Business On Aquarium Fish Breeding And Sale Of Aquarium Fish

Business On Aquarium Fish Breeding And Sale Of Aquarium Fish

Recently, not only private offices, but also halls and offices of large enterprises have been increasingly decorated with aquariums with original and exotic fish.

This is not surprising, because they give a certain atmosphere of calm and balance to any room. Do not forget about the private lovers of this kind of interior decoration. In this regard, the business in the aquarium fish now looks very attractive and promising.

What you need to know

For the successful implementation of such a business idea requires some knowledge. At a minimum, it is necessary to distinguish between predatory and herbivorous species, as well as the subtleties of proper care. As well as breeding domestic fish, growing them for sale should occur in good light, corresponding to the natural level.

In addition, various aquatic plants should be placed in the aquarium. The main thing is that they are familiar to the fish of a particular species. Another important nuance that should be remembered is the presence of a carbon dioxide dispenser.

The water in the aquarium should have a stable temperature. As for the fish, they (especially tropical species) need not only feed, but also the constant addition of various mineral supplements.

Installation of aquariums

Breeding aquarium fish should start with the organization for their habitat. As practice shows, installation of a rack will be very expedient. It can consist of both two and three tiers. This is where the aquariums themselves will be installed. The main requirements for the rack are its high reliability and durability, because several hundreds of liters of water are placed in each tank.

It is recommended to locate an aquarium intended for producers on the uppermost shelf, spawning at the middle, and a nursery at the lower. This placement will greatly facilitate care. The fact is that in this case it is possible to add water to the lower ones from the upper aquarium. this has a favorable effect on the biological state inside the tank, as well as on the young fry.

Business On Aquarium Fish Breeding And Sale Of Aquarium Fish

What is the best fish to start with

As practice shows, the business on aquarium fish is best to start with the breeding of the most simple and at the same time best-selling species. In addition, it is necessary to take into account some such nuances as peace-loving, omnivorous, as well as the speed of development. All this will allow to acquire certain skills and experience, which will help to significantly expand the range of enterprises in the future.

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Choosing fish for business

A very important issue in this type of business is the understanding of a novice entrepreneur of what breeds of aquarium fish he will breed. It all depends purely on the initial financial investments. In the event that, in addition to tens of thousands of rubles, there is an opportunity to give all your time, you can start breeding expensive breeds worth up to 500 US dollars per individual. The clear advantage here is that in the aquarium there will be few such fish.

However, there is another side to the coin. The idea is that such species require special care, and their habitat conditions should be perfect. In this regard, there is every reason to assume that businessmen who are just starting this type of entrepreneurial activity, it is better to give preference to growing simple and at the same time unpretentious breeds.

Business On Aquarium Fish Breeding And Sale Of Aquarium Fish

Simple types of fish

As already noted above, unpretentious fish are bred much easier. However, this does not mean that you can not earn them. Quite the contrary. The most common simple breeds that do not require too much from their owner are betta, gupi, and gourami.

The first of these species is popular all over the planet and is quite a peace-loving fish. Its only drawback is that one should not allow more than one male to be in the same aquarium.

Gupi is the most popular breed. Their key feature, besides their beautiful appearance, is that they multiply quickly and independently. Moreover, it does not need to create them any special conditions.

As for the gourami, for their breeding only timely cleaning of the aquarium and changing the water is required. The cost of one separate individual of each of the mentioned breeds of unpretentious fish is in the range from thirty to seventy rubles.

Food and its varieties

Fish farming as a business is impossible without the use of feed. There are two types of them: live and artificial. The first type allows you to provide much better results compared with even the most high-quality and modern artificial food.

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As for the second variety, beef heart is considered one of the best. It should simply be peeled off the film, then cut into small pieces and freeze. Later, such food is rubbed on a grater and applied in small portions. An important feature is that the water under its action practically does not deteriorate.

Investment Required

The lion’s share of the entire initial budget is allocated for the purchase of an aquarium. It can be either one large or several small ones. As entrepreneurial experience shows, it is most expedient to acquire for the beginning two or three aquariums, the total volume of which is about three hundred liters. The cost of this pleasure is approximately 60 thousand rubles.

In addition to this money, you need about 15 thousand rubles for the purchase of fry and another 5 thousand. for the care of them. With all this, do not forget about food and various specialized literature. Thus, at the initial stage of business development, breeding aquarium fish will cost about 100 thousand rubles. It should be noted that in the future, certain types of food can be grown independently, which will significantly save.

Implementation of fish

There are two ways to implement fish. At the first of them, they are sold as a teenager. In this case, the cost of one individual will average 10 rubles. When using the second method, older fish are realized. Then you can help out up to 100 rubles for one.

You need to be prepared for the fact that, whatever the method of sales, initial investments will pay off no earlier than in five to six months. At the same time, one cannot fail to note the fact that if you organize and conduct a business on aquarium fish efficiently, then you can earn at least 25 thousand rubles a month.

Aquatic plants as a way to increase profits

If an entrepreneur is actively engaged in breeding aquarium fish, it will be appropriate to grow aquatic plants in parallel. The fact is that they are in high demand in bird markets. Moreover, for some of them it is possible to gain substantial money. A striking confirmation of this is echinodorus, the cost of which averages 17 dollars in the national equivalent. However, for most of the plants from the client, you can take about 2 dollars.

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Whatever it was, the cultivation of aquatic plants, as well as the breeding of fish, is carried out in an aquarium. At its bottom should be laid nutrient soil, and on top. to install a lamp. After that, you can start planting. A very important condition in this case is to ensure the proper level of humidity inside the aquarium. This can be achieved by completely covering the soil layer with water. Another mandatory requirement is to cover the container with glass on top.

Caring for plants for sale

Before planting aquarium plants intended for further implementation, they must be washed with clean water at room temperature. In addition, it is desirable to give preference to young seedlings, because there is a high probability that a large species will not take root. It is also recommended to pre-disinfect them by placing them in a 2% manganese solution for up to ten minutes.

We must not forget that aquarium plants do not like crowding. In this regard, it is recommended to observe the distance between the seedlings. As for the soil, it should be loose, which will provide a comfortable and constant water flow. To avoid the pallor of aquatic plants, you can use special additives that contain iron and other nutrients that are beneficial.

Fish diseases

The main problem faced by a person who organized a business in aquarium fish is the occurrence of various diseases in them. Most often they appear due to the weakening of immunity, which is connected, as a rule, with the lack of proper amount of live food.

In order to counteract this, it is recommended that fish be added to food at least three times a week. Live food, which includes nematodes, daphnia, enkhitrousy, as well as the fruit fly, can be cultivated independently.


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