Aquarium Of 20 Liters And What Kind Of Fish Can You Get In It

Artificial pond with fish and vegetation is a decoration of home space, and a great alternative to noisy pets. However, not everyone can afford a large tank, so the best solution to the problem would be a small 20 L tank that does not take up much space. In it, you can make fish, plant plants, and create a unique design of the aquarium with your own hands.

Aquarium arrangement

Having decided to purchase a twenty-liter aquarium, you first need to determine the shape of the tank. Small artificial reservoirs are produced in different models: there are cubes, round tanks, aquariums in the form of glasses, flasks and rectangular vessels. Experienced aquarists recommend choosing a standard rectangular model, because in it the fish will be quieter than in unusual tanks. In addition, care for a rectangular aquarium is easier and more convenient.

Aquarium Of 20 Liters And What Kind Of Fish Can You Get In It


In order for the aquarium of 20 liters to function normally, and the inhabitants of the reservoir to feel comfort and safety, it is necessary to purchase the following equipment:

  • filter;
  • compressor;
  • measuring instruments;
  • heater;
  • lighting.

Filtration is necessary for cleaning the fluid in the tank from dirt and debris, however, due to the small size of the reservoir, it is recommended to select an external filter aerator that will clean and saturate the water in the aquarium with oxygen. Despite the presence of filtration, it is necessary to change the water in the reservoir weekly to avoid the development of infections and pathogenic bacteria. If this option is chosen, then there will be no need for a compressor installation.

The heater is no less important than the filter, since the device keeps the water temperature at the proper level. It should be noted that fish are cold-blooded creatures, and this means that the body temperature of pets is directly dependent on the environment. The optimum number of degrees for most phenotypes is 22–26C, however there are certain types of fish that prefer hotter or colder water.

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Making an aquarium of 20 liters also implies installing lighting fixtures. The power and number of light bulbs depends on the individual requirements of the fish, because there are species that prefer moderate or dimmed light, or, on the contrary, loving bright rays.

Measuring devices are needed to monitor performance. For example, using a thermometer, you can find out the temperature in the tank, and drip tests will tell you the level of hardness and acidity in a reservoir.


The recommended substrate thickness for an aquarium is 20 liters. 4 cm.

Important information: it is impossible to use colored art sand for tank decoration, as it contains toxic impurities. Before using the soil extracted from the wild nature, it should be carefully processed.

Any artificial reservoir requires filling with water, but the liquid must be prepared. Do not fill the container with tap liquid, as the composition is not suitable to contain fish. First, the water needs to settle for 2-4 days. this time is necessary for harmful substances and elements, such as chlorine, to disappear from the liquid. The frequency and volume of fluid changes is determined depending on the preferences of residents. It is impossible to completely change the water in the aquarium, as this will lead to stress and even death of pets, but partial substitutions are vital.


Living plants will help not only to arrange an artificial reservoir, but also help to create suitable conditions for the life of fish. In an aquarium, species of living flora perform the following functions:

  • produce oxygen;
  • serve as a place for shelter;
  • are food for herbivorous fish.
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In a 20 liter aquarium you can plant such unpretentious plants as:

  • Marsilia;
  • echinodorus;
  • bovine;
  • java moss;
  • commino;
  • Elodea;
  • lyleopsis;
  • ferns;
  • hygrophil

These plants for a small aquarium will be of great benefit, as they produce oxygen well. The vegetation in the pond should be looked after. pruning overgrown branches, remove dead parts and feed them with mineral fertilizers.

Aquarium Of 20 Liters And What Kind Of Fish Can You Get In It


The final stage of the arrangement of the reservoir is to start the aquarium. As soon as all the necessary elements are present in the artificial reservoir: water, scenery, substrate, vegetation, you should connect the equipment and go to a pleasant and exciting business. choosing whom to settle in the aquarium of 20 liters.

The choice of future residents

Despite the limited space in the small aquariums, you can also populate the beautiful and bright fish and mollusks. After thinking about how much and what kind of fish will fit in an aquarium with a capacity of twenty liters, you should pay attention to the following recommendations of experienced aquarists:

  • Guppies are small colorful inhabitants, reaching a length of 2–6 cm. Guppies are distinguished by unpretentiousness and willingly breed in captivity, therefore it is simple and pleasant to contain the phenotype. In a 20 liter pond it is recommended to start no more than 10 pieces.
  • Neon. peace-loving aquarium fish, prefer to live a small flock. A feature of the phenotype is a neon strip running along the body. For a small reservoir it is recommended to settle no more than eight neons.
  • Zebrafish are ideal fish for a small aquarium, since zebrafish grow up to 4 cm in length. You can get 10-15 fish in an aquarium for 20 liters.
  • Som corridor. this species is often called a "medic", as catfish are well cleaned of the walls of plaque and dirt, which will be useful help for the owner. For settling in a small tank you can purchase no more than four representatives.
  • Fight Betta Fish. an incredibly beautiful view of the fish with chic fins. Keep in a tank of 20 liters can be no more than four Betta Fish, while it is impossible to colonize two males in one reservoir, otherwise pets will surely fight.
  • Gourami Honey is another attractive resident of the underwater world with nice color and playful behavior. In a tank of 20 liters, you can contain two honey gourami.
  • Snails neretina or ampulyaria will be an excellent option for lovers of the exotic, as well as cherry shrimp.
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Aquarium with a capacity of 20 liters will perfectly fit into any room design and will be a worthy decoration of home space. Despite its small size, an artificial reservoir can become a full-fledged part of the underwater depths with colorful fishes, green plants and original decorations.

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