Childbearing In Guppies

Guppies of the species can be called perhaps the most common and unpretentious. Often, it is from them that wildlife lovers start breeding fish. They perfectly adapt to the existing conditions and reproduce well in them. But when faced for the first time with the breeding process of guppy fish, there may be many questions that we will try to address. The main one, of course, is how guppies give birth. We will consider it in the article.

So let’s start, everything in order. Guppies are ready to breed in 3-4 months. These fish belong to viviparous, fry are fully formed, they are even able to feed on their own. Sometimes the process of sexual maturity may occur earlier, especially if the fish live all in one aquarium, males and females.

Childbearing In Guppies

If the proper care of the fish is carried out, then the duration of their life reaches 4 years, but they can produce up to 3 years. It is about females, males live less than about 3 years.

How to determine pregnancy in fish

Often experienced aquarists can note this feature. If the fish are deposited in another container, they become lethargic and inactive, and in some cases may even die. They are familiar habitat for their habitat, and in the new, the fish begins to experience stress. At the same time, before the guppies give birth, it is necessary to deposit the female in another container in order to obtain the most healthy offspring. Therefore, it is important to know as soon as possible the dates of pregnancy of the fish, so that it spends as little time as possible in another container, respectively, it will experience as little stress as possible.

At the onset of hollow maturity, the female should fertilize the male. After that, the pregnancy lasts about one month. The term may be more or less for a few days, and both cases will be within the normal range. The temperature of the water in the aquarium can significantly affect the duration of pregnancy. The higher it is, the shorter the gestation period and it is enough for the normal formation of full fry.

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Understand that guppies soon give birth can be the way it changes its appearance. This can be seen with the naked eye and is understandable even to a beginner. The female’s abdomen is rounded, and the closer the delivery approaches, it becomes more and more complete. The fish becomes like a keg. It is best seen that it has greatly increased, if you look the fish in the eye, so it can be seen on the sides from both sides and you can already objectively assess the situation that it is time to fish the fish for the delivery. Closer to childbirth need to look closely to the anal fin. In guppies, before birth, a “prenatal spot” is formed near the anal fin, this name is conditional, but according to the size of this spot, you can eventually learn to determine the readiness of the female for childbirth. It should also be borne in mind that the spot size of each female may be different and this is also within the normal range. By changing it, it is important to know the dates and this can be determined by an experienced aquarist. All this in the complex will indicate that the female is going to give birth in the near future.

But sometimes this sign of "prenatal spot" can even be misleading. In some females, even those not fertilized, it may be present and even be larger than those of the fish that should soon give birth. According to one such spot, it is impossible to determine pregnancy in guppies, it is necessary to consider all the symptoms in the complex. Or the method of monitoring the "prenatal spot" is suitable if it is not the first pregnancy of the fish and its owner remembers approximately what it was in previous pregnancies, comparing it with the current state.

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How does childbirth

Childbirths in the female gupeshki begin by making out babies, their number may be different and depends on many factors. This and the conditions of the fish and hereditary factors, and the health of the fish. The female guppy, before giving birth, becomes somewhat more restless than at any other time and begins to actively move through the aquarium; in the process, one can see how it fits the fry. They can be from a few pieces to hundreds. On average, guppies give birth to 30-40 fry. At the first spawning usually brings the birth of a small number of fry, from 10 to 20. In the next they will be more, and in a year or two their number will also decrease.

Video: Guppy Birth

When to deposit

Depositing females into another container must also be done because this species of fish is able to eat its offspring, both males and females. To do this in advance you need to prepare another tank besides the aquarium. Perfect 3 liter jar. It is important to maintain the same water temperature there as in the aquarium. Water should be free of iodine and salt. After the guppy’s birth is completed, it can be transplanted from the fry back into the aquarium. And the fry will grow up in a separate container until the sex of the fish can be determined. This can be done at the age of 2 weeks.

Childbearing In Guppies

It’s good if the algae are placed in the jar in advance, the fry will be able to hide from the mother of the fish in them, and she will not be able to eat them.

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Some aquarists do not produce jigging of pregnant females at all and they give birth to fry right in the aquarium, but then those who managed to hide survive. It is simply impossible to determine how many fry will remain in advance, so it is better to do jigging until birth, so that all offspring survive.

If the female can’t give birth

There are cases that the time of birth at the gopashki should already be suitable for all calculations, but they are not. There may be several scenarios. Perhaps there was an error in the calculations and you need to wait, or maybe the fish can not give birth. In this case, the onset of labor can be accelerated by changing the water temperature. You just need to increase it by 2 degrees and the process should go faster. For stimulation it will be enough to replace the water by 20-30%. It is important not to raise the temperature sharply, otherwise childbirth may be premature, unfortunately, in this case, all offspring may die if they are not viable.. There is another way that will help if a guppy cannot give birth, it is a replanting to the female of a very young male. As soon as the birth begins, it will need to be deposited in another container.

The birth of a guppy lasts differently, it can be one hour, and maybe 12 hours. And she can throw out fry in batches. For a few pieces. The frequency of release of such batches can be different, you need to remember that everything is individual. As a rule, guppies give birth to the next batch of fish in a month or two. In this case, you need to think about where all this numerous offspring will live.

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