Care For Aquarium Fish

Care For Aquarium Fish

Caring for an aquarium and fish is not only interesting, but also useful. Even in cases where a home aquarium is an exclusive design element, many owners are so keen on aquarium fish, caring for them and studying their behavior, that they become avid aquarists.

As a result of research scientists found that a home aquarium with fish is very useful for the psyche and is an excellent remedy for stress. Moreover, aquarium fish and caring for them has a positive effect on the emotional state of children, and also fosters responsibility. But, of course, we must not forget that aquarium fish are living creatures that need attention and care. In order to care for the aquarium and the fish was a pleasure, you should carefully study all the features and subtleties of this activity. Let’s see what experts advise for proper maintenance of aquarium fish and care for them.

Care For Aquarium Fish

First of all, you need to think carefully about where the home aquarium will stand, which one will most fit the shape and size. It is believed that a large aquarium is easier to look after than a small one, which is especially important for beginners. Also in a large aquarium, you can contain a larger number of fish. For example, the care and maintenance of goldfish require a large amount of space, contrary to the prevailing stereotype that goldfish live in small aquariums. Choosing an aquarium, do not forget about the equipment that is necessary for the care of fish. The more carefully every detail is thought out, the later it will be easier to care for the aquarium.

One of the most popular problems for beginning aquarists is the choice of fish for the aquarium. To get started is to get the most unpretentious species that do not require much attention and survive the possible mistakes in feeding and care.

Care For Aquarium Fish

Classic Black-tailed Sword

Guppy. the most common type of fish. They have a bright tail, have very different bright colors. True, only males are colorful. Females grow to six centimeters, and males. two times less. With a sufficient amount of greenery for them there is no need to install additional aeration and filtration, but only with regular water changes. Even an ordinary desk lamp may be suitable for lighting. Even in small aquariums of fifteen to thirty liters, they can contain up to seven pieces.

Aquarium fish require a certain daily care, it does not take much time, but it must be carried out every day. And it is good to understand what aquarium fish is, care for them, and in that case everything will be in order.

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First of all, care is about supporting all the constant parameters of the environment to which the fish are accustomed. Every day you need to check the temperature of the water, do not forget to turn on the heater in time if the temperature has fallen below normal, and, conversely, turn it off if the water has overheated. The daily procedure also includes checking the condition of the filter, cleaning it if it is clogged. Compressor check is also included in the daily routine. If the room is dark, then you need to turn on the lights.

Care For Aquarium Fish

Betta Fish Male

To maintain a constant water level in the aquarium should also be every day, in case of its decrease. add defended water prepared in advance. Be sure to remember that categorically you can not put foreign objects in the aquarium, firstly, it can scare the fish, and, secondly, they can be bacteria that are harmful to the fish. In addition, aquarium fish poorly tolerate tobacco smoke, so in the room where the aquarium stands it is better not to smoke.

If the water suddenly becomes cloudy, do not raise panic prematurely. Sometimes turbidity is caused by the remnants of dry food, and not at all by bacteria. Prevention measures are very simple: remove garbage and temporarily transfer fish from dry food. Ideally, they generally need to be evacuated from the aquarium. If after some time the water does not brighten and an unpleasant smell appears, it is necessary to begin a comprehensive cleaning of the aquarium. At the time of the absence of fish here you can settle Daphnia for water purification.

Care For Aquarium Fish

Black angelfish

No need to be surprised, but you already start caring for fish from the moment you buy an aquarium. It is its shape, volume and size that determine the comfort of its inhabitants. From this it follows that the life expectancy of aquarium fish, as well as the quality of life depends directly on the aquarium.

The long-awaited settlement of fish. the process is not the easiest. First, you need to consider the nature and behavioral responses of a species. The schooling fish singly die and die, and the attempts to combine species that require different water temperatures lead to death. Beautiful, stylish, and most importantly easy to maintain look aquariums, dedicated to a particular ecological environment. So it is easier to choose the same type of fish and plants that are ideal for the composition, both in appearance and content.

