Caring For Aquarium And Fish For Beginners

Proper care of the aquarium and fish for beginners is very important. Therefore, from the very beginning it is worth doing it right. In this article you will learn where to start and what to avoid. Novice aquarists who know how to care for an aquarium with fish can avoid many problems.

If you decide to put an aquarium at home and breed fish, then you need instructions on how to care for fish in an aquarium. A guide for the care of fish in the aquarium is not available for the purchase of an aquarium. Therefore, we will try to help clarify the question: how to care for fish?

How to choose the aquarium and fish

When choosing an aquarium, it is worth considering what kind of fish will live in it. If you prefer small fish, then the aquarium for them is to choose a small one. But in large aquariums you can keep flocks of small size fish.

But if you have no experience at all in keeping a small fish, then it is better to start with a small volume tank.

Ground relief is also important. In particular, for the fish living on the bottom. these are all kinds of catfish. They need caves, grottoes for shelter.

Buying different types of fish should pay attention to compatibility, to avoid conflicts. And do not forget to prepare in advance for the purchase of fish. There are different conditions for different species (temperature, hardness, acidity of water).

Also, it is necessary to immediately determine the vegetation. You can do with artificial plants, but living is much more beautiful. Living plants in the aquarium will facilitate the care of the fish in the aquarium, helping to maintain the necessary biological balance.

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Caring For Aquarium And Fish For Beginners

The process of cleaning the walls of the aquarium

Care for aquarium fish for beginners

There is care for the fish in the aquarium for beginners in the actions and measures that the aquarist should take.

Instructions on how to care for fish in an aquarium (what needs to be done):

  • it is necessary to create comfortable living conditions for fish
  • support of parameters necessary for good biobalance
  • correctly feeding the inhabitants of the aquarium
  • cleaning aquarium and water change
  • examination of fish for damage or signs of disease

With proper care, the diseases are unlikely, but still, if your fish are sick, you need to correctly diagnose the infection, and take measures for treatment. This article will help you about the disease of aquarium fish.

Below we consider these points, which includes instructions for the care of fish, in more detail.

Necessary habitat

At this point, we will describe how to care for fish in an aquarium in terms of habitat. The habitat is your aquarium, which is a closed ecosystem.

Consider the points of how to care for aquarium fish and what measures to take for their comfortable existence:

  • monitor the temperature in the aquarium
  • using the necessary equipment, provide aeration and filtration of water
  • turn on and off the light in the aquarium (or provide it with special equipment, a timer), which is necessary not only for plants, but also for fish
  • keep track of the quality of the decorations that will be placed in the aquarium
  • periodically replace water and clean (siphon of open ground)
  • remove dead plant leaves

Siphon primer will help get rid of dirt at the bottom, the remnants of feed. Through this procedure, you decide the issue of water change. Drain 1/3 of the water. Add water from the same source and approximate temperature parameters (do not add hot or very cold water).

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Caring For Aquarium And Fish For Beginners

How to feed the fish

Consider how to care for the fish in the matter of their feeding.

Instructions for the care of the aquarium has one of the important points. it is feeding. Adult fish are fed once, twice a day. Malkov need to feed more often, four, six times a day.

Also, the desired type of food depends on the type of fish living in the aquarium.

Feed should be given in small portions. For 3-4 minutes the fish should completely eat it. Do not forget about the bottom dwellers. For them, there is food in the form of tablets that sink.

More information about feeding can be from the article "How to feed aquarium fish."

Inspection of the aquarium and fish

It is possible to care for fish in an aquarium in a simple way. by observation. It is necessary to monitor not only the state of water and plants, but also the state of the fish, their behavior.

External signs that should immediately alert:

  • scales standing on end
  • ulcers, wounds, bloom, spots on the body, fins and tail
  • lethargic, emaciated species of fish
  • excessively bulging eyes

If such signs are observed, such fish should be deposited and measures should be taken for treatment.

Cleaning in the aquarium

In previous paragraphs, this issue was addressed.

But the main thing is:

  • periodic soil siphon
  • food residue removal
  • removal of dead plant leaves

If there is a need for general cleaning (large blockage, strong turbidity of water), then it is necessary:

  1. put out the fish
  2. drain and rinse the soil, scenery
  3. wash the filter and the aquarium itself
  4. after placing the soil, scenery back, pour water at the desired temperature and run the inhabitants

In conclusion, let’s say: fish are also living beings that need proper care. Therefore, novice aquarists will be useful, our article in which the question is revealed: how to care for the aquarium and fish?

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