Best Neighbors For Aquarium Guppies

Best Neighbors For Aquarium Guppies

Small and nimble guppies with beautiful tails. the joy and decoration of the apartment. But enthusiastic fish farmers are not always limited to one “breed” and therefore they ask themselves: what kind of fish can you keep with a guppy? Despite its diminutiveness, the gups are quite hardy and patient fishes. They do not create problems for the neighbors in the aquarium, but the neighbors themselves do not always respond with peaceful reciprocity.

Guppies are the most frequent victims in the glazed aquariquity. That is why the owner is obliged to ensure the compatibility of guppies with other fish. Only a reasonable selection of roommates can guarantee this little friendly fish safety.

General Neighborhood Rules

Before choosing mates for guppies, you should make sure that there is enough space in the prepared aquarium for all the drivers. The volume of water conditionally depends on the length of the fish: 1 cm of water is required for each cm of the length of the individual. The more spacious the dwelling will be, and the more shelters it will contain, the more comfortable all the fish will feel in it, and especially the tiny guppy. You should also pay attention to the following points:

Best Neighbors For Aquarium Guppies
  1. The males of guppies are gifted with lush fins and tails, so there is no need to share with them such mischievous characters like Sumatran and fiery barbs, as well as denison: they will pluck beautiful veils of guops.
  2. And the fish has its own character! Aggressive, nimble fish. not the best neighbors for guppies. Angelfish, carp, goldfish and discus fish are larger than guppies and are not averse to feasting on their petty brethren. Daily race for survival deplete gops, enter them into a state of stress. In addition, large fish are taken from the guppy feed.
  3. Choosing fish, which can be hooked up to guppies, take into account the demands of pets to water and food. The neighbors of the gumps should have the same preferences for temperature and water hardness, for the food offered. Disagreements in these important parameters are fraught with the death of fish.
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But what kinds of fish get along with guppies without incident?

Pecil neighbors

Being relatives of viviparous fish, guppies can live quite peacefully in the same aquarium with swordtails, petilia (mollies), limias, blue-eyed, and alfaro turquoise. In addition, they have similar requirements for food and water, so there will be no major problems with the general content. Colleagues will not eat and chase each other, and yet experienced aquarists warn of a few nuances of the neighborhood with patsils:

  1. Guppies require harder and colder water than chilias.
  2. Friendship is friendship, but platies still bite. Especially during the mating season. They can sling on the gorgeous fins of guops, after pinching off which the victim may die.
  3. Pecilia will eat the guppies’ freshly bred offspring, so you should not be surprised that after a long time there are no residents in the aquarium.

Guppies do not interbreed with their pecillium cousins, and new species of fish. hybrids. cannot be obtained. But in order to keep the existing pets, you need to take care of a spacious aquarium with a large number of shelters (plants, snags, shells).

Bottom quiet

Guppies are lovers of light, so they mostly live in the upper layers of water and rarely descend to the bottom. And lovers of the lower layer and darkness are unlikely to be interested in gupochka. Therefore, catfish do not touch the guppies, these species may not even know that they live in the same aquarium. There is no landings and deadly chases.

Bats and knifefish also belong to the bottom neighbors. They slowly swim along the bottom, slowly cleaning the glass dwelling from the remnants of food. Drifters will be good neighbors for gops, but the owner should set aside the individual fry in time, otherwise they will also become food for the cleaners. Experts note that schooling fish become aggressive if there are not enough individuals "in the company". And for a good flock of bottom fish you need a fairly spacious aquarium.

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It is forbidden to add salt if there are cat corridors living in the aquarium! Though the guppies adore the salty environment, but the near-bottom neighbors will die from this.

Danio. Neighbor Needs Attention

Aquarists say that guppies and friendly danios ideally coexist, without prejudice to each other’s rights. Danio is just as hardy and calm as their pecillian guppy friends. It is better to start danios in flocks (10 individuals), otherwise they will become too nimble, and races will be unavoidable.

Although it happens that in a large flock of danios there are notorious mischief-makers who are not averse to chasing their own brethren in the expanses of water. It happens that the guppies do not show themselves from the best side, biting the tails of the peaceful danios, especially the veil breed, which has something to brag about. In any case, based on many years of experience of fish farmers, you can safely plant a flock of danios to a group of gules, without fear for the health and morale of both species.

Lively betta fish

In many fish breeding forums, there are opinions that the betta fish get along well with goobs, despite the fact that the former have a reputation as “fighting” fish. In fact, cases of full compatibility are quite rare, all individually. Even judging by the different requirements of the two species for water, it can be assumed that the total content of Betta Fish and gops will be quite risky. In addition, the betta will drive their neighbors around the aquarium until their tails and fins are shredded.

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The only thing these two fish are similar to is nutritional requirements. Rasvodchikov problems here. But to start two species in the general aquarium only because of the convenience of feeding is not entirely appropriate.

Yes, there are several types of aquarium fish that can peacefully share a home with a guppy and not give the owner a chagrin. But there are a lot of problematic moments. even with peaceful neighbors. Therefore, as most aquarists advise, it is best to organize an individual aquarium for the guppy, without any perpetrators. There, the fish will feel as comfortable and safe as possible.

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