Aquarium Snails. What To Feed?

Aquarium Snails. What To Feed?
Aquarium Snails. What To Feed?

You can meet snails in an aquarium quite often. With their presence, they not only decorate it, but also are an important link in the entire ecosystem. They help clean the walls of the aquarium from algae, eat rotten plants, destroy fish waste, drain the soil, thereby improving gas exchange in the aquarium. And the snail is a great entertainment for the rest of your underwater world. But even in the breeding of these mollusks there are some peculiarities, because they are known to multiply with frightening speed and as a result they can do more harm than good. How to maintain the conditions that will allow snails to exist normally and not fill the entire aquarium? In this issue, not the last place is given to the diet.

Domestic snails with pleasure feed on rotting leaves of plants, eat fish waste and eat the dry food left after feeding the fish with appetite. But this does not mean at all that in order to maintain their normal vital activity, it is enough to place plants in the aquarium and simply not remove fish food. If the snails do not have something to profit, they may disappear altogether, or they will start to feed themselves. In the latter case, the mollusks can undermine or break off the roots of the plants, while the algae will either float or rot. In search of food snails are able to dig through the whole ground. But an overabundance of food will not lead to anything good. Constantly accumulating fish food at the bottom will contribute to a rapid increase in the number of snails in the aquarium, in a very short time they will occupy the whole space. Therefore, it is best to use feeders for feeding fish. They are placed in the aquarium at the bottom and 3-4 minutes after the end of feeding are extracted along with the remnants of food.

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Feeding snails should occur separately and help not only to regulate the number, but also to maintain their health. The ideal menu is lettuce, spinach or cabbage. They contain all the vitamins, micro and macronutrients necessary for snails. The feeding procedure is best done at night when the lights are off. The leaves, pretreated with boiling water and cooled, are tied to a thick fishing line and lowered to the bottom of the aquarium (to fix them, you can press a pebble). In the morning, leftover food is removed from the aquarium.

For the normal development of snails, it is necessary to take into account the water characteristics in the aquarium. Too soft and with high acidity water does not allow to form a strong shell of a snail, and deprived of such protection, they often die. In this case, you can add crushed marble, limestone or shells to the aquarium. But hard water with a high alkaline index contributes to the formation of a strong shell, but it can also provoke snails to reproduce, and as a result. to an increase in appetite.

The average life expectancy of aquarium snails is 1.5. 2 years, in rare cases it reaches 3 years.

As you can see, a balanced diet is necessary not only for fish, but also for snails. This will help not only improve their health, but also regulate their number in your tank.

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