Aquarium Of 100 Liters – How Many Fish Can Be Populated

The density of fish landing depends on many factors: on the size and nature of the fish, on the size and shape of the aquarium, on the quality of filtration and the power of aeration, and on aesthetic perception. The principle is more. it’s better here. An overloaded aquarium loses a lot in its decorative plan, and is more like the Live Fish grocery store.

Aquarium Of 100 Liters. How Many Fish Can Be Populated

If you plant a flock of fish, which at first glance can be counted, it is better if it is not an even number. The number of territorial species is limited by their living space, such fish expel neighbors from their territory. In nature, the pursued fish will swim away as far as possible, but in an aquarium there is nowhere to go, and you will have to endure an insult to the last. But there is an interesting feature: an increase in planting density lowers the aggression of the fish, the main thing is that the rivals’ forces are equal, and the filter and the aerator are also coped. However, with increased density, fish growth is slowed down and spawning behavior is suppressed. Also, increased density can cause fish diseases, it is easier for the parasite to find a host in a crowd and move to a new one, and then an outbreak of invasion is possible. (Parasites, like all living things, multiply exponentially.) This is especially important to know when growing

fry, because without sealing the landing just can not do. For territorial cichlids, planting density is always less than, for example, for barbs. And the ratio, mentioned above, at which aggression decreases, is selected experimentally, it is better if the fish are proportionate and planted in the aquarium at the same time. The fish that are settled in an aquarium with already established relationships, at first will suffer an offense from almost all the inhabitants, because it needs to get comfortable, while the rest are at home.

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With increasing volume, the density of planting increases, i.e. in one 200-liter aquarium, you can put more fish than two in 100 liters in total. In addition to volume, the shape of the aquarium also influences the density of the landing. The best is a standard aquarium. The proportions of such an aquarium are as follows: the height and width are approximately equal, and the length is equal to two heights. In aquariums, in which the height is significantly lower than the width (for example, twice), fish can be planted significantly more. This is due to a good gas regime. Such aquariums, called troughs, are used by razvodchikami for mass cultivation of fish.

For mobile fishes it is necessary to provide sufficient space for swimming. For example, large barbs (Everettti, filamentosus, arulyus, shark, bream-like and similar), aterin (three-strip iris, bosesman, etc.), labo fish are very nimble and mobile. These fishes need sufficient swimming space.

While the fish are small, there may be a lot of them, but they grow. When selecting fish, consider their adult size so that they will not become crowded later. The first time the aquarium can and will look pustovato, but later there will be no problems with overpopulation.

M.N. Ilyin in his classic book “Aquarium Fish Farming” offers the following recommendations for a non-purged aquarium with a capacity of 40–50 liters: for every fish up to 5 cm long there are at least 2 liters of water, 8–10 cm long — 3-4 liters, over 12 cm. 8-10 liters. In my opinion, the norms here are somewhat understated. I would recommend that for every centimeter of fish accounted for 3-4 liters of water. And I also strongly recommend not containing fish without filtration and aeration.

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The density of the landing is also influenced by the requirements of the fish for the oxygen regime and the purity of the water. The most demanding are the fish from Lake Tanganyika, as well as fish living in fast-flowing reservoirs (atherina, etc.). Demanding fish are not typical for decorative aquaculture, but often contained in aquariums; these are sturgeon fish. Extremely demanding freshwater rays. But labyrinth, bag-wound somas and other fish with additional respiratory organs, on the contrary, are undemanding to oxygen, and safely maintain small volumes.

About design options

Choose underwater jewelry today is what. The main thing is not to cross the line and not turn the bottom into a cluster of disharmonious objects. Improvisation of the remains of sunken ships or a mermaid with developing hair is a matter of taste. But one thing is clear: the design of an aquarium of 100 liters must be in the same style.

Enhance the feeling of naturalness with the help of:

  • multi-colored lights, incl. running from the side or bottom;
  • giving a feeling of neglect, for example, with the help of brown-burgundy plants;
  • special glass composition, slightly opalescent under directional lighting;
  • creating the sensation of moving water (using sound, special pumps and pumps).

One of the tricks is the design of the back and (or) side walls. Sticking them with a special film, you can choose your favorite landscape, use the green of the picture with the lack of natural vegetation.

Cost of

The form is not the only thing that distinguishes transparent homes. Volume matters a lot when choosing. The price of an aquarium of 100 liters is significantly higher than that of a 50-liter. At production different technologies of assembly are applied. The materials from which the walls are made may also differ. And, of course, the equipment of a residential complex for fish can greatly influence the cost.

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The aquarium of 100 liters is most often bought by lovers of aquatic exotics. This is the best option for middle class aquarists. Such a tank can be purchased both in pure form and fully equipped. Depending on this, the price can vary from 1500 to 7000 rubles. You can find more expensive items. For example, a spherical stolitrovy aquarium will cost at least 50 thousand rubles.

Many factors affect how much an aquarium costs per 100 liters. Here are some of them.:

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