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Feeding also refers to the care of aquarium fish. Feed the fish need one or two times a day, if they are already adults, and the fry are fed at least four times a day. The amount of food that is given once varies depending on the species of fish. most often, the amount is determined empirically, simply by checking how much food the fish cope with so that large surpluses do not remain. they litter the water in the aquarium and the filters. However, care must be taken not to overfeed the fish, it is also harmful to their health.

Care For Aquarium Fish

A flock of neons

The choice of lighting is also a care for aquarium fish. Many species of fish do not require additional lighting, they have enough daylight. Some can not do without lights, even at night. Also important is the location of the aquarium: if it is located in a dark corner, the backlight should be almost around the clock.

Care For Aquarium Fish

The optimum lighting is for an aquarium at the rate of 0.5 watts of power per liter of water. But these indicators are not the rule. It is necessary to take into account the depth of the water and the habitat of fish and plants. For example, residents of the depths need much less light than the inhabitants of shallow water. The most accurate illumination for the aquarium can be set experimentally. With excessive light, water will begin to bloom, and algae will overgrow the walls. Insufficient lighting can lead to brown spots on the walls of the aquarium, as well as to the difficulty of respiration of fish and the death of small-leaved plants.

Water should be refilled as it evaporates, cleans the glass, the aquarium soil only partially, no more than 1/5. 1/3 of the volume of the aquarium. Moreover, even a partial replacement of water should not drastically change both its gas and salt composition.

In aquarium fish farming, complete replacement of old water is extremely rare. Even with the massive death of fish it does not completely change. When completely replacing the water, it is necessary to be sure that the new water meets all the hydrochemical parameters required for the existing fish species.

Care For Aquarium Fish

Spiral valisneria

Completely change the water in the aquarium in exceptional cases: when introducing unwanted microorganisms, the appearance of fungal mucus, rapid flowering of water that does not stop when the aquarium is darkened temporarily, and when the soil is very dirty. From the complete change of water plants suffer: there is discoloration and premature dying of the leaves. If the aquarium is biologically correctly populated, then plants, fish and bacteria in the soil and water can replace a good filter.

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To remove algae from the glasses on sale there are many devices: magnetic wipers and scrapers to remove algae. Using scrapers with metal blades, care must be taken because they can scratch the surface of the plexiglass or cut through the silicone sealant in the corners of the aquarium. It is safer to use scrapers with plastic blades.

Care For Aquarium Fish

Golden ampoule

Some aquarists, in part replacing water during the water replacement procedure, prefer to use a device for cleaning gravel. With the help of this device, you can remove detritus from the surface of the soil or drain the soil and extract from it the mulmas accumulated there. However, remember that the regular disruption of the soil structure using such a device will affect the biological treatment of waste occurring in the soil column, as well as in the filter. If the filter layer, in this case gravel, is broken regularly, the effectiveness of bottom filtration will decrease.

Mixing the substrate in aquariums where there is no water filtration can cause serious problems with ammonia and nitrites, since the aerobic bacteria involved in the nitrogen cycle mostly cover the particles of the surface layer of the soil where there is oxygen needed for them. If, as a result of using the device for cleaning gravel, the surface layer of the substrate is at the bottom, most of these bacteria will be destroyed, since they will lack oxygen in the lower layers of the substrate.

The filter maintenance schedule depends on the type of filtration. mechanical, chemical or biological, as well as the type and model of the filter and the filter materials used in it. Follow the instructions of the filter manufacturers in this matter. Some filter materials. such as a sponge or a bundle of synthetic threads. can only be washed, although in the end they will still have to be replaced. Some filter materials, such as zeolite, can be recovered, and some, most often chemical filter materials, such as peat or coal, need to be replaced regularly.

Aquarium plants also need regular attention. Dead leaves should be removed, some plants require pruning, and if the waste of fish does not give enough nitrates, the aquatic flora needs additional feeding.

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