Chips, Flakes, Granules Or Tablets – Choose Dry Fish Food

Chips, Flakes, Granules Or Tablets. Choose Dry Fish Food

Dry feed for aquarium fish are substitutes for live and vegetable food, if you do not have the time and opportunity for cooking. Modern dry food is presented in various forms, and each of them suits a certain type of fish. Dry feed for aquarium fish are sold in this form: in the form of tablets, flakes, chips, sticks, pellets, micro-feed, liquid feed. Which is better to choose food so that the fish will remain full and healthy?

Chips, Flakes, Granules Or Tablets. Choose Dry Fish Food

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Top dressing in the form of tablets

Tablets and tablet forms are food that gradually sink in water and fall to the bottom. They are best given to bottom fish that inhabit the lower layers of water and other aquatic organisms (shrimp, snails). When the tablets fall into the aquarium water, they do not remain on the surface, but immediately go to the bottom, so other fish will not take it. Consequently, bottom pets will not go hungry.

Chips, Flakes, Granules Or Tablets. Choose Dry Fish Food

Chips, Flakes, Granules Or Tablets. Choose Dry Fish Food

Tablets of feed form a large and dense substance, because of which the fish are not able to swallow such food completely. She will have to bite off bit by bit, or grind off. Tablets consist of natural components and vitamin complexes. If you leave home for a few days, a few large pills will make up the basic diet for fish. Food will stick to the wall of the aquarium, fish will gather around it, and will bite off a piece as often as they need.

It is believed that the dry types of food spoil the aquarium water, this opinion also applies to tablets. The only minus of such food is that fish that swim in the upper layers of the water cannot eat it. If you have a specific aquarium with only bottom fish, then such feeding is always useful. One more thing. the pills are strongly leaking into the ground of a large fraction, so it will be impossible to get it even with a siphon.

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Feed in the form of flakes and chips

The flakes are fragile in their structure, so they quickly get wet and disintegrate. Such food can feed all kinds of fish, but not large ones. Perfect for fish with an upper mouth, taking food from the surface. Some of this food will settle on the bottom, so it will get to the bottom fish.

Chips, Flakes, Granules Or Tablets. Choose Dry Fish Food

Cereals and chips do not have great nutritional value, because they contain high concentrations of agar, gelatin and gluten. Such feed leads to turbidity and water pollution. It gradually decomposes and breaks up into microparticles, which are deposited on the bottom, plants, filter. For this reason, the feeding of such food should not occur too often, but only in exceptional cases (during the holiday of the owner of the fish).

Chips have a similar structure with flakes, but they have fewer flaws. Their structure is more dense, it does not break up so quickly. It soaks slowly, so small fish can not eat them properly. Chips will easily be eaten by large hydrobionts that can capture a large piece of food.

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Top dressing in the form of sticks, granules and micro-feed

Sticks are a granular substance that is smaller than flakes. However, there are many types of granules that are suitable for fish of a certain type and size. Granulated feed there are two varieties. floating and sinking. The granules have a high density, due to which they slowly disintegrate, and you will be able to promptly remove the extra portion from the aquarium without overfeeding pets.

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There are expensive and cheap sticks for feeding fish. It is better to buy expensive food, because they do not harm the digestive tract of fish. The cheap feed digests the shell, and the rest of the contents gradually rot, causing inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract of pets. Another feature of the granules. they increase in water several times. It turns out that the fish eat a portion of food, and after that it will begin to increase in its stomach, causing fermentation.

Chips, Flakes, Granules Or Tablets. Choose Dry Fish Food

Chips, Flakes, Granules Or Tablets. Choose Dry Fish Food

If you notice that after feeding such food, the fish swelled, lost coordination, hung upside down, got inflammation in the anus, this is a clear symptom of gastrointestinal upset. If you feed your pets a little, and not so often, then problems can be avoided. Once a week, arrange a fasting fish day, and make the best menu.

Dry micro food is small particles of food pounded into dust. Perfect for young and fry. Adults and large fish simply will not see micro food. Its main drawback. it quickly pollutes the water, so watch the dosage and do not overfeed. It is not a complete replacement for live dust. If you want to grow healthy fry, feed them with live, natural food. Liquid micro food can be used for feeding fry. They have artemia proteins, egg yolks, vitamin complexes. The particles of such feed swim in the water column, and the young take it from time to time. Liquid micro food also spoils the water.

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