Aquarium Of 20 Liters – The Decoration Of Any Interior

Aquarium Of 20 Liters. The Decoration Of Any Interior

Not everyone has a place to put an aquarium or time to devote to caring for them. The best way out is to have an aquarium of 20 liters, which can decorate a desktop or a small table. In any case, he will give the room some zest, if properly kept clean and organize the space for the little inhabitants.

It is not uncommon for small aquariums that they organize spring-water filters, which make the reservoir interesting. The meaning of the spring is to create a fancy bundle for the sand, which looks very much like fancy stones. This can be achieved through carbon dioxide, which precipitates and binds the sand between them.

A special find for the aquarist is sandstone, which for such a small volume does not need much. This decorative material allows you to create unique compositions that advantageously emphasize the beauty of the aquarium in the photo and live. For small aquariums suitable plates, which successfully disguise servicing devices, in large. create a unique relief.

Decor and equipment of a small aquarium

The big problem of small aquariums is the instability of water quality indicators. To create suitable conditions in a reservoir of 20 liters is not an easy task, but it has a solution. Different, even the most insignificant factors can affect the quality of water, for example, the excess of the number of inhabitants per tail or the excess of the feeding rate. Another major concern is providing oxygen to the aquarium. With a large number and small volume, oxygen in the water quickly ends, and the fish suffer from oxygen starvation. We have to solve the problem of optimizing the environment. The filter for a large aquarium is not appropriate here, so you have to solve the problem in other ways.

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Normal filter is not suitable because:

  • Takes a lot of space;
  • It has a large capacity;
  • Creates a current;
  • It spoils the plants and carries away the fish.

The only way out is to create an airlift filter with your own hands. It will help solve all the problems of water, but will create additional inconveniences:

  • The main of which are splashes from the aquarium. This option is extremely inconvenient for placement on the desktop. The only way to eliminate discomfort is to cover the aquarium.
  • Increased noise from the device. This option is acceptable for the office, but it will be quite problematic to sleep in a room with a running compressor.

You can solve the second problem if you make a silent filter. a spring, instructions and detailed photos of which can be found on the Internet.

Aquarium population

Before you run there fish take your time, create a microclimate for the inhabitants according to all the rules of the launch of the aquarium. Start by planting plants, determine how many and which ones you can do on your own, even on a photo from networks and clubs. Let’s see what and how many fish, and what plants can be kept in small aquariums.

Successful plants that are optimally planted in a 20-liter aquarium:

  • Marsilia;
  • Shchitovnik;
  • Ekhinodorusy;
  • Lileopsis;
  • Other plants with small leaves.

Vertebrates, invertebrates and mollusks are excellent for settling such an aquarium. With the right approach, all three classes can be combined in one aquarium. However, the traditional option is still the establishment of small-sized fish or one medium-sized fish.

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Aquarium Of 20 Liters. The Decoration Of Any Interior

If you decide to populate the aquarium with fish, then pay attention to the following options:

The listed options are ideal for combinations, with the exception of Betta Fish. If the traditional options do not seduce you, pay attention to the exotic, for example, freshwater shrimp:

  • Cherry shrimp. The ideal inhabitant of the aquarium, has a small size (up to 3 cm) and is superbly reproduced in captivity.
  • Japanese pond. Individuals reach 6 centimeters, have a gray tint and help fight algae. But, the big minus is that it is impossible to achieve reproduction in aquariums.
  • Crystal. Exotic color and small size allow you to contain almost as much as you want, and allow the parameters of water, as it is not too dependent on the microclimate. Minus. a very high cost.
  • Cardinal Shrimp for professionals, rare and expensive, but very beautiful.
  • Yellow The little yellow shrimp is not too whimsical, but it requires constant feeding. If you allow fasting, it will raise the plants.

As for the question, how many shrimps can be kept in a 20 liter aquarium, it is important to note their size here. For example, up to 50 cherries will live together in 20 liters. With fishes it is necessary to limit quantity a little. Shrimp can not be kept with medium and large fish, otherwise they will fall as feed. The optimal combination of 10 cherries and 5-7 small fish.

To decorate the aquarium, you can add a few small snails there that will help keep it clean:

  • Helena. It looks pretty snail that feeds on other snails such as pond snails and reels. If there are none, then he eats fish food and breeds well.
  • Neretina. Spectacular snail, which cleans plants and walls, but does not occur in fresh water.
  • Ampullar. Possible, but undesirable option. Cheap, common, but leaves a lot of waste and spoils the plants.
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In order for everyone to feel comfortable, try to change 1/5 of the volume of the aquarium at least once a week.

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