Can Fish Give Bread

What fish can give bread

Fish need carbohydrates. They help to maintain energy, stimulate physical activity. The faster the fish moves, the more carbohydrate food it needs. Phlegmatic, preferring to sit in houses or thickets, need mainly protein food, for example, in live food.

Even for fish in need of carbohydrates, bread should not be the main food. It is suitable as a rare dressing. Bread and potatoes are too heavy for fish intestines and can cause severe disruption to its work.

In insignificant quantities you can feed cichlids and gourays with bread. You need to buy products for fish without chemical additives.

How to feed the fish bread in the aquarium:

  1. Separate the crumb from the peel.
  2. Blind fingers cake of 1-2 cm radius.
  3. Put on the surface of the water.

Bread to feed the fish is very interesting. For underwater inhabitants, bread is a delicacy. All the inhabitants of the aquarium, from guppies to predatory cichlids, pounce on it and destroy the cake in a few minutes.

At the same time, part of the product will be in the secluded corners of the aquarium, where, at best, herbivorous snails will find and eat it, and at worst, the crumbs will ferment and ruin the water, after which you will need to switch on the filter and aerator to full capacity, or change at least a quarter of the liquid. Therefore, it is better to give bread before the general cleaning of the fish house.

What fish should not give bread

The choice of food for aquarium fish is inexhaustible. Sold frozen, dried, live food in flakes, tablets, prolonged action. Even for pond dwellers, granulated food is produced, which, unlike bread, contains vitamins and necessary minerals and does not spoil water.

Can Fish Give Bread

An interesting fact. in Thailand, the police detained the Russian woman, who fed fish with bread in the area of ​​coral reefs. The woman was threatened with a fine or imprisonment. Ichthyologists consider human food dangerous even for wild fish, not to mention aquarium fish.

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Thai experts say that after feeding bread to sea fish threatens death. Some predatory breeds ferment in the stomach, and they die due to increased gas formation.

Why bread is dangerous

Getting into the water, the bread quickly begins to ferment. Even labyrinth fish that can breathe outside air, it is difficult to be in such an aquarium. The compressor will not cope with pollution and turned on around the clock.

Only complete replacement of water will help to get rid of turbidity and smell, which does not benefit the underwater ecosystem and takes a lot of time from the owner.

Each type of fish needs special nutrition. There is no universal feed. If you give only bread to pets, most of them will receive less of the necessary elements. Species in need of a high content in protein feed will be particularly affected.

Consultation of experts and the literature will help to count food for each species of fish.

If you need a carbohydrate diet, it is better to take not bread, but semolina. It will not turn sour, as it quickly eats up, and mobile fish needing energy will be to taste. But it is better to have catfish and mollusks in the aquarium for reliability. They will pick up semolina dropped to the bottom, not allowing them to sour.

Can Fish Give Bread

Feed your fish correctly, and they will delight you for a long time with beauty and interesting behavior.

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