need substantially more water (for example, piranhas are bought with the calculation of 10 liters per individual).

Before buying a certain type of fish, you should find as much information as possible about them, and even better. consult with a specialist.

We study the harmful microorganisms that cause disease

With disease should be especially careful. Fish are almost unable to independently fight against microorganisms that cause their diseases. Treatment must be extremely accurate.

Antibiotics are given only as a last resort after consulting a specialist. Otherwise, you risk loosening or even completely destroying the biobalance in the aquarium. The most common types of microorganisms, due to which the fish can float belly up, are:

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It is also important to remember that exotic species can be carriers of rare diseases that are very difficult to diagnose. If it comes to the traditional inhabitants of aquariums, then experienced vets begin to suspect their disease only after checking the main options. If all the fish are sick, then besides expert advice on their treatment, breeders should:

clean the soil and water;

ensure continuous filtration of water;

to carry out timely replacement of water;

feed on a strictly rationed schedule.

It is important to quarantine or prophylactic treatment immediately after settling, and move the diseased individuals to another water tank.

Properly dose feed

It often happens that the inhabitants of the aquarium begin to breathe shortly after you run them there. The cause of death is the breeder’s inexperience. Not everyone knows that any fish emit ammonia as waste products, so few people will immediately figure out how much food they need to be given for one feeding. Errors in the dosage lead to the fact that the aquarium begins to slowly rot.

Die Fish In An Aquarium. What To Do

But do not despair. this process is reversible. You just need to make a water change (the more you replace, the better) and stop feeding the fish for a while. This fasting does not threaten their health and well-being. in their natural habitat, they can safely live without food for several days.

We help to survive acclimatization

Another reason for the death of fish in a newly populated aquarium is acclimatization. It is difficult for pets to get used to new living conditions, and especially to a different composition of water. For them, this is a big stress from which they can die. To prevent this from happening, experienced breeders recommend teaching the fish to new water gradually.

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If it seems to you that your pets do not feel well. contact the Aqua-Store aquarium maintenance company, our specialists will find out why the fish are dying in the aquarium and recommend what to do to prevent their death. We carry out qualified consultations and help to monitor the inhabitants of the reservoir until their complete recovery.

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