Daily Feeding With Aquarium Fish Feeders

There are electronic gadgets and accessories that facilitate the care of pets. Water heaters, ecosystem monitoring devices and automatic feeders have been invented for aquarium fish. During the long-term absence of an aquarist, it is the auto feeders for fish that will provide daily feeding to pets.

Principle of operation

All types of feeders give out a metered portion of food at certain time intervals. The structure is different, the power is produced from the network and from AA batteries. The second type is much more common.

Types of aquarium fish feeders:

  1. Drum. The most common among commercial devices.
  2. Shnekovye. The amount of food in such units is controlled by a rod with a screw surface.
  3. Trough with flap. Food is served with the opening of a special valve.
  4. Disk. Disks, divided into compartments. At the right time, the contents of the compartments poured into the aquarium.

Daily Feeding With Aquarium Fish Feeders

Advantages and disadvantages

Of the benefits can be identified:

  1. clear dosage of food;
  2. constant feeding at the same time;
  3. attaching feeders on suckers in a suitable area of ​​the aquarium;
  4. portability;
  5. fish will get used to getting food in a certain place.

There are also disadvantages:

  1. feeding only adult fish;
  2. the inability to use live and frozen food;
  3. high price.

How long will it work

The number of working hours of the device depends on the power of the batteries and the capacity of the feeder. Sold models that allow you to feed aquarium dwellers throughout the week. More capacious and expensive models will feed the fish for 2 months.

Based on the battery life, the aquarium feeder can operate smoothly for up to 4 months. However, to leave the fish unattended for too long a period should not be.

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Where to install the feeder

Fix the feeder over the surface of the water opposite the filter and aerator. Food should not be leached from the feeder.

Daily Feeding With Aquarium Fish Feeders

How to do it yourself

An alternative are homemade fish feeder. Enthusiasts come up with several working options. You can make such feeders for the aquarium with your own hands.

Bottle and Smartphone

Simple method. You will need the following items:

  1. bottle;
  2. narrow adhesive tape;
  3. phone with vibration mode.

An automatic feeder for an aquarium can be done in five steps:

  1. Cut the bottle in half.
  2. Part of the bottle with a neck overturn the stopper down.
  3. Leave a small gap between the cork and the neck. Secure the design with tape.
  4. Container fill feed. If the part will wake up. do not worry.
  5. There also put the charged phone.
  6. Secure the tripod over the surface of the water. When you call, the vibration of the phone will make food crumble into the water.

Thus, it is possible to provide the fish with food, being away from home.

Using the alarm clock

This aquarium feeder for an aquarium is harder to do with your own hands. It will take:

  1. plastic container with a lid (cup or container);
  2. tubule 7–8 mm in diameter;
  3. small alarm clock.

It is made as follows:

  1. Make a hole in the container with a diameter of less than 8 mm.
  2. Insert the tube into the hole so that the inner side does not touch the opposite wall of the container.
  3. Two thirds dry container fill and cover with a lid.
  4. Remove the glass from the alarm clock.
  5. Put the received drum on the hour axis of the alarm clock and tape it to the arrow. The hole should be bottom two times a day at certain hours.
  6. Food feeds when the hour hand takes the desired position, passing the way around the dial.
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Commercial samples

  1. Eheim Twin. Expensive feeder volume of 160 ml. Equipped with a fan to prevent food rotting and the formation of lumps under the influence of moisture. There are two compartments for different types of food. Works from 4 finger-type batteries. The feeding process is fully customizable.
  2. Eheim Feed Air Digital Automatic. Another sample from Eheim. Digital feeder with fan and feeding fish up to 4 times per day.
  3. Tetra. The device will provide the fish food up to three times a day. Food is protected from light, moisture and air. There is a convenient mount with height adjustment. The volume of the compartment for food 100 ml. Suitable food in the form of flakes, chips and pellets.
  4. Ferplast Chef. Feeding trough on batteries of 100 ml. Powered by two batteries and provides three meals a day fish with accurate dosing of food.
  5. A drum-type device will feed your pets twice a day. 300 g weigh, container volume. 100 ml. It is used to feed small fish that consume small and medium pellets.
  6. The feeder is powered by two batteries, it holds only 14 grams of small food. Suitable for feeding young fish. Serves fish twice a day.
  7. Fish Mate Automatic Feeder. The feeder has 14 compartments for storing food. It is possible to set up an automatic feed feed up to 4 times per day.


  1. After purchase, test the feeder for 2–3 days. Identification of faults and marriages will protect the fish from overfeeding and water pollution.
  2. Leaving the fish for too long is better to be safe. It is safer to entrust the feeding to an automatic device, the functioning of which must be monitored. Friends should make visits once a week.
  3. Leave your friend, who is charged with supervising the work of the feeder, all the necessary contacts and instruct him where to turn in case of equipment breakdown.
  4. Handmade devices are best preferred for short-term absence.
  5. If car feeders are used constantly, pay attention to the diet of fish. Poor nutrition, consisting only of dry food, badly affects the health of pets. Diversify the diet can be live, frozen and vegetable food.
  6. For feeding live and frozen food conveniently use a cone-shaped feeders. Such samples are inexpensive.
  7. Buying fish feeders is not always necessary. For up to 7 days, get food that gradually dissolves in water.
  8. When leaving the aquarium, do not forget also about changing the water, washing the filter and checking other equipment.
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Around the aquarium fish has formed a myth about their short memory. In fact, fish. smart creatures who do not forget to eat and can remember the face of the owner. Therefore, an aquarist should not forget to feed the fish and provide them with constant feeding.

